Venue Theatre Royal
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Other Names The Olympia
Address Woodward Street
Coolgardie WA 6429
Notes The Theatre Royal opened in September 1894. A Coolgardie Municipal plan of fire escape exits from the building gives a rectangular auditorium of 13.2 x 8.8 metres with a proscenium stage of 6 x 6.3 metres. Seating for 322, crowed at 429. First manager Mr Smalpage; William Hansen became Lessee in A
Latitude | Longitude -30.955769 | 121.169292

Ettie Williams Happy Hours Company

Gaiety Pantomime Company

Hudson's Surprise Party

Taylor-Carrington Company

The Leopold Family Acrobats

Alfred Dampier Company

The Anderson Sisters

Miss Ada Delroy's Company

Ye Olde Englyshe Fayre

Easton Uncle Tom Company

Hansen's String band

W. H. Speed's World's Novelty Company

Coolgardie Palace of Variety

The Georgia Minstrels

Mr Harry Rickards Company of Tivoli Stars

Silver King Dramatic Company

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The Model Brass Band

Williamson and Musgrove

W. B. Warner - Impersonator, Actor, Comedian, Playwright, Singer, Comic Singer, Plantation Singer, Minstrel, MC

Albert Whelan - Singer, Comedian, Comic Singer, Impersonator, Actor

Dick Davis - Actor, Comedian, Comic Singer, Singer, Minstrel

Alf Martin - Singer, Comedian, Actor, Performer, Dancer, Stage Manager

Mr W. H. Speed - Minstrel, Comedian, Actor, End Man, Plantation Singer, Playwright

William Hansen - Musical Director, Lessee, Accompanist, Conductor, General Manager, Company Manager

Joe Cowan - Various, Actor, Comic Singer, Comedian, Performer

George A Jones - Company Manager, Actor, General Manager, Singer, Comedian

James Wilkinson - Actor, Performer, Various

Lily Anderson - Dancer, Singer, Actor

Minnie Anderson - Singer, Dancer, Actor

Alice St John - Actor, Performer, Singer, Various

Ettie Williams - Singer, Actor, Company Manager

Ella Carrington - Actor

Charlie Taylor - Actor

Tom Hudson - Banjoist, Actor, Dancer, Playwright, Comedian, Lecturer, Comic Singer

