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Venue Tivoli Theatre, Adelaide, SA
First Date 17 December 1935
Last Date 18 December 1935
Dates Estimated No
Status Youth Theatre
World Premiere No
Description Presented by the students of Heather Gell, LRAM, teacher of Dalcroze Eurythmics. A Dalcroze play, a drama with abstract preludes in movement. In three Acts, the play is about Creation and the Fall of Man; Idolatry, Faith and Prohpecy; and the fulfilment of the Prophecies.
Description Source Programme
Primary Genre Dance
Secondary Genre Movement-based Theatre
Name Function Notes
Iris Thomas Assistant Stage Manager
Maurice Ravel Composer
Camille Saint-Saens Composer
Ludwig van Beethoven Composer
Walter Dasborough Dancer
Heather Gell Director
Nell Anthony Performer
Constance Austin Performer
Edna Barbour Performer
Mary Barnes Performer
Hilda Benjamin Performer
Joan Bennett Performer
Nancy Bennett Performer
Margaret Beresford Performer
Effie Best Performer
Erica Blackman Performer
Beverley Bolin Performer
Eileen Bradley Performer
Phillip Brookes Performer
Peggy Brown Performer
Carlyn Campbell Performer
Helen Cashmore Performer
Margaret Cashmore Performer
Nancy Cashmore Performer
Mary Cave Performer
Nancy Chamberlain Performer
Lorna Chesterman Performer
Judith Conrad Performer
Lesley Cox Performer
Margaret Cox Performer
Shirley Crisp Performer
Nancy Davis Performer
Patricia Davis Performer
Heather Daw Performer
David Dawson Performer
Alison Day Performer
Phyllis Doherty Performer
Eleanor Durdin Performer
Joan Durdin Performer
Pat Durdin Performer
Brian Elliott Performer
Joan Foster Performer
Ruth Fyffe Performer
Marigold Gell Performer
Mary Gell Performer
Ruth Gell Performer
Dulcie Gibson Performer
Mary Gransbury Performer
Judith Grasby Performer
Karlien Grasby Performer
Peggy Grasby Performer
Frank Gunnell Performer
Pauline Hartshorne Performer
Anne Haslam Performer
Cynthia Hendrickson Performer
Jennifer Hill Performer
Constance Hiscock Performer
Elaine Hiscock Performer
Juliet Howard Performer
Valerie Hummel Performer
Mary Jolley Performer
Margaret Keeves Performer
Jean Kelly Performer
Peggy Letcher Performer
Dorothy Madden Performer
Lena Mars Performer
Llandaff Matthews Performer
Aileen McPhee Performer
Elspeth McPhie Performer
Helen McRobert Performer
Cynthia Millar Performer
Joyce Moody Performer
Virginia Moore Performer
Mignon Mussared Performer
Helen Parsons Performer
Frank Part Performer
Jean Paterson Performer
David Pennells Performer
Margaret Pennells Performer
Beryl Pennington Performer
Marian Petrie Performer
Helen Pritchard Performer
Barbara Roake Performer
Marjorie Russell Performer
Irma Sanders Performer
Margaret Searcy Performer
Peggy Shaw Performer
Kathleen Short Performer
Shirley Smith Performer
Ada Stephens Performer
Shirley Stevens Performer
Joanna Stokes Performer
Rona Stuckey Performer
Eileen Sutton Performer
Betty Taylor Performer
Joyce Ternan Performer
Jack Thomas Performer
Mollie Timcke Performer
Pauline Tolley Performer
Alethea Upton Performer
Margaret Wadlow Performer
Glen Wallman Performer
Lorna Watkins Performer
Renee Wenzel Performer
Helen Williamson Performer
Margaret Williamson Performer
Lucy Willoughby Performer
Alysone Wilson Performer
Anthony Young Performer
Rene Zanker Performer
Mona Swann Playwright
Thelma Thomas Set Designer
Hal Lennon Stage Director
Ray Walsh Stage Manager
Text Nationality England
Production Nationality Australia
Data Source
Source Description
Programme Barr Smith Special Collections
Event Identifier 132003