Contributor Han-ch'ing Kuan
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Other Names Guan, Hanging
Gender Male
Nationality Chinese
Date of Birth 1240
Date of Death 1320
Functions Playwright
Notes Kuan Han-ch'ing , c.1240-c.1320, Chinese playwright of the Y√ľan dynasty. He resided mainly in the capital Ta-tu (Beijing), where he acquired a reputation as a libertine. Of his 63 plays, 21 survive; six are incomplete or fragmentary. Most concern virtuous women who endure grave injustices without c


Greg Anderson - Stage Manager

Christopher Bath - Actor

Peter Bevan - Actor

Jon Cameron-Hill - Lighting Designer

Anne Clampett - Actor

Jim Cowley - Set Designer

John Crouch - Actor

Lynette Curnow - Musician

Jules Davison - Director

Julianne English - Actor

Maria Fantasia - Actor

John Gallagher - Actor, Musician

George Galloway - Actor

Julie Gardner - Assistant Stage Manager

Michael Hall - Musician

Xenia Hanusiak - Actor, Musician

Atholie Harden - Musician

Tania Hubmayer - Musician

Frances Hutton - Actor

Christine Johnson - Director

Tania Klein - Actor

Sheh Lao - Playwright

Annabel Lloyd - Musician

Colin Mann - Stage Manager

Lucy Marchant - Assistant Stage Manager

Marilyn Newman - Actor

David Rechter - Actor

Simon Robb - Actor

Meredith Robbins - Actor

Paul Streefkerk - Actor

Stephen Summers - Actor

Jim Vile - Producer

Helen Williams - Musician

University of Adelaide Drama Students

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