Neva Carr-Glyn - Singer, Contralto, Actor

Alfred Dampier - Actor, Playwright, Adaptor

Amy Johns - Actor, Various, Performer

Bob Bell - Comedian, Comic Singer

Rose Dampier - Actor, Singer

T. H. C. Hill - Vocalist, Singer

Katherine Russell - Actor

Frances Trigge - Singer, Dancer

Mrs Waterfield - Mezzo-Soprano, Singer

Madame Bell - Spiritualist, Mystic

Miss Ada Delroy - Dancer, Singer

Charlie Grant - Impersonator, Comedian, Performer

Ida Holbein - Minstrel, Singer

Lilly Linton - Actor and Singer, Dancer

James Mooney - Dancer

Harry Moran - Dancer, Actor, Singer

Mons. Provo - Performer

Harry Shine - Comedian, Impersonator, Actor

Eddie Simpson - Actor

Madge Stagpole - Mezzo-Soprano

Mr J. F. Williams - Actor, Minstrel, Comedian

Ouda - Acrobat

James Arnot - Performer

Amy Gourlay - Actor, Impersonator

William Gourlay - Actor, Impersonator

Edmond Holloway - Actor

J Ivory - Lessee, Dancer, Performer

William Jenkins - Circus Style Performer, Singer, Dancer, Actor

John Kearns - Acrobat

Miss Cissie Marshall - Singer, Dancer

Albert McKisson - Acrobat

Emmie Smith - Singer

Edith Stevens - Actor, Various

Miss Marie Alston - Singer, Soprano

Con Berthold - Scenic Artist, Impersonator, Actor

Mr Godfrey Castieau - Actor, Producer

Lily Dampier - Actor

Madge Denison - Singer

Hosea Easton - Actor, Banjoist

Austin Elvins - Actor

F Esmelton - Actor

Miss Hilda Fraser - Actor, Actor and Singer

Harry Gilbert - Actor, Singer, Actor and Singer

Miss Gladys Grant - Actor

Alf Holland - Singer, Actor and Singer

Miss Moran - Soprano

Miss Emmie Morrison - Actor and Singer, Singer

Alfred Rolfe - Actor

Mrs W. H. Speed - Elocutionist

George Stevens - Actor, Company Manager

James Stewart - Performer, Musical Director, Musician

Amy Thornton - Singing Group, Singer, Dancer

Miss Jessie Thornton - Singing Group, Singer, Dancer

'My Fancy' - Dancer

Sala - Performer

Percy Abbott - Musical Director, Singer

Mrs J Arnot - Performer, Singer

Mr James Bell - Company Manager, Minstrel

John Buckstone - Playwright

Mr Frank Cahill - Singer

Mrs Godfrey Castieau - Actor, Elocutionist

Signor Clampetti - Singer, Baritone

Rev Edward Collick - Recitation, Reciter

Madame Stella Davis - Spiritualist

Professor W H Davis - Magician

Miss Lillian Devoe - Various

Amy Dewhurst - Singer, Dancer

J. J. Ennis - Actor

Harry Fletcher - Singer

Mr Teddy Ford - Contortionist

Mr S. Francis - Comedian

Charles Godfrey - Singer

G W Heller - Magician

Madame Heller - Performer

Mr Ted Herbert - Singer

George Homewood - Impersonator

Mr Hyam - Singer, Comedian

Little Milly Ivory - Singer

Leon A. Lambert - Musician, Musical Director

Fred Leslie - Minstrel, Comedian

Mr Dave Lipshutt - Production Manager, Comedian, Comic Singer

W Lockley - Company Manager, Presenter

Mr G. Masseroni - Actor

Gracie McKinnon - Various

Miss Ruth Nichol - Various

Henry Pettitt - Playwright

Mr R. Robinston - Actor

Tom Saunders - Actor

Mr J. Sheehan - Musical Director, Comic Instrumentalist

Oscar Smith - Ventriloquist

Mr A. Vial - Comedian

Miss Jessie Williams - Dancer

Greek George - Strongman

Nipper - Acrobat

Prof. Altro - Performer

F.C. Appleton - Actor

Mr Chas Basing - Scenic Artist, Actor

Mr J. Beefield - Actor

Vincenzo Bellini - Composer

Mr T Bergin - Baritone

Rev A T Boas - Lecturer

L. Bracey - Tenor

Horace Bradley - Singer, Comedian

F W Broughton - Playwright

Ralph Brown - Performer

George Buller - Actor

Rev. J A. Burns - Reciter

Henry James Byron - Playwright

T Cannam - Recitation, Producer

Mr H. Cardon - Recitation

Mr Carey - Tenor

Godfrey Castseau - Stage Manager

Alf Chey - Singer

Miss S. A. Clancy - Actor

Miss Margery Collins - Actor

Mr J. Cossen - Vocalist

Mr Charles D'Arcy - Singer

Miss Ivy Dale - Singer

Gwen Davies - Recitation

Alexandre Dumas pere - Playwright

Miss Gertrude Esdaille - Actor

Mr George Fielding - Actor

Edward Fitzball - Playwright

Mr M. Fox - Comedian

Celia Ghiloni - Singer

A. Hastings - Singer

Joe Hastings - Comedian

Miss Maud Hastings - Singer

Alfred Hennequin - Playwright

Miss Mina Jerger - Actor

Mr Kennedy - Storyteller, Singer

Charlie Le Brun - Singer

Mr Leopold - Minstrel

J. Mack - Performer

Miss Onslow Mackay - Singer

Miss Clara Manners - Actor

Rev W Marsh - Performer

Miss Ada Mavin - Singer

Miss A. E. Monk - Actor

Miss Blanche Montague - Singer

Mr Harry Neville - Stage Manager, Actor, Comic Singer

Mr Alfred C. S. Olivier - Actor

John Oxenford - Adaptor

G R Paget - Actor

Mr C. J. Perlstein - Violinist

Harry Pleon - Playwright

W. H. Pulford - Scenic Artist

Charles Reade - Playwright

Thomas Robertson - Playwright, Adaptor

Ida Roslyn - Singer

Mr C W Scott - Banjoist, Dancer

Mr WC Scott - Banjoist, Minstrel

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Professor Shaw - Performer

Mr A. Sherwin - Accompanist

A. Shirley - Adaptor

Will Simpson - Singer, Dancer

Mrs W. L. Sinclair - Actor

Howard Smith - Actor

Theyre Smith - Playwright

Reg Stevens - Actor

Don Stobbart - Actor

Harriet Beecher Stowe - Author

J. G. Taylor - Playwright

Alfred Tennyson - Poet

Mr R. Thirwell - Actor and Singer

W. R. Thiswell - Performer

Mr A. Tonge - Recitation

Stella Tudor - Actor, Singer

Garnet Walch - Playwright

William Vincent Wallace - Composer

Nell Weston - Actor

Mrs Henry Wood - Author

Venue Identifier 13817