Venue La Mama
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Other Names La Mama Theatre
Address 205 Faraday Street
Carlton VIC 3053
Notes Founded by Betty Burstall and opened on 30 July 1967. Purchased by La Mama in 2008. A second venue for La Mama, the Carlton Court House, in Drummond Street, Carlton, from 1987.
Latitude | Longitude -37.798931 | 144.96771

La Mama

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Lloyd Jones - Associate Director, Choreographer, Director, Devisor, Performer, Designer, Writer, Playwright, Composer, Actor, Coordinator, Assistant Director

Robert Chuter - Director, Designer, Artistic Director, Stage Manager, Producer, Actor

Jack Hibberd - Playwright, Director

Liz Jones - Actor, Playwright, Performer

Graeme Blundell - Actor, Director, Performer

Greg Carroll - Director, Lighting Designer, Designer, Actor, Writer, Devisor, Dialect Coach

Lynne Ellis - Director, Designer, Lighting Designer, Actor, Consultant

Barry Dickins - Playwright, Director, Actor, Performer, Writer

Maureen Hartley - Actor, Performer

Laurence Strangio - Director, Adaptor, Writer, Designer, Dramaturg, Playwright

Raymond Triggs - Performer, Actor, Set and/or Property Maker, Designer

Bruce Kerr - Director, Actor, Designer, Performer

David Tredinnick - Actor

James Clayden - Playwright, Director, Writer, Performer, Actor, Devisor, Designer, Adaptor

Peter Cummins - Actor, Performer

Peter Green - Performer, Actor, Director, Creator

Malcolm Robertson - Designer, Director, Actor, Coordinator

Meg Clancy - Actor

Syd Clayton - Playwright, Director, Actor, Performer

John Flaus - Actor, Performer

Ian Nash - Playwright, Composer, Actor, Director, Performer

John Romeril - Playwright, Actor

Adam Cass - Playwright, Dramaturg, Director, Actor, Writer

Graham Downey - Playwright, Director, Actor, Writer

Kerry Dwyer - Actor, Director

Rebecca Etchell - Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Designer, Design Consultant

Martin Phelan - Actor, Director

Wendy Joseph - Director, Designer, Set Designer

Caroline Lee - Actor, Writer, Devisor, Performer, Playwright

Daniel Lillford - Playwright, Actor, Director

Brenda Palmer - Performer, Actor, Director

Graham Parker - Actor, Designer, Playwright, Director, Performer, Devisor

Sam Sejavka - Actor, Playwright, Performer, Adaptor, Writer, Director

Frank Bren - Director, Performer, Actor, Playwright, Translator

Julia Britton - Playwright, Adaptor

Jim Daly - Actor, Performer, Playwright

Maude Davey - Actor, Devisor, Playwright, Director, Performer, Writer, Dramaturg

Luke Elliot - Playwright, Actor, Devisor, Director, Performer, Writer

Daniel Kahans - Composer, Producer, Actor, Director, Performer, Playwright, Cellist, Writer, Devisor, Music and Lyrics

Ragnar Purje - Performer, Choreographer, Actor, Devisor

Ian Scott - Actor, Performer, Devisor, Director, Writer, Playwright

Bruce Spence - Actor, Director

Meg White - Lighting Designer, Stage Manager, Set Designer, Designer, Performer, Actor

Alicia Benn-Lawler - Writer, Actor, Dancer, Choreographer, Devisor, Performer, Puppeteer, Production Manager, Stage Manager, Director

Margaret Cameron - Performer, Writer, Actor, Director, Dramaturg, Playwright, Devisor

Peter Mumford - Designer, Set Designer, Production Designer, Graphic Designer

Howard Stanley - Devisor, Actor, Performance Artist, Performer, Director, Adaptor, Playwright

Glynis Angell - Director, Dramaturg, Devisor, Actor, Performer, Creator, Writer

Jo-Anne Armstrong - Actor, Performer, Stage Manager

Kris Hemensley - Playwright

Peter Houghton - Director, Actor, Performer, Playwright, Designer

Tes Lyssiotis - Director, Playwright

Carole Patullo - Performer, Devisor, Actor, Playwright

Bronwyn Pringle - Lighting Designer, Designer

Melanie Beddie - Director, Actor, Dramaturg

Peter Corrigan - Designer, Set Designer

Alan Finney - Director, Actor

Bill Garner - Actor, Playwright

Graham Henderson - Director, Playwright, Performer, Actor, Writer

Kate Herbert - Director, Performer, Playwright, Coordinator, Actor

Helen Hopkins - Actor, Performer, Playwright

Kevin Hopkins - Actor, Performer

Peter Murphy - Actor, Stage Manager, Playwright, Performer, Poet, Director

Robert Reid - Director, Writer, Playwright, Adaptor, Performer, Designer, Devisor, Dramaturg

