Event Der Ring Des Nibelungen
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Venue Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA
Umbrella Event The Ring State Opera of South Australia 1998 Season
First Date 18 November 1998
Opening Date 1998
Last Date 12 December 1998
Dates Estimated No
Status Professional
World Premiere No
Description Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung) is a cycle of four epic operas by the German composer Richard Wagner. The works are based loosely on characters from the Norse sagas and the Nibelungenlied. The four dramas, which the composer described as a trilogy with a Vorabend ("preliminary evening"), are often referred to as the Ring Cycle, Wagner's Ring, or simply the Ring.
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Primary Genre Music Theatre
Secondary Genre Opera
Name Function Notes
Renfrey Ansell Actor Supernumerary
Gordon Arandelovic Actor Supernumerary
Norman Athersmith Actor Supernumerary
Guiseppe Barresi Actor Supernumerary
Paul Beames Actor Supernumerary
Alex Blias Actor Supernumerary
Hal Bruce Actor Supernumerary
Simon Butters Actor Supernumerary
Ken Calliss Actor Supernumerary
James Cameron-Dinnie Actor Supernumerary
Con Charalambous Actor Supernumerary
Jamie Cocks Actor Supernumerary
Michael Connors Actor Supernumerary
David Cooper Actor Supernumerary
Lee Coulthard Actor Supernumerary
Thomas Crago Actor Supernumerary
Stephen Cunningham Actor Supernumerary
Cosimo De Paola Actor Supernumerary
Kurtys Dolman Actor Supernumerary
Rocky Feo Actor Supernumerary
James Girolamo Actor Supernumerary
John Gray Actor Supernumerary
Kent Green Actor Supernumerary
Asa Grund Actor Supernumerary
David Harrison Actor Supernumerary
David Hassack Actor Supernumerary
Darren Hassan Actor Supernumerary
Vicky Holt Actor Supernumerary
Phil Hore Actor Supernumerary
Rouchelle Illes Actor Supernumerary
Odette Ilott Actor Supernumerary
Darian Johns Actor Supernumerary
Jason Kay Actor Supernumerary
Anthony Keenan Actor Supernumerary
Shane Kies Actor Supernumerary
Shane Knottenbelt Actor Supernumerary
Peter Krummel Actor Supernumerary
Leon Michailidis Actor Supernumerary
Christopher Mills Actor Supernumerary
Paul Nicole Actor Supernumerary
Chris Papas Actor Supernumerary
Amos Pellas Actor Supernumerary
Richard Petersen Actor Supernumerary
Chris Rektsinis Actor Supernumerary
David Shelmerdine Actor Supernumerary
Michael Sokvari Actor Supernumerary
Bennett Sparrow Actor Supernumerary
Shaun Taylor Actor Supernumerary
Carlos Tiago Actor Supernumerary
Kathy Wardle Actor Supernumerary
Andrew Webb Actor Supernumerary
James Weir Actor Supernumerary
Daniel Whyte Actor Supernumerary
Gary Bennett Actor and Singer Understudy - Loge
Carmel Carroll Actor and Singer Understudy - Flosshilde, Rossweise
Prudence Dunstone Actor and Singer Understudy - Grimgerde
Shelley Hayton Actor and Singer Understudy - Erda, Schwertleite, First Norn
Karl Heinz Herr Actor and Singer Understudy - Alberich
Wendy Hopkins Actor and Singer Understudy - Ortlinde, Woglinde
Bernard Hull Actor and Singer Understudy - Froh
Jennifer Kneale Actor and Singer Understudy - Woldvogel
Carol-Ann Petherick Actor and Singer Understudy - Gerhilde
Michael Saunders Actor and Singer Understudy - Fafner
Virginia-Marie Stack Actor and Singer Understudy - Siegrune, Second Norn
Jonathan Truscott Actor and Singer Understudy - Fasolt
Manfred Volz Actor and Singer Understudy - Wotan, The Wanderer
Jenny Wollerman Actor and Singer Understudy - Freia, Helwige
Lionel Friend Assistant Conductor
Stephen Taylor Assistant Director
Sylviane Borie Assistant Producer
Carolyn Patamisi Assistant Producer
Charles Ageorges Assistant Stage Manager
Karen Ebert Assistant Stage Manager
Francoise Piron Assistant Stage Manager
Malcolm Donnelly Baritone Alberich, Das Rhinegold, Gotterdammerung, Siegfried,
Rodney Macann Baritone Gunther, Gotterdammerung
Barry Mora Baritone Donner, Das Rhinegold
David Hibbard Bass Fafner, Das Rhinegold, Siegfried
Daniel Sumegi Bass Hagen, Gotterdammerung
Warwick Fyfe Bass Baritone Fasolt, Das Rhinegold
John Wegner Bass Baritone Wotan, Das Rhinegold, The Wanderer, Siegfried
