Organisation Musgrove Theatres Ltd
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Address NSW Australia
Functions Presenting Company, Production Company

Tivoli Orchestra

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Long Tack Sam Company

Tilton and West

Alma and Roy

Carne & Kelleway

Carvet and Verena

Conelius and Constance

Eclair Bros

Raynor and Roy

Ristori & Partner

The Hanlon Brothers

The Two Vagabonds

The Winskills

Bailey and Cowan

Charlbert Bros.

Chico and Chiquillo

Davis and Lea

Doody and Wright

Edna and Paul


Geaiks and Geaiks

Girton College Girls

Holden & Graham

Hope Wallace and Maureen

Hunter and Bob

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

Leicardo Bros.

Les Nosellas

Lloyd and Montrose

Lloyd and Raymond

Loch and Lamond

Lomas and Loffmann

Max and Ray

Moon & Morris

Musical Shirleys

Niblo and Doris

Noni and Horace

Preston & Perrin

Ray De Vere Trio

Sparkling Mozelles

The Aerial Delsoes

The Annesley Brothers

The Darwinians

The Klentos

The Lecardo Brothers

The Monks of St. Bernard

The Philmers

The St. Leons

The Three Nitos

The Two DD

The Two Rascals

Three Carrs

Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Tivoli Theatre (1893-1929), Sydney, NSW

Hippodrome, Sydney, NSW

Robert Keers - Conductor, Musical Director

Harry George Musgrove - General Director, Director

Will Quintrell - Musical Director, Conductor

J. Grant - Stage Manager

Fred Aydon - General Manager

Percy F Crawford - Business Manager

Maurice Nodin - Stage Manager

J S Rendall - Business Manager, Administrator

Leo Stirling - Actor and Singer, Singer

Harry Whaite - Scenic Artist

Reginald Wykeham - General Manager, Producer

Arthur Argent - Baritone

Maggie Foster - Musician, Violinist

Gene Gerrard - Comedian

Dulcie Hall - Comedian

Laurence Harding - Comedian

Ethel Hook - Contralto

Adele Inman - Comedian

La Ventura - Performer

Jock McKay - Comedian

Tex McLeod - Circus Style Performer

Madeline Rossiter - Dancer

Wee Georgie Wood - Comedian, Actor

Abbott - Singer, Performer

Fred Bluett - Comedian

Jack Cannot - Comic Singer, Actor

George Carney - Comedian

George Castles - Musician, Singer

Vida Castles - Musician, Singer

Grace Christie - Dancer

George Edwards - Actor

Lance Fairfax - Actor and Singer

Stanley Fields - Comedian

Eric Godley - Baritone

Johnny Green - Performer

Harko - Cartoonist

Hetty King - Impersonator

Fran Klint - Magician

Jay Laurier - Singer, Performer

Ed Lavine - Performer

Rosie Lloyd - Comedian, Performer

Irene Magley - Actor and Singer, Performer

Billy Maloney - Actor, Performer

Ethel Newman - Comedian

Ruby Norton - Singer

Edith Page - Accompanist, Pianist

David Poole - Ventriloquist

Ada Reeve - Performer

Harrington Reynolds - Actor, Performer

Harry Rickards - Lessee, Producer

Clarence Senna - Accompanist

Louis J Seymour - Comedian

Clay Smith - Singer

Jack Thompson - Baritone

Signor Torzillo - Harpist

Lee White - Singer

Monty Wolf - Actor and Singer, Performer

Ruth Astor - Impersonator

Bill Bailey - Banjoist

Verna Bain - Dancer

Barbarina - Tight-rope Walker

Nellie Barnes - Actor

Spencer Barry - Producer

Oswald Bemand - Animal Wrangler

The Great Bertini - Violinist

Tom Blacklock - Comedian

Marcia Boulais - Singer

Anna Brady - Performer

Jack Bridges - Costume Designer

Brooklyn - Circus Style Performer

Brian Browne - Comedian

William Burr - Actor

Du Calion - Circus Style Performer

Ada Cerito - Comedian

Arthur Cornell - Comedian

Lynn Cowan - Pianist

Nell Crane - Singer

Creighton - Performer

Grace Cristie - Dancer

Zoha D'Arcy - Singer

Estelle Davis - Saxophonist

Keith Desmond - Actor

Frank Dix - Playwright

Laurie Dunn - Performer

Leslie Elliot - Pianist

Kitty Elliott - Performer

Tom Finglass - Singer

Ed Ford - Contortionist

Bert Gilbert - Comedian

Doris Gilham - Actor

Fred Halston - Performer

Gerald Harcourt - Producer, Actor

Dolly Harmer - Comedian

Bert Harrow - Actor

Dorothy Hawtree - Dancer

Anesley Hely - Performer

Kelso Henderson - Dancer

Leyland Hodgson - Singer

Daphne Hope - Actor

G. P. Huntley - Comedian

Timothy Huntley - Comedian

Mr Hymac - Performer

William Innes - Comedian

Barbara James - Xylophone

Leslie James - Performer

Ashton Jarry - Actor

Horace Jones - Actor

Audrey Knight - Actor and Singer

Herbert Lamartine - Dancer

Carrie Lanceley - Singer

Alf J. Lawrence - Pianist

Carr Lynn - Performer

Percy Mackay - Singer

Bert Maddison - Comedian

Clement May - Actor

Decima McLean - Dancer

Eddie McLean - Dancer

June Mills - Comedian

George Moon - Singer

Dot O'Farrell - Singer

Talbot O'Farrell - Actor and Singer

Tom Oliffe - Performer

Charlotte Parry - Actor

Lettie Paxton - Comedian

Oliver Peacock - Baritone

Pinto - Contortionist

Belle Pollard - Singer

Kitty Reidy - Actor

Howard Rogers - Actor

Estelle Rose - Comedian

Malcolm Scott - Comedian

Teddy Sherry - Dancer

Ella Shields - Impersonator, Singer

Florence Smithson - Comic Instrumentalist

Sam Stern - Comedian

Maurice Sterndale - Violinist

Donald Stewart - Comedian

Dorothy Summers - Performer

Vida Sutton - Vocalist

James Swift - Performer

J. Taylor - Performer

Ethel Walker - Singer

Rosa Walton - Musician

John Webster - Performer

Albert Whelan - Comedian

Walter Whyte - Singer

Charles Zoli - Comedian

Organisation Identifier 35073