Victoria Triggs - Director, Performer, Actor, Playwright, Stage Manager

Richard Vabre - Lighting Designer

Jon Hawkes - Actor, Performer

Catherine Hill - Director, Playwright, Adaptor, Dramaturg, Creator

Nedd Jones - Actor, Sound Designer, Lighting Designer, Performer

Barry McKimm - Performer, Actor, Playwright

Chris Molyneux - Properties Master / Mistress, Director, Actor, Playwright, Designer, Costume Co-ordinator, Choreographer, Devisor

Denis Moore - Director, Designer, Actor

Rod Moore - Actor

Kate O'Brien - Playwright, Writer, Performer, Devisor

Phil Roberts - Actor, Director

Lindsay Smith - Actor, Director

Kevin Summers - Actor, Playwright, Performer, Director

Mammad Aidani - Playwright, Director

Penelope Bartlau - Puppet Designer, Actor, Writer, Director, Adaptor, Performer

Carolyn Bock - Playwright, Assistant Director, Movement Director, Director, Actor

Rachel Burke - Lighting Designer, Stage Manager, Visual Artist

Alexander Buzo - Playwright, Writer

Brian Davies - Actor, Director

Rebecca Dontschuk - Performer, Actor, Lyricist

Cliff Ellen - Actor, Playwright

Brenda Irwin - Actor, Performer

Paul Jackson - Lighting Designer, Designer

Rosemary Johns - Actor, Playwright, Writer, Director

Sue Jones - Actor, Director

Don Munro - Actor

Elizabeth Paterson - Devisor, Playwright, Performer, Actor

Jane Woollard - Dramaturg, Director, Playwright

Amanda Armstrong - Adaptor, Actor, Devisor, Performer, Production Manager, Playwright, Creator

Nancy Black - Director, Actor, Devisor, Playwright

Heather Bolton - Performer, Actor, Director

Angus Cerini - Playwright, Performer, Actor, Director

Raimondo Cortese - Playwright

Joe Dolce - Performer, Devisor, Composer, Creator

Greg Dyson - Sound Designer, Lighting Designer, Designer, Assistant Director, Director, Actor, Choreographer

Aidan Fennessy - Actor, Designer, Playwright, Director

Peter Finlay - Playwright, Actor, Devisor, Adaptor

Paul Hampton - Assistant Director, Actor, Lighting Designer, Director

Peta Hanrahan - Director, Designer

Amber Hart - Stage Manager, Performer

Valerie Kirwan - Actor, Writer, Devisor, Director

Charlie Laidlaw - Devisor, Performer, Actor, Creator, Director

Heather Leviston - Actor

Robert Meldrum - Director, Devisor, Actor, Writer, Performer, Playwright

Phil Motherwell - Director, Playwright, Actor

Paul Newcombe - Designer, Set Designer

Bob Pavlich - Director, Actor, Performer, Devisor

Marc Raszewski - Set Designer, Designer, Production Designer

Colin Ryan - Playwright, Director, Writer

Kelly Somes - Director, Dramaturg, Designer, Devisor, Set Designer

Tim Stitz - Designer, Playwright, Actor

David Wicks - Director, Actor, Adaptor, Performer

David Williamson - Playwright, Actor

Doug Anders - Director, Actor

Samuel Beckett - Playwright

Humphrey Bower - Actor, Playwright, Director, Adaptor

Michael Burkett - Devisor, Actor, Performer

Suzanne Chaundy - Director, Adaptor

Joy Dunstan - Actor

Marcia Ferguson - Actor, Performer, Director

Nicola Gunn - Writer, Actor, Playwright, Creator, Performer, Designer, Director, Devisor

Gwendolyna Holmberg-Gilchrist - Lighting Designer, Designer, Creator, Stage Manager

Amanda Johnson - Designer, Set Designer, Performer, Costume Designer

Daniel Keene - Director, Playwright, Actor, Writer

Bruce Knappett - Playwright, Actor, Director

Sandra Long - Actor, Devisor, Director, Writer, Playwright, Poet, Performer

Lorraine Milne - Musical Arranger, Composer, Assistant Director, Stage Manager, Sound Designer

