Contributor Norman Hetherington
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Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Date of Birth 29 May 1921
Date of Death 6 December 2010
Functions Author, Puppeteer
Notes The creator of "Mr Squiggle".



Puppet Designer



Puppet Maker

Richard Bradshaw - Director, Actor, Adaptor, Performer

Michael Creighton - Puppeteer, Director, Adaptor

V. Lifschitz - Playwright

Judy Bailey - Actor, Composer

Beverley Campbell Jackson - Actor, Puppet Maker

Barbara Frawley - Actor, Voice Over Artist

Timothy Gow - Actor, Stage Manager

Ross Higgins - Actor, Voice Over Artist

Allan Highfield - Puppeteer

Ross Hill - Puppeteer, Actor, Puppet Maker

Ines Judd - Puppeteer

Guillermo Keys-Arenas - Choreographer, Actor

J Kichanova - Playwright

Linda Raymond - Puppeteer

Michael Agzarian - Puppeteer

Joe Gladwin - Performer, Puppeteer

Michael Atherton - Musical Director

Michael Doneman - Adaptor, Director

Russell Emerson - Stage Manager

Peter Flynn - Actor

Caroline Jones - Designer

Rudyard Kipling - Writer

Susan Lintern-Coward - Puppeteer

Rob Matson - Puppeteer

Mark Radvan - Actor

George Samiec - Lighting Designer

Maddy Slabacu - Puppeteer

Greg Temple - Performer

Mark Thomas - Actor

Marionette Theatre of Australia


Cannon Hill Theatre Company

Festival of Sydney

Handspan Theatre

Little Patch Theatre

Puk Puppet Theatre

Storytellers' Theatre

Tasmanian Puppet Festival

Tasmanian Puppet Theatre

The Fukien Puppet Theatre of China

The Theatre Workshop

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