Contributor Jim Crawford
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Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Date of Birth 1908
Date of Death 1973
Functions Playwright, Writer



Bob Maza - Writer, Actor, Artistic Director

Bill Reed - Writer

Ron Blair - Writer

Jack Charles - Actor

Gary Foley - Writer, Actor

Kenneth Horler - Writer, Designer, Director

John Huston - Writer

John Armstrong - Director

John Bellamy - Musical Director

Gerry Bostock - Actor

Phemie Bostock - Actor

Bob Charles - Actor

Elsa Churcher - Actor

Charles Collings - Actor

Aileen Louisa Corpus III - Actor

Gladys Diggle - Actor

Bob Duraux - Actor

Cedric Flower - Designer

Fred Frame - Designer

Oriel Gray - Playwright

William Griffiths - Director

  • Rocket Range, New Theatre (Melbourne, VIC), Melbourne, VIC, 6 March 1948

Frank Hardy - Writer

John Hepworth - Actor

Patricia Jenkins - Actor

Bruce Jiffkins - Actor

Reginald Lye - Actor

Zac Martin - Actor

Justine Saunders - Actor

Muriel Small - Actor

Dot Thompson - Director

Kath Walker - Writer

Jerold Wells - Director

George Whaley - Associate Director

Bindi Williams - Actor

New Theatre Club (Brisbane, Qld)

New Theatre (Sydney, N.S.W.)

Bulyan Players

National Black Theatre

New South Wales Ministry of Cultural Activities

New Theatre (Melbourne, Vic.)

  • Rocket Range, New Theatre (Melbourne, VIC), Melbourne, VIC, 6 March 1948

Nimrod Street Theatre Company Ltd

Nindethana Theatre

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Australian Council for the Arts

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