Kim O'Leary - Actor

David Pidd - Writer, Devisor, Actor, Assistant Director, Performer, Stage Manager

Max Richards - Playwright, Director

Damien Richardson - Writer, Actor, Performer, Devisor, Director, Playwright

Jackie Smith - Devisor, Actor, Director, Playwright

Ramez Tabit - Actor

Maria Theodorakis - Actor

Scott Welsh - Performer, Playwright, Actor, Stage Manager

Steve Adams - Director, Actor, Contributing Artist

Roger Alsop - Sound Designer

Kendal Bird - Composer, Actor, Lighting Designer, Performer

David Branson - Director, Actor

Hayley Butcher - Actor, Performer

Adriano Cortese - Actor, Director

Nick Crawford-Smith - Actor, Playwright

Leo Damnics - Actor, Performer

Lindy Davies - Actor

Christopher Davis - Performer, Actor, Playwright

Ian de Lacy - Performer, Actor

Carmelina di Guglielmo - Actor, Performer, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Costume Designer

Marguerite Duras - Playwright, Writer

Jacqui Everitt - Designer, Costume Designer

Tony Figallo - Performer, Composer, Actor

Moira Finucane - Devisor, Writer, Performer, Actor, Director

John Ford - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator, Production Manager

Jodi Gallagher - Writer, Director, Playwright, Dramaturg

Neil Greenaway - Designer, Assistant Director, Actor

Marcus Heatherich - Sound Designer, Stage Manager, Producer, Lighting Designer

Trudy Hellier - Playwright, Actor, Writer

Sue Ingleton - Director, Dramaturg, Playwright, Actor

Lester Jones - Actor, Performer

Lally Katz - Playwright, Director

David Kendall - Actor

Jeff Keogh - Actor

Margot Knight - Actor, Devisor, Director, Performer

Chris Knowles - Writer, Playwright, Performer, Devisor, Musician, Actor

Andrew Livingston - Production Manager, Lighting Designer, Designer, Lighting Operator

Peter Long - Designer, Devisor, Director

Barry Lowe - Playwright

Robert Lyon - Playwright, Dancer, Actor, Performer

Sarah Mainwaring - Actor, Performer, Writer, Creator, Playwright

Heather McConnell - Actor, Performer, Devisor, Writer, Director, Creator

Douglas Montgomery - Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Producer, Director

Beng Oh - Director, Collaborator

Glenn Perry - Writer, Director, Actor, Assistant Director

Mary-Helen Pirola - Playwright, Actor, Director

Bagryana Popov - Dramaturg, Director, Performer, Actor, Devisor

Carol Porter - Actor, Performer, Designer

Vanessa Ready - Actor

Jane Refshauge - Actor

Mary Helen Sassman - Creator, Devisor, Actor, Performer

Tony Scales - Actor

Daniel Schlusser - Director, Performer, Actor

Elnaz Sheshgelani - Associate Director, Actor, Devisor, Set Designer, Puppet Designer, Storyteller, Performer

Mark Stratford - Actor, Playwright, Director

Emma Valente - Director, Dramaturg, Devisor, Creator, Writer

David Young - Composer, Producer, Director, Devisor

Brett Adam - Director, Playwright

Jenny Andersen - Actor, Devisor, Narrator

Faruk Avdi - Actor, Devisor, Performer, Writer

Susan Bamford - Devisor, Performer, Set and/or Property Maker, Outside Eye

Greg Baxter - Lighting Designer, Stage Manager, Technical Director

Faye Bendrups - Actor, Musical Director, Composer, Performer

Don Bridges - Director, Actor

Jan Bucknall - Actor, Performer

Joshua Cameron - Actor, Performer

Matt Cameron - Director, Playwright

Arthur Cantrill - Producer, Creator, Playwright, Devisor

Corinne Cantrill - Devisor, Creator, Producer, Playwright

Peter Carmody - Actor, Performer, Playwright, Director

Maryrose Casey - Performer, Actor

Poppie Cross - Actor, Performer

Belinda Davis - Producer, Stage Manager, Actor

Ross Dixon - Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Actor, Lighting Designer, Director, Lighting Operator

