Events The Event table in AusStage records distinct happenings, defined by title, date and venue; typically, a performance or series of performances at a venue. Contributors The Contributor table records information on individuals (human and non-human) who contribute in some capacity to the conception, production or presentation of an event. Venues The Venue table records information on the place where an event happens, distinguished by its name and location. By definition, an event in AusStage can only occur at one venue; geographic coordinates for longitude and latitude may be recorded in decimal degrees for venues without conventional street addresses. Organisations The Organisation table records information on groups, companies or organisations involved in the conception, production or presentation of an event. Genres Categories indicating the kind of event, or aspects of an event, as defined by the style, content and mode of performance. Functions A contributor’s contribution to an event is characterised by function: actor, director, designer, technician and so on. Exhibitions Curated exhibitions of material showcasing Australia’s live performance heritage Map Subjects Categories indicating the subject matter or thematic content of the event. Works A work is the abstract conception of an event, typically a play script or score. Resources The Resource Directory is a data set of information on collections, items and resources related to Australia’s performing arts heritage. International Information on performances taking place at venues outside Australia and by International organisations within Australia. How to contribute