Contributor Billy Akarman
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Gender Male
Functions Circus Style Performer


Stage Manager

Circus Style Performer

Pearl Akarman - Circus Style Performer, Dancer

Arthur Farley - Performer, Bass Baritone

Harry Rickards - Actor and Singer, Musical Arranger, Entrepreneur, Lessee

Mr T Bergin - Performer

Harry Burton - Musical Director

Mr Gilmore - End Man

James Harvey - End Man

John Leete - Business Manager

Fred Norris - End Man

Kate Rickards - Dancer

Lillian Stanbridge - Performer

Stella Tudor - Performer

Harry Williams - End Man

Marian Ainsworth - Dancer

Lily Anderson - Dancer

Minnie Anderson - Dancer

Lillie Bentley - Dancer

Charles Bovis - Singer

William Bovis - Dancer

Gus Bruno - Comic Singer

H Burton - Musical Director

Josie Chippendale - Dancer

Madame Clarson - Costume Maker

Rae Cowan - Singer

Ettie Croucher - Dancer

Fred Dark - Comic Singer

Dick Davis - Impersonator

Ruth Davis - Dancer

Maud Dickinson - Dancer

Chas Faning - Comic Singer

Florence Faning - Dancer

J Frances - Circus Style Performer

Bertha Hamilton - Dancer

Flora Hamilton - Dancer

May Hamilton - Dancer

Ruby Jones - Dancer

Ruth McKinnon - Dancer

C Moreny - Circus Style Performer

Alma Obrey - Impersonator

Katie Rickards - Costume Designer

Percy Shannon - Singer

Gus St Leon - Circus Style Performer

Jack Sutton - Circus Style Performer

Myra Thompson - Singer

Ellen Wilson - Dancer

Edith Wirth - Circus Style Performer

George Wirth - Circus Style Performer

Herbert Wirth - Circus Style Performer

J J Wirth - Circus Style Performer

Madeline Wirth - Circus Style Performer

Marizles Wirth - Circus Style Performer

Phillip Wirth - Circus Style Performer

Harry Rickards' New Tivoli Minstrel & Specialty Company

Woodward Brothers

Faust Family Company

Moreny Brothers

The Anderson Sisters

Tivoli Orchestra

Wirth Brothers

Identifier 408129