Contributor Signor Torzillo
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Gender Male
Functions Harpist


Blanche Arral - Singer

George Castles - Singer, Musician

Hetty King - Impersonator

Ed Lavine - Performer

Tex McLeod - Circus Style Performer

George Paans - Musician, Violinist

G Rivers Allpress - Conductor

Herold Bassett - Musical Director

Jack Cannot - Comic Singer

Grace Christie - Dancer

E Conway - Musician

Grace Cristie - Dancer

E A Daltry - Pianist

Edward Farrow - Flautist

Robert Keers - Musical Director

Herr H Kugelberg - Cellist

William Joseph Lincoln - Administrator

Carr Lynn - Performer

Jock McKay - Comedian

F H Pollock - Lessee

Will Quintrell - Musical Director

Musgrove Theatres Ltd

Tivoli Orchestra

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

The Hanlon Brothers

The Lecardo Brothers

Identifier 408108