Contributor David Hartley
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Gender Male
Nationality English
Functions Singer




Paschal Allen - Actor, Singer

Maurice Arthur - Actor, Singer

Benjamin Britten - Composer, Conductor

Bernard Dickerson - Actor, Singer

Bryan Drake - Actor, Singer

John Fryatt - Actor, Singer

Thomas Hensley - Actor, Singer

Peter Leeming - Actor, Singer

Benjamin Luxon - Actor, Singer

John McKenzie - Actor, Singer

Peter Pears - Actor, Singer

Michael Rippon - Actor, Singer

John Winfield - Actor, Singer

William Plomer - Librettist

Richard Angas - Actor

Colin Graham - Designer, Producer

Annena Stubbs - Designer

Viola Tunnard - Conductor

Yasmine Clement - Creator, Director, Writer

Kellie Bray - Actor

Laura Bray - Actor

Alexandra Collier - Actor

Sylvie de Crespigny - Actor

Marnie Gibson - Actor

Scott Graham - Writer

Richie Hall - Actor

Jennifer King - Actor

Daniel Mrocki - Actor

Matt Pike - Actor

Paul Whelan - Actor

The English Opera Group

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

Optic Verve

Melbourne Fringe Festival

Short and Sweet

The Arts Centre

Identifier 401555