Contributor Edmond Samuels
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Other Names Eddie Samuels
Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Date of Birth 17 March 1895
Date of Death 1973
Functions Composer, Lyricist, Writer






Carl Randall - Director, Actor, Producer, Choreographer

Shirley Bushelle - Actor

John L. Clugston - Lighting Designer, Stage Director

Charles Crawford - Actor

Rob Curtis - Actor

Ann Donald - Actor

Alton Harvey - Actor

Sydney John Kay - Orchestrator, Musical Director

Clement Kennedy - Set Designer

Dorothy Marchant - Costume Designer

Frank Martin - Actor

Ted Mullet - Actor

Reginald Newson - Actor

Charles Norman - Actor

Everald Norton - Dancer

John Edmund - Actor

Tod Hilton - Actor

Vic Hough - Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager

Beth Nicol - Actor

Harvey Roland - Dancer

Lillian Scarlett - Costume Designer

Roland Barnes - Stage Manager

Peter Benjamin - Lyricist

Alan Burke - Writer

Paula Cantello - Actor

Hopalong Cassidy - Singer

Morton Charlton - Director

Jim Clark - Actor

Buddy Clarke - Actor

George Clarke - Actor

Colleen Clifford - Assistant Musical Director

Earl Covert - Actor

Douglas Cribb - Actor

Ray Dandy - Actor

Richard Hearder - Actor

Douglas Howard - Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Roy Howell - Actor

Frank Katalenich - Dancer

Ted Le Garde - Singer

Tom Le Garde - Singer

Minnie Love - Actor

Edna Luscombe - Actor

Garry Meadows - Actor

Arthur Nash - Lighting Designer

Jacqueline Nichols - Dancer

Arthur Parham - Actor

Frederick Parslow - Actor

James Penberthy - Musical Director

June Percival - Actor

Beryl Seton - Actor

Roger Snaire - Actor

Dawn Spry - Actor

Peter Stannard - Composer

Wilfred Stevens - Dancer

Ron Wilson - Stage Director

Australian Musical Productions Pty Ltd

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Regal Players of Australia Pty. Ltd.

The Le Garde Twins

The Theatre Guild of Perth

Identifier 233544