Contributor Fred Owen
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Gender Male
Functions Properties Master

Properties Master

Harold Broadbent - Musical Director

Gus Cawthorne - Administrator

George Conan - Playwright

Dr J L Dunstan - Administrator

Gwen Freak - Dancer

Doris Gambling - Dancer

Violet George - Actor and Singer

N Grant-Allan - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Jack Ham - Actor and Singer

Marjorie Ham - Producer

Otto Harbach - Lyricist

Iris Hart - Actor and Singer

Lewis A Hirsch - Composer

Sir Alexander Hore-Ruthven - Patron

G Illingworth - Administrator

Jeanne Illingworth - Actor and Singer

Winifred Lavis - Actor and Singer

Eric Loeser - Set Designer

Olive Lyons - Accompanist

Frank Mandel - Lyricist

Les Mullett - Stage Manager

Jack Prider - Actor and Singer

Mostyn Skinner - Actor and Singer

Daphne Smith - Dancer

Lloyd Taylor - Actor and Singer

Cedric Trigg - Actor and Singer

Irene Tucker - Actor and Singer

Ray Walsh - Producer

Phylis Wasley - Actor and Singer

Trixie Wilson - Ballet Master/Mistress

South Australian Operatic Society Inc

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