Organisation Ye Olde Englyshe Fayre
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Address Perth WA
Functions Presenting Company, Production Company
Notes Outdoor venue: opened in Perth in December 1895; opened a branch at Fremantle in January 1896.

Jones & Lawrence's Vaudeville Company

The Banvards

The Lucifers

Sisters Andrew

The Flying Jordans

The Great Cat King

The Laughing Gallery

The Leslie Brothers

The Living Half Woman

The Loco Minstrels

The Marlos

Williamson and Musgrove

Theatre Royal, Coolgardie, WA

Ye Olde Englishe Fayre, Fremantle, WA

Ye Olde Englishe Fayre, Perth, WA

Ye Olde Englishe Fayre, Fremantle, WA

Ye Olde Englishe Fayre, Perth, WA

Ye Olde Englishe Fayre, Burswood, WA

Botanic Reserve, Perth, WA

Bob Bell - Comedian, Comic Singer

Ida Holbein - Minstrel, Singer

George A Jones - General Manager, Performer

James Mooney - Dancer

Emmie Smith - Singer, Director

Madge Stagpole - Mezzo-Soprano

Ouda - Acrobat

Joe Cowan - Singer, Performer, Acrobat

Daisy Chard - Performer

Leoni Clarke - Performer

Dick Davis - Performer

Harry Fitzmaurice - Performer, Stage Manager

Millie Herberte - Singer

Mr W. H. Speed - Performer, Minstrel

Miss Priscilla Verne - Performer, Dancer

Virginia Aragon - Tight-rope Walker

Master Bert Banvard - Acrobat

Master Syd Banvard - Acrobat

Master Walter Banvard - Acrobat

Charles Bovis - Singer

William Bovis - Singer

James Craydon - MC

Fred Davis - Performer

Lottie De Lorne - Comic Singer

Mrs. Dell - Dancer

Tom Delohery - Singer

Jack Devereaux - Performer

Carr Glynn - Performer

Philip W Goatcher - Scenic Artist

Joe Gorton - Performer

Madame Ha Shun Hara - Phrenologist

George Harrison - Performer

Florence Hope - Performer

James Howard - Comedian

Harry Joyce - Performer

Mabel Leslie - Performer

Rose Leslie - Performer

Harry Little - Performer

Clarence Lyndon - Comedian

M. Marlo - Aerialist

J. B. McDonald - Performer

Pat Melton - Singer

Alfred Mitchell - Vocalist

Jas Mooney - Stage Manager

Edith Moore - Performer

Amy Sarony - Comic Singer

Olaf Schrader - Performer

Mrs W. H. Speed - Director

Fanny St. Clair - Comic Singer

Flora St. Clair - Singer

D'Arcy Stanfield - Performer

Eva Stanfield - Performer

Jas. Stewart - Musical Director

Professor Torka - Ventriloquist

John Tudor - Performer

Will Watts - Performer

Mr. Weichard - Musical Director

Ettie Williams - Performer

Tom Williams - Conductor

Organisation Identifier 34679