Contributor Mr Leopold
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Gender Male
Functions Acrobat, Minstrel
Notes Member of the Leopold Family of four acrobats who toured WA with the Ettie Williams Happy Hours Company in 1896.



Agileo - Equestrian

Commodore - Animal Performer

Lily Anderson - Singer

Minnie Anderson - Singer

Edward Banvard - Acrobat

Signor Bartolo - Contortionist

Charles Bishop - Clown

John Cook - Acrobat

Dick Davis - Minstrel

Dan FitzGerald - Animal Wrangler

Andrew Herbert - Equestrian

Thomas Herbert - Circus Style Performer

W.M. Organ - Animal Wrangler

Mr W. H. Speed - Minstrel

Frances Trigge - Dancer

W. B. Warner - Minstrel

Woodward - Acrobat

C Woodward - Acrobat

Ettie Williams Happy Hours Company

The Anderson Sisters

The Leopold Family Acrobats

Woodward Brothers

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