Lisa Dombroski - Director, Playwright, Actor

Victoria Eagger - Actor, Performer

Lois Ellis - Director, Actor, Devisor

Tim Ferris - Actor, Performer

Michele Finnigan - Actor, Performer

Rosina Gannon - Actor, Devisor, Performer

Sue Giles - Actor, Director, Writer, Assistant Director

William Gluth - Actor, Lighting Designer, Performer

Scott Gooding - Actor, Director

Tom Gutteridge - Director, Actor

Fanny Hanusin - Actor

Rivka Hartman - Actor

Stephen House - Playwright, Performer, Actor

Michael Hudson - Director, Designer, Actor

Steve Kainey - Lighting Designer

Bruce Keller - Actor

Robynne Kelly - Actor

Elizabeth Kemp - Actor

Jenny Kemp - Director, Writer

Simon King - Actor

Gary Kliger - Actor, Director

Irene Korsten - Actor, Writer, Playwright

Jeff Kovski - Actor

Christian Leavesley - Director, Actor, Dramaturg

Paula Levis - Designer, Costume Designer

Judith Lucy - Devisor, Writer, Comedian, Dramaturg, Performer, Director

Wayne Macauley - Actor, Director, Playwright, Adaptor

Peter Mathers - Writer, Devisor, Playwright

Esme Melville - Performer, Actor

Joy Mitchell - Director, Set Designer, Lighting Designer

Ray Mooney - Playwright, Devisor, Writer, Director

Richard Murphet - Writer, Director, Playwright, Actor, Teacher

Marilyn O'Donnell - Devisor, Actor, Playwright

Trina Parker - Designer, Set Designer

Alex Pinder - Actor, Director

Stella Pulo - Devisor, Actor, Performer, Playwright

Roger Pulvers - Director, Playwright

Alex Selenitsch - Composer, Actor, Performer

Brydie Smith - Stage Manager, Lighting Operator, Actor, Production Manager

Libby Stone - Actor, Director

Peter Stratford - Actor, Designer, Director

Ross Thompson - Performer, Actor

Drew Tingwell - Actor, Playwright, Performer

Lisa Trewin - Lighting Designer, Stage Manager

Sioban Tuke - Director, Actor, Performer, Devisor

Sarah Vincent - Playwright, Writer

Iris Walshe-Howling - Actor, Director

Shiralee Williams-Hood - Actor, Performer, Director, Coordinator

Nik Willmott - Director, Playwright, Actor, Writer

Gorkem Acaroglu - Director, Devisor

Paul Adkin - Director, Playwright

Belle Armstrong - Actor, Devisor, Director, Playwright

Amedeo Astorino - Playwright

Katelyn B - Stage Manager, Lighting Designer

Pippa Bainbridge - Performer, Actor, Writer, Devisor

Matthew Barber - Lighting Designer

Jane Bayly - Devisor, Actor

Joe Bolza - Actor, Devisor, Performer

Anna Borghesi - Designer, Costume Designer

Andrew Bovell - Playwright

Gabby Brennan - Actor, Choreographer, Performer

John Britton - Writer, Performer, Director, Actor, Devisor

Martyn Brown - Performer, Director, Actor

Jill Buckler - Playwright, Director

Chris Bunworth - Actor

Tom Burstall - Actor, Director

Angela Campbell - Devisor, Actor, Performer

Paul Canlan - Actor, Director

Sofia Chapman - Director, Writer, Playwright

Cecilia Cheek - Actor

Jess Cherry - Actor, Performer

Marco Chiappi - Actor, Performer

Adrienne Chisholm - Designer, Design Consultant

Neil Cole - Playwright

Carolyn Connors - Singer, Outside Eye, Composer, Musical Director, Musician

Tom Considine - Actor

Chris Corbett - Director, Playwright, Actor, Writer

Alison Croggon - Playwright

Matthew Crosby - Actor, Performer

Graeme Dale - Actor

Tom Davies - Playwright, Performer, Actor, Devisor

Susie Dee - Actor, Director

Anna Den Hartog - Playwright, Performer, Writer, Actor

Peter Docker - Playwright, Actor

John Duigan - Actor

Michael Easton - Composer, Sound Designer, Voice Over Artist

Hilary Elliott - Choreographer, Performer, Actor, Creator, Devisor, Director

Ella Filar - Actor, Devisor, Director, Producer, Composer, Lyricist, Writer, Performer

