Contributor Henry Lawson
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Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Date of Birth 17 June 1867
Date of Death 2 September 1922
Functions Author, Journalist, Poet





Rodney Fisher - Adaptor, Director, Playwright, Writer

Vance Palmer - Adaptor, Playwright

Robin Ramsay - Actor, Adaptor, Devisor, Performer, Playwright, Writer

Max Cullen - Actor

Brian Matthews - Playwright

Mark Pennington - Lighting Designer

John Schumann - Musician

Wendy Todd - Set Designer

Kat Kraus - Actor

Hugh McDonald - Actor

Broderick Smith - Actor

Edmund Barclay - Scriptwriter

Peter Neufeld - Lighting Designer

Peter O'Shaughnessy - Actor, Director, Producer

Irene Appleton - Actor

Rita Aslin - Actor

Errol Bannister - Director

Chas Beetham - Actor

Gunther Berghofer - Actor

Hilda Bull - Actor

Leo Burke - Actor

Gerald Byrne - Playwright

Jim Caitlin - Director

Ben Cantwell - Lighting Operator

Carl Caulfield - Compere

Lawrence H. Cecil - Director

Greg Clarke - Designer

John Cosgrove - Actor

Alice Crowther - Actor

George Dawe - Actor

Barbara Delaney - Director

Charles Dickens - Author

Barry Dickins - Playwright

John Dicks - Director

Charles Doherty - Actor

Leslie Douglas - Actor

Eric Edmonds - Actor

Naomi Edwards - Director

T. S. Eliot - Playwright

Gilbert Emery - Actor

Louis Esson - Playwright

Hettie Feuerman - Actor

Isabel J. Handley - Actor

J. Harcourt Bailey - Actor

Ernest T. Hearne - Actor

Clarissa House - Actor

T. Kanake - Actor

Frank Keon - Actor

Steve Kidd - Actor

Sonya Langelaar - Director

Loma Lantaur - Actor

Bertha Lawson - Actor

William Leahy - Actor

Myra Leard - Actor

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Dianne Lynn - Assistant Stage Manager

Robert MacKinnon - Actor

Stewart Macky - Playwright

Beryl Mathies - Actor

Elsie McCormack - Actor

Garry McQuinn - Stage Manager

Christopher Morsley - Actor

Winifred Moverley - Actor

Oriel Mullarkey - Actor

Alan Murray - Actor

Stefo Nantsou - Actor

John O'Brien - Poet

J. O'Connell - Actor

Earnest O'Ferrall - Playwright

Eileen O'Keefe - Actor

J. P. O'Neill - Actor

Tal Ordell - Actor

John Quinn - Actor

Mark Reedman - Convenor, Director

May Renno - Actor

Peter Roehlen - Production Manager

Charles H. Row - Actor

Alfred Scarlett - Actor

Emily Simpson - Actor

Beaumont Smith - Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Robert Speaight - Actor

Janet Stanley - Actor

Montgomery Stuart - Director

Carrie Tennant - Director

Tom Thomas - Playwright

Tony Tripp - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Susan Vercoe - Director

Charles Villiers - Actor

Philip Walsh - Assistant Director

May Wilds - Actor

Margie Wright - Stage Manager

Frances Wyatt - Actor

Grabbit and Runn

The Vagabond Crew

Australia Council for the Arts

Melbourne Theatre Company

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

TKT Management Ltd

Wendy Todd

Zoltan Koteczky

Australian Broadcasting Commission

Australian Broadcasting Commission, Melbourne

  • Telling Mrs. Baker, ABC Radio, Melbourne - Russell Street studios, Melbourne, VIC, 15 June 1937

Australian Broadcasting Commission, Perth

Beaumont Smith Productions

Community Players, Sydney

Department of Arts, Heritage and Environment

Henry Lawson Literary Society

Hunter Workers Theatre

Melbourne City Council

New South Wales Government


Nimrod Street Theatre Company Ltd

Pioneer Players

Q Theatre Company


Sydney Theatre Company

The University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

The University of Melbourne

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

The Workers Cultural Action Committee

Theatre of the Worker Players

Three Toned Sloths

University of New South Wales

Whitehorse Musical Theatre

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