Contributor Sonya Langelaar
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Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Functions Director




Jim Caitlin - Director

Ben Cantwell - Lighting Operator

Carl Caulfield - Compere

Rebecca Conroy - Actor

Barbara Delaney - Director

Barry Dickins - Playwright

Rob Dilley - Actor, Director, Writer

Garry Hogden - Actor

Michael Langford - Lighting Operator

Henry Lawson - Poet

Jim McGinty - Actor

Danielle Oberaker - Actor

Danuta Raine - Actor

Mark Reedman - Convenor, Director

Tom Thomas - Playwright

Susan Vercoe - Director

Steven Wilson - Researcher, Writer

Natalie Winn - Actor

David Yarrow - Actor, Director, Writer

The Workers Cultural Action Committee

Bicentenary Events Corporation

Hunter Workers Theatre

The Peoples Chorus

Three Toned Sloths

Identifier 401042