Contributor Lisa Kenna
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Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Functions Actor, Musician



Kim Carpenter - Designer

Wayne Harrison - Director

Denise Kirby - Actor

Arky Michael - Actor

Mary Morris - Adaptor, Playwright

Morris Gleitzman - Writer

Donn Byrnes - Lighting Designer

Max Lambert - Composer

Ian Cookesley - Production Manager

Robert Dallas - Stage Manager

Nicholas Eadie - Actor

Neil Finlayson - Technical Director

Damon Herriman - Actor

Tamblyn Lord - Actor

Tracy Mann - Actor

Victoria Mielewska - Voice Coach

Colin Moody - Actor

Pene Quarry - Assistant Stage Manager

Andrew McFarlane - Actor

Danny Nash - Actor

Greg Dye - Technician

Richard Johnstone - Lighting Operator

Odile Le Clezio - Actor

Fiona Press - Actor

Sydney Theatre Company

Australia Council for the Arts

Melbourne Theatre Company

Festival of Perth

Queensland Theatre Company

The University of Melbourne

Identifier 247390