Josephine Fisher - Sound Designer, Singer, Director, Devisor, Adaptor, Actor

Louise Fox - Performer, Actor

David Franzke - Sound Designer

Peter Fraser - Actor, Performer, Sound Designer, Devisor

Greg Fryer - Performer, Actor

Julia Gardiner - Director, Devisor, Actor, Performer

Ben Grant - Actor, Devisor, Performer, Lyricist, Creator, Composer

Sara Hardy - Director, Devisor, Actor, Playwright

Douglas Horton - Designer, Director, Set Designer

Peter Hosking - Actor

John Howard - Singer, Actor, Outside Eye

Simon Hughes - Playwright, Actor

John Jacobs - Director, Actor, Dramaturg

Slade Jalast - Actor, Musician

Jennifer Joyce - Costume Designer, Designer

Jill Kahans - Director, Actor

Stelios Karagiannis - Lighting Designer

Jacqui Kennedy - Actor

Keiran King - Writer, Actor, Director, Playwright, Stage Manager

Peter King - Designer, Director, Adaptor, Actor, Disc Jockey

John Kingley - Actor

Tomek Koman - Scenic Artist, Video Director, Set Designer, Designer

Shelley Lasica - Performer, Director

Robin Laurie - Actor

Catherine (Kit) Lazaroo - Playwright

Jason Lehane - Devisor, Actor

Andrea Lemon - Director, Writer, Dramaturg

Valentina Levkowicz - Actor, Performer

Sayraphim Lothian - Puppet Designer, Performer, Designer, Dramaturg, Devisor

Bill Marshall - Playwright, Director

Elise McCredie - Actor, Writer

Nick Merrylees - Lighting Designer

Lisa Mibus - Lighting Designer, Production Manager

Margaret Mills - Actor, Devisor, Performer

Geoffrey Milne - Director, Teacher

Fay Mokotow - Actor

Paul Monaghan - Devisor, Director, Actor, Set Designer, Performer, Lighting Designer, Production Manager

