Contributor Alexander C. Butler
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Gender Male
Functions Actor, Producer





A Bayne - Actor and Singer

Chas Beetham - Actor and Singer

Jennie Brenan - Ballet Master/Mistress, Choreographer

Herbert Clayton - Actor and Singer

W R Coleman - Scenic Artist

Leo Fall - Composer

Bert Gilbert - Actor and Singer

Olive Godwin - Actor and Singer

F Greenbaum - Playwright

Frank Greene - Actor and Singer

Fritz Hart - Musical Director

John Roland Hogue - Actor and Singer

Basil Hood - Adaptor

Nance Maunsell - Actor and Singer

Alice Mitchell - Actor and Singer

Augustus Neville - Actor and Singer, Stage Manager

W. S. Percy - Actor and Singer

Victor Prince - Actor and Singer

Adrian Ross - Lyricist

Lottie Sargent - Actor and Singer

Olive Sinclair - Actor and Singer

Frank Stirling - Stage Manager

George Upward - Scenic Artist

Harry Wotton - Actor and Singer

P B Bathurst - Actor and Singer

Dorothy Court - Actor and Singer

Gertie Telfer - Actor and Singer

A. M. Willner - Playwright

Chas Albert - Actor and Singer

Maurice Bertel - Cinematographer

Dorothy Brunton - Actor

George M. Cohan - Playwright

Josephine Cohan - Actor

Roland Conway - Actor

Grace Edmond - Actor and Singer

Gerald Harcourt - Actor

J. W. Hazlitt - Administrator

Ernest Higgins - Cinematographer

Tien Hogue - Actor

James Hughes - Actor

Shirley Huxley - Actor

Agnes Keogh - Actor

Mrs George Lauri - Actor

Monte Luke - Actor, Director

Maxie Macdonald - Actor and Singer

Fred Maguire - Actor

Marion Marcus Clarke - Actor

Herbert Myers - Lessee

Emily Nathan - Costume Maker

Fred Niblo - Actor

P. J. Noonan - Actor

Vera Pearce - Actor

J. Plumpton Wilson - Actor

F H Pollock - Lessee

William Richards - Set Designer

Nell Shipman - Screenwriter

Arthur Shirley - Actor

Clara Stephenson - Actor

Stanley Twist - Producer

Charles Villiers - Actor

James Cassius Williamson - Entrepreneur

A M Wilner - Playwright

J. C. Williamson and Co [with Tallis and Ramaciotti]

New Comic Opera Company

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

Australasian Films Limited

J. C. Williamson Films Limited

J. C. Williamson's New Company of Comedians

Identifier 413489