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Resource Text: Review
Title The Drama of the Week
Abstract/Description CYRANO DE BERGERAC IT is almost impossible to praise too highly the work of Dr. Cardamatis as producer. Despite the many difficulties of presentation, the whole play, with the exception of some slight hesitations and inaudibilities at the start, moved briskly throughout, and there were no hitches or delays of any kind to mar the pleasure of the audience or to embarrass the work of the actor PETER PAN Great credit for the success of the performance must be given to Miss Fitton and to the stage-manager, Mr. N. K. Mason, and both are to be heartily congratulated upon so successfully grappling with so difficult a problem. [also contains photo of Anne Gordon as Peter Pan]
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Source The Sydney Mail, John Fairfax and Sons, Sydney, NSW, 3 April 1912
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Page 16
Date Issued 20 December 1933
Language English
Citation The Drama of the Week, The Sydney Mail, 20 December 1933, 16
Resource Identifier 64512