Louise Morris - Director, Performer, Actor, Writer

Merrilee Moss - Collaborator, Playwright

Grant Mouldey - Performer, Devisor, Actor

Ross Mueller - Playwright

Jillian Murray - Adaptor, Actor, Performer

Joan Murray - Actor

Telia Nevile - Devisor, Actor, Playwright, Director

Emily Nisman - Performer, Actor, Director

Jane Nolan - Dancer, Actor

Jane Norris - Actor

Annie O'Shannessey - Actor, Stage Manager

Mark Oddie - Actor

Geoff Paine - Actor

John Paisley - Actor

Niklas Pajanti - Lighting Designer

Irini Pappas - Actor, Performer

Christopher Pender - Actor

Danny Pettingill - Lighting Designer

Ian Pidd - Actor, Devisor, Writer, Performer, Composer

Abe Pogos - Writer, Playwright, Adaptor, Creator

Norman Price - Director, Actor, Writer

Jerome Pride - Actor

Glyn Roberts - Actor, Playwright, Producer

Kelly Ryall - Sound Designer, Designer, Composer

Katie Sfetkidis - Lighting Designer

William Shakespeare - Poet, Playwright

Majid Shokor - Actor

Mary Sitarenos - Actor, Director

Margot Smith - Actor

Mic Smith - Playwright, Director

Anniene Stockton - Producer, Administrator

Sarah Sutherland - Actor, Director

Andrea Swifte - Director, Actor

Ariette Taylor - Director

Leon Teague - Actor, Performer

Kym Tonkin - Actor, Devisor

Anna Tregloan - Designer

Anna Voronoff - Performer, Actor, Entrepreneur

Len Vorster - Musician, Devisor, Performer

Robert Wallace - Actor

Germaine Wattis - Actor

Nova Weetman - Costume Designer, Writer

Liz Welch - Actor

Rhonda Wilson - Performer, Director, Actor

Tom Wright - Playwright, Performer, Actor, Director

James Adler - Performer, Playwright, Actor, Producer

Ali Alizadeh - Poet, Performer, Playwright

Natasha Anderson - Musician, Sound Designer, Designer

Phoenix Bade - Stage Manager

Edwin Batt - Director

Ruth Bauer - Performer, Actor

Wade Beed - Actor, Musical Director

Tanja Beer - Director, Designer, Set Designer

Charles Bendrups - Devisor, Actor, Performer

Karen Berger - Director, Actor, Performer

Michael Bishop - Actor, Director

Richard Bligh - Performer, Actor

Blake Boles - Performer, MC

John Bolton - Creator, Devisor, Director

Belinda Bradley - Actor, Director, Playwright

Peta Brady - Actor, Playwright

Barbara Bray - Translator

Syd Brisbane - Actor

Anne Browning - Performer, Director, Actor

Beth Buchanan - Performer, Actor

Jason Buckley - Actor

Algis Butavicius - Director, Adaptor

George Butrumlis - Musician, Actor

Clare Callow - Lighting Operator, Actor, Stage Manager

Tahir Cambis - Actor

Georgina Capper - Actor

Kieran Carroll - Playwright, Director

Sarah Cathcart - Actor, Devisor, Playwright, Writer, Performer

Martin Christmas - Director, Performer

Barbara Ciszewska - Director, Actor, Devisor

John Clayton - Actor, Director

Joseph Clements - Actor

Jane Clifton - Actor

Oliver Coleman - Actor

Emilie Collyer - Stage Manager, Actor

Burt Cooper - Actor, Playwright, Director

Cory Corbett - Actor, Performer

Karen Corbett - Actor, Director, Playwright

Jan Cornall - Actor

Robert Corner - Actor

Angela Costi - Poet, Dramaturg, Actor

Harry Cripps - Playwright, Actor

Chris Croft - Devisor, Actor

Jason Cross - Playwright, Director, Video Director

Robin Cuming - Actor

Maryrose Cuskelly - Actor

Michael Dalley - Singer, Performer, Playwright

Lisa Dallinger - Devisor, Actor

Bob Daly - Performer, Actor

Julie Dawson - Performer, Actor, Devisor

Gwendolen De Lacy - Actor

Chris Dickins - Director, Playwright

Ai Diem Le - Actor

Helen Doig - Actor, Performer

Suzi Dougherty - Actor, Director

Melanie Douglas - Actor

Sue Dunstan - Actor, Performer

Alana Eaton - Stage Manager, Lighting Operator, Lighting Designer

Zoe Ellerton-Ashley - Actor

Marcus Eyre - Actor, Performer

Peter Farnan - Sound Operator/Engineer, Composer, Sound Designer

Anni Finsterer - Actor, Playwright, Director, Performer

Russell Fletcher - Actor, Director

Rachel Forgasz - Director, Actor

Lucy Freeman - Director

Jan Friedl - Creator, Actor

Sivan Gabrielovich - Author, Playwright, Director, Writer

Anna Gilford - Actor

Elissa Goodrich - Musician, Sound Designer

Kath Gordon - Actor

Andrew Gray - Director, Performer, Actor

Ernie Gray - Actor, Performer

Jacqueline Grenfell - Actor, Devisor

Michael Griffith - Playwright

Penny Gutteridge - Designer, Adaptor, Devisor

Glen Hancox - Actor

Phoebe Hartley - Actor

Kim Hateley - Actor, Producer

Bill Hay - Designer

Jennifer Hector - Lighting Designer

