Venue 2KY Radiotorium
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Other Names 2KY Auditorium
Address 424 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
First Date 9 June 1939
Last Date 13 September 1961
Notes Located in Dymock's Building. "A radiotorium had been established to accommodate 250 people, and so provide an audiencie for celebrity artists. It would cost £1000, and arrangements had already been made with a company of artists to ensure that the radiotorium would be a paying proposition from
Latitude | Longitude -33.869959 | 151.207383

The Ida Newton Players

Theatre Australis

Mercury Mobile Players

Mercury Theatres Pty Ltd

Ida Newton - Producer, Director, Actor

Judith Webster - Director

Ella Winter - Director

Joe Brennan - Actor

William Douglas Home - Playwright

Millicent Armstrong - Playwright

Robin Blaxland - Playwright

G. B. Bowman - Playwright

Bernard Cronin - Playwright

Kenneth Horne - Playwright

Norma O'Hare - Actor

Phylis Aiken - Actor

Brian Barnes - Actor

Lenore Blackwood - Actor

John Brunskill - Actor

Shirley Cameron - Actor

Jean Cocteau - Playwright

Frank Darcey - Actor

Lindsay Davenport - Actor

Aldo de Benedetti - Playwright

Ronald Duncan - Adaptor

Jack Horner - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer

John Hoskin - Actor

Sydney John Kay - Composer, Producer

Sheila Macafee - Actor

John McKeon - Actor

Michael Murray - Actor

Mabs Peek - Actor

Douglas Small - Actor

Hilary Tomlinson - Actor

John Unicomb - Actor

Rona Wilkinson - Actor

Venue Identifier 3697