Contributor Betchay Mondragon
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Gender Unknown
Nationality Australian
Functions Actor, Director, Producer
Notes Betchay trained with the Philippine Educational Theatre Association (PETA). Betchay was Executive Director of a region-wide Centre for People┬┐s Culture and the Program Director of PETA-Broadcast and Film. Betchay came to Australia in 1990. She produced and/or directed a number of theatrical events reflecting the Territory┬┐s multicultural communities. In 1992, she founded Kulay Lupa, a traditional Filipino performing ensemble and then Kilos Kultura, a Filipino youth group whose work revolved around the fusion of traditional Filipino and contemporary movement forms. Betchay was the Dance An



Artistic Director

Petrie Bagiri - Performer

Ruth Bagiri - Performer

Nicole Cridland - Performer

Matthew James - Lighting Designer

Annie Luta - Performer

Gloria Luta - Performer

Lency Luta - Performer

Relma Luta - Performer

David McMicken - Director

Tim Newth - Assistant Director, Designer

David Pratt - Composer, Disc Jockey

Estelle Quindara - Performer

Marko Taopo - Performer

Gerard Veltre - Assistant Choreographer, Performer

Yoris Wilson - Performer

Daniel Alderman - Performer

Guy Bannister - Performer

Eddy Barr - Performer

Paul Bourchier - Actor

Tristram Boveington - Performer

Beryl Brugmans - Performer

Stephen Clark - Director

Maria Cleary - Designer

Peter Coulter - Performer, Media Artist

Zoe Crawford - Performer

Daniel Da Silva - Performer

Jennifer Devlin - Performer

Evan Dixon - Performer

Danarose Dizon - Performer

Erwin Fenis - Performer

Fiona Ferguson - Actor

Paolo Flores - Performer

Amy Hardwick - Performer

Karen Hurley - Performer

Sean Hutton - Performer

John Jenkins - Actor

Matthew Keeley - Actor

Veronica Luta - Performer

Veronica Lutu - Performer

Mark Marcelis - Graphic Designer

Robert McDonough - Actor

Judd McElroy - Performer

Maggie Miles - Actor

Merrilee Mills - Actor

Darren Minchin - Performer

Emily Mornane - Performer

Josh Mu - Performer

Amy Nona - Performer

Cristina Pantazis - Performer

Emily Pegler - Performer

Simon Purdy - Performer

Julia Quinn - Assistant Choreographer, Performer

Stephanie Quinn - Performer

Rukshana Ramachandran - Choreographer, Performer

Kristy Rickert - Performer

Bart Robertson - Performer

Tara Robertson - Performer

Michael Roper - Musical Director

Jessica Rosewarne - Performer

David Turner - Performer

Sidharth Vemuri - Performer

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Darwin Theatre Company

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