Wolf Heidecker - Director, Producer

Mark Hennessy - Actor

Melinda Hetzel - Director

Dorothy Hewett - Playwright

Pauline Hosking - Playwright

Roseanne Hull-Brown - Playwright, Actor, Composer

Christon Hutton - Actor

Jessica Ipkendanz - Musician, Visual Artist, Composer, Designer

Jo Irving-Spray - Lighting Designer

Brigid Jackson - Devisor, Performer, Actor

Robert Jackson - Actor, Musician

Natasha Jacobs - Actor, Writer

Liam Jones - Performer, Actor

Lucy Jones - Director

David Joseph - Performer, Actor

Franz Kafka - Playwright, Writer

Jess Keepence - Production Manager, Costume Maker, Stage Manager

Neville Kerr - Costume Designer

Katerina Kotsonis - Actor, Performer

Franz Xaver Kroetz - Playwright

Daniel Lammin - Director, Playwright, Actor

Robert Langworthy - Actor, Performer

Polash Larsen - Actor

Wilfred Last - Director, Lighting Designer, Actor

Janet Laurie - Actor

Mark E. Lawrence - Playwright, Actor

HaiHa Le - Actor

John Lee - Actor

Mark Lee - Actor

Tania Lentini - Actor, Assistant Director

Deborah Levy - Playwright, Author

Jane Longhurst - Actor

Federico Garcia Lorca - Playwright, Poet, Writer

Jalen Lyle-Holmes - Actor, Director, Writer, Performer

Kenneth MacLeod - Actor, Performer, Designer, Director, Playwright

Fiona Macys Marzo - Actor, Adaptor

Allan Madden - Playwright, Actor, Director

Monica Main - Director, Designer, Performer, Playwright, Actor, Devisor

Olga Makeeva - Actor, Director

Anastasia Malinoff - Performer, Actor

Elizabeth Marsh - Set Designer, Designer, Assistant Designer

Carmen Mascia - Actor, Performer, Vocal Arranger

Monica Maughan - Actor

Tammy McCarthy - Actor

Matthew McConnon - Actor

Anna McCrossin-Owen - Director, Actor

Elaine McKenna - Actor

Christine McKenzie - Actor

Philip McLeod - Devisor, Composer, Performer, Musician

Bruce McNicol - Actor

Rebecca Mezei - Actor, Performer

Jean-Pierre Mignon - Director

Arpad Mihaly - Director, Actor

Maggie Millar - Actor

David Minter - Playwright

Patrick Moffatt - Actor

Benjamin Morris - Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Dayna Morrissey - Designer

Amanda Muggleton - Performer, Devisor, Actor

Jennifer Munday - Actor

Filomena Murrone - Playwright

Bruce Naylor - Actor, Performer, Director

Antony Neate - Actor

Sue Nicholson - Designer, Director

Luke O'Connor - Actor, Creator, Devisor, Performance Artist

Vanessa O'Neill - Actor, Writer

Matt O'Reilly - Sound Operator/Engineer, Playwright, Performer, Lighting Operator, Actor

Barry Oakley - Playwright

Nancy Ovenden - Actor

Tom Ovenden - Actor

Emma Palackic - Director, Contributing Artist

LeRoy Parsons - Actor

Andre Pawlaczyk - Lighting Designer

John Penman - Actor

Hoa Pham - Playwright

Sarah Pirrie - Set Designer, Visual Artist

Sue-Ann Post - Writer, Performer, Devisor, Comedian

Georgia Power - Actor, Performer, Devisor

Damien Pree - Actor, Writer, Director, Performer

Gail Price - Playwright, Performer, Devisor

Monica Raszewski - Playwright, Director

Tony Reck - Playwright, Director

Alison Richards - Actor

Fiona Roake - Playwright, Performer, Composer, Lyricist, Actor

Alan Robertson - Actor

Ian Robinson - Actor, Adaptor, Director

Jennifer Robinson - Actor

Ben Rogan - Actor, Director

Meredith Rogers - Actor, Devisor

Helen Rollinson - Actor

Ian Rooney - Actor

Lyndel Rowe - Actor

Peter Runting - Performer, Actor

Catherine Ryan - Director, Playwright, Performer

Carlos Sanchez - Performer, Actor

Tamara Saulwick - Actor, Assistant Director

Steven Schiller - Director, Adaptor, Writer, Performer

Eugene Schlusser - Visual Director, Actor, Director

Gaetano Scollo - Actor

Stephen Sculley - Performer, Actor, Playwright

Jenny Seedsman - Actor, Choreographer

Helen Sharp - Director, Singer

Chrissie Shaw - Actor, Writer, Composer

Adam Simmons - Devisor, Performer, Musician, Composer

Stephen Smithyman - Director

Anne Sparks - Actor, Make-up Artist

Andrew Spence - Actor, Performer

Naomi Steinborner - Director, Performer, Dramaturg

Stelarc - Devisor, Performer, Performance Artist

Pat Stringa - Actor

David Swann - Actor, Director

Emily Taylor - Actor

Megan Terry - Playwright

Bruce Thomson - Playwright

David Tolley - Playwright, Consultant, Performer, Musician

Margaret Trail - Director, Performer, Devisor

Cynthia Troup - Playwright

Tanya Uren - Actor, Performer, Devisor

Fred Wallace - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Sophie Walsh-Harrington - Performer, Devisor