Johanna Allen Chorus
Robert Angove Chorus
Roslyn Ashmore Chorus
Jo Bills Chorus
Eniko Boros Chorus
Meran Bow Chorus
Joe Bowler Chorus
Erica Breuer Chorus
Mauro Capone Chorus
Harry Coghill Chorus
David Cox Chorus
Philip Craig Chorus
Frances Crooks Chorus
Damien Day Chorus
Peter Deane Chorus
Richard Dyer Chorus
Ernst Ens Chorus
Karen Finch Chorus
Steven Fischer Chorus
Michael Flaherty Chorus
Ioannis Fragos Chorus
Craig Galloway Chorus
Michelle Gardham Chorus
Adam Goodburn Chorus
Monica Green Chorus
John Greene Chorus
John Handley Chorus
Kristen Hardy Chorus
Lee Harrison Chorus
Barbara Heidrich Chorus
Adam Howard Chorus
Greg John Chorus
Reece Keane Chorus
Rodney Kirk Chorus
Patrick Lim Chorus
Alexander Lizogubow Chorus
Michael Loader Chorus
Roslyn Lock Chorus
Mattias Lower Chorus
Kenneth Marshall Chorus
Sandra McCarthy-Lyne Chorus
Jennifer McDonell Chorus
Alan McKie Chorus
Rex Millsteed Chorus
Gregory Morton Chorus
Simon O'Loughlin Chorus
Jeffrey Oates Chorus
Stuart Ormond Chorus
Evan Patton Chorus
David Perry Chorus
Graham Pitt Chorus
Rohan Powell Chorus
Peter Rackauskas Chorus
Paul Radulescu Chorus
David Rapkin Chorus
Benjamin Rasheed Chorus
Barbara Rennison Chorus
Graeme Roberts Chorus
Geoff Rogers Chorus
Stuart Schilling Chorus
Amara Seabrook Chorus
Jonathon Selby Chorus
Aldis Sils Chorus
Lynne Smythe Chorus
Valentyna Solowij Chorus
Christopher Stevenson Chorus
David Thelander Chorus
Anne Timmis Chorus
Barbara Tree Chorus
Kerry Tuller Chorus
John Turner Chorus
Joshua Valstar Chorus
Peter Vetan Chorus
Pamela Vogiatzis Chorus
Anthony Waack Chorus
Michael Weaver Chorus
Chris Webb Chorus
Robert Daniel Chorus Master/Mistress
Monica Hanusiak Klavins Chorus Master/Mistress
Richard Wagner Composer
Jeffrey Tate Conductor
Liane Keegan Contralto Erda, Das Rhinegold,Siegfried, Waltraute, Das Walkure, First Norn, Gotterdamerung
Patrice Cauchetier Costume Designer
Pierre Strosser Director Scenic Design
Gilles Seclin Electrician
Joel Hourbeigt Lighting Designer
Elizabeth Campbell Mezzo-Soprano Fricka, Das Rhinegold
Alison Farr Mezzo-Soprano Grimgerde, Die Walkure
Elaine McKrill Mezzo-Soprano Siegrune, Die Walkure, Second Norn, Gotterdammerung
Helen Medlyn Mezzo-Soprano Flosshilde, Das Rhinegold, Gotterdammerung, Schwertleite, Die Walkure
Margaret Medlyn Mezzo-Soprano Wellgunde, Das Rhinegold, Gotterdammerung, Rossweisse,Die Walkure
David Kram Musician
Timothy Sexton Musician
Virginia Nugent Production Manager
David Gowland Repetiteur
Stephen Mould Repetiteur
Florin Radulescu Repetiteur
Penelope Chalmers Soprano Gerhilde, Die Walkure
Eilene Hannan Soprano Gutrune, Gotterdammerung
Kate Ladner Soprano Woglinde,Das Rhinegold, Gotterdammerung, Waldvogal, Siegfried
Janis Martin Soprano Brunnhilde, Die Walkure, Gotterdammerung, Siegfried,
Belinda Matonti Soprano Ortlinde, Die Walkure
Nicola Waite Soprano Freia, Das Rhinegold, Helmwige, Die Walkure, Third Norn, Gotterdammerung
Bianca Esther Stage Manager
Karen Frost Stage Manager
Bruno Collet Technical Director
Richard Berkley-Steele Tenor Loge, Das Rhinegold
Edward Cook Tenor Siegfried, Siegfried, Gotterdammerung
Brian Gilbertson Tenor Froh, Das Thinegold
Peter Keller Tenor Mime, Das Rhinegold, Das Rhinegold
John Keyes Tenor Siegmund, Die Walkure
Judith Branford Wardrobe Master / Mistress Head
Veronique de Groer Wardrobe Master / Mistress Assistant
Christopher Stockdale Wardrobe Master / Mistress Assistant
Kuno Schlegelmilch Wigmaker Makeup
Text Nationality Germany
Production Nationality Germany
Further Information The names of the orchestral players are listed in the programme. The cycle is a work of extraordinary scale. Perhaps the most outstanding facet of the monumental work is its sheer length: a full performance of the cycle takes place over four nights at the opera, with a total playing time of about 15 hours, depending on the conductor's pacing. The first and shortest opera, Das Rheingold, typica
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Programme University of Adelaide BSL Special Collections, Theatre Collection
Web State Opera of South Australia Web Archive
Event Identifier 99989