Contributor Carole Johnson
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Gender Female
Nationality African American
Functions Dancer



Danny Adcock - Actor

Johann Sebastian Bach - Composer

Sally Balfour - Dancer

Michael Boddy - Playwright

Don Bond - Composer

Don Boyce - Set Designer

Colin Brumby - Composer

John Cervenka - Set Designer

Jack Charles - Actor

Barbara Chatteris - Costume Designer

Geoffrey Cichero - Dancer

Ray Cook - Dancer

Alanna Coorey - Actor

Peter Corbett - Actor

Colin Croft - Actor

Don Crosby - Actor

Elizabeth Dalman - Choreographer, Dancer

Syvanna Doolan - Actor

Mervyn Drake - Actor

Maxine Ewart - Costume Designer, Dancer

Ronald Falk - Actor

Alan Faulkner - Actor

Anne Fraser - Designer, Costume Designer

John Gaden - Actor

Ron Gartside - Actor

Denis Gaunt - Actor

David Gulpilil - Actor

Judith Haines - Dancer

Andre Heilbron - Lighting Designer, Set Designer, Stage Manager

Patricia Hill - Actor and Singer

Kevin Jackson - Actor

Janis Joplin - Songwriter

Ivar Kants - Actor

Kenneth Laird - Actor

Jerry Luke - Lighting Designer

Clive Marshall - Actor

Sylvia Martin - Actor

Zac Martin - Actor

Gillian Millard - Choreographer

Yoko Ono - Composer

Eleo Pomare - Costume Designer, Choreographer

Angela Punch McGregor - Actor

Michele Smith - Dancer

Rob Steele - Actor

Cheryl Stock - Dancer

Roc Ta-Peng Lei - Dancer

Al Thomas - Actor

George Whaley - Director

Peter Whitford - Actor

Derek Young - Stage Manager

Australia Council for the Arts

Australian Dance Theatre

New South Wales Government

Sydney Opera House Trust

The Australian Council for the Arts

The Old Tote Theatre Company

The University of New South Wales Drama Foundation

Identifier 254763