Ania Walwicz - Playwright, Poet

Michael Wansborough - Director, Actor

Alison Ware - Actor

Janine Watson - Actor, Devisor

Louise Watson - Actor

Evan Watts - Playwright

Pauline Webb - Actor

Tobi Webster - Performer

Sarah Wettenhall - Stage Manager, Director

Sarah Wilcox - Lighting Designer

Mark Wilkinson - Designer, Lighting Designer, Production Manager

Jethro Woodward - Sound Designer, Sound Composer

Nicola Wright - Actor

Helen Zervopoulos - Performer, Actor

Daniel Zika - Production Manager, Lighting Designer

Gary Abrahams - Performer, Playwright, Director

Emily Adinolfi - Technician

Darren Agius - Actor

Jordie Albiston - Playwright, Poet

Soula Alexander - Performer, Actor

Jane Allen - Lighting Designer, Stage Manager

Lliam Amor - Designer, Actor

Jacinta Anderson - Stage Manager

John Anderson - Actor

Jack Angwin - Actor

Elissa Anson - Designer, Lighting Designer

Alexis Anthopoulos - Actor

Paulina Avellaneda-Ramirez - Designer

Lauren Bailey - Actor, Playwright

Paul Bailey - Actor

Ruth Baird - Writer, Performer, Actor

Helmut Bakaitis - Director, Playwright

Emilie Zoey Baker - Poet, Performer

Tirese Ballard - Actor

Nick Barker-Pendree - Actor

Simon Barley - Actor, Consultant

Debbie Barlow - Stage Manager, Director, Designer

Simon Barlow - Actor, Composer

Anna Barnes - Playwright

Penny Baron - Director, Actor

Bill Beard - Director, Playwright

Craig Beeby - Actor

Russell Beedles - Collaborator, Actor

Xanthe Beesley - Actor, Director

Jim Bell - Playwright, Director, Performer

Alex Ben-Mayor - Performer, Actor

Kristina Benton - Composer, Actor, Performer, Playwright

Lu Beranek - Performer, Actor

Jeni Bezuidenhout - Actor, Director

Sarah Bianco - Stage Manager

Ezra Bix - Actor

Richard Bladel - Playwright

Cate Blanchett - Actor, Devisor, Performer, Playwright

Camilla Blunden - Actor

Kirsten Boerema - Performer, Singer

Matthew Bolger-Hobson - Actor

Georgia Bolton - Actor

Samantha Bond - Actor

Angie Bosnic - Actor, Adaptor

Bernadette Boundy - Devisor, Actor

Danny Bourke - Musician, Actor

Jane Bowles - Playwright

Lily Bragge - Writer, Playwright, Actor, Performer

Bertolt Brecht - Playwright

Scott Brennan - Writer, Director, Performer, Actor

David Brindley - Actor

Alexandra Brock - Actor

Keith Brockett - Actor

Adam Broinowski - Actor, Director, Playwright

Louis Brown - Stage Manager, Actor

John Brumpton - Devisor, Performer, Actor

Christopher Bryant - Performer, Writer, Director

David Burnett - Performer, Actor

Warren Burt - Actor, Composer

Zoe Burton - Actor

Delene Butland - Actor

Cam Butler - Composer, Guitarist

John Butler - Performer, Playwright

Fay Byrne - Actor

Marie-Therese Byrne - Actor

Grant Caldwell - Poet

Michael Camilleri - Designer, Actor

Gaylene Carbis - Playwright

Stephen Carleton - Writer, Comedian, Actor, Director

Michael Carman - Actor

Cath Carmody - Stage Manager

Danielle Carter - Actor

Shirley Cattunar - Actor

Greg Ceff - Director

Sarah Chadwick - Actor

Kris Chainey - Lighting Designer

Talya Chalef - Performer, Visual Director

Richard Chambers - Devisor, Performer

Eileen Chapman - Actor

Verity Charlton - Actor

James Chesworth - Actor

Rose Chong - Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Designer

Tanya Christensen - Singer, Performer

Fofi Christou - Chef

Benjamin Cittadini - Sound Designer, Director, Playwright, Set Designer

Lauren Clair - Collaborator, Director, Actor

Liddy Clark - Actor

Stephen Clements - Actor

Andrea Close - Actor

Dennis Coard - Playwright, Actor

Angela Cole - Lighting Designer

Eric Colladetti - Playwright, Actor

Lisa Collins - Director, Costume Designer

Bobby Connelly - Actor

John Coombes - Actor

Paul Cordeiro - Assistant Stage Manager, Performer

Darryl Cordell - Designer

Fiona Corke - Performer, Actor

Patricia Cornelius - Playwright, Actor

Katrina Cornwell - Creator, Actor

Diana Corr - Sound Designer, Musician

Paul Cousins - Actor

Pauline Coutts - Actor

Nick Craft - Sound Designer, Composer, Musician

Nicholas Crawford Smith - Actor, Performer

Danielle Cresp - Outside Eye, Performer

Ellen Cressey - Actor

Andrew Crichton - Designer

Celeste Croggon - Actor

Polly Croke - Actor

Perri Cummings - Devisor

Peter Dahlsen - Actor

Barb Daly - Actor

Ross Daniels - Actor

Terry Dansic - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor, Devisor

Pip Darvall - Visual Director, Lighting Designer

Kimberley Davenport - Actor, Performer

Christine Davey - Playwright, Actor