Organisation Ettie Williams Happy Hours Company
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Address Perth WA
Functions Production Company
Notes Variety company based at Perth WA in the 1890s.

The Anderson Sisters

The Leopold Family Acrobats

Theatre Royal, Coolgardie, WA

Perth Town Hall, Perth, WA

Fremantle Town Hall, Fremantle, WA

Ettie Williams - Singer, Performer, Actor, Comic Singer, Company Manager, Lessee

Dick Davis - Performer, Singer, Actor, Comic Singer, Comedian, Minstrel

W. B. Warner - Comedian, Singer, Playwright, Actor, Impersonator, Comic Singer, MC, Minstrel, Plantation Singer, Performer

George A Jones - Comedian, Actor, Performer, Company Manager, Lessee, Singer

Lily Anderson - Dancer, Performer, Actor, Singer

Minnie Anderson - Actor, Dancer, Singer, Performer

Mr W. H. Speed - Minstrel, Comedian, Actor, Performer, End Man, Plantation Singer, Playwright

Frances Trigge - Dancer, Singer

Neva Carr-Glyn - Actor, Singer

James Stewart - Musical Director, Musician

Nipper - Acrobat

Con Berthold - Scenic Artist

Mr. Boyle - Singer

T. H. C. Hill - Singer

Mr. Hodge - Singer

Mr Leopold - Minstrel

J. Mack - Performer

Little Ivy Scott - Performer

Mr Smith - Singer

Florence Trigge - Performer

Albert Whelan - Comedian

Organisation Identifier 33998