Contributor Miki Caspers
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Gender Female
Functions Costume Designer


Costume Co-ordinator

Costume Designer

Frank Caspers - Set Designer, Actor

Maria Coffey - Continuity, Actor

Laurence Crooks - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Marie Hazelwood - Costume Maker, Actor

Wyn O'Shea - Front of House, Actor

John Anderson - Stage Manager

David Ashton - Actor

Colin Ballantyne - Playwright

Stephen Bartholomew - Actor

Lola Blachowicz - Actor

Bob Boxall - Lighting Operator

Philip Cam - Actor

Martin Christmas - Publicist

David Crosby - Lighting Designer

Phyllis Diprose - Assistant Stage Manager

Graham Duckett - Set and/or Property Maker

Jann Duval - Lighting Operator

Vincent Eustace - Stage Manager

Margaret Glastonbury - Various

Trevor Gregory - Stage Manager

Geoffrey Hall - Actor

John Hardy - Actor

Bob Harrison - Actor

Dick Hilton - Set and/or Property Maker

Yvonne Howell - Choreographer

Christine Hyde - Assistant Stage Manager

David Hyde - Set and/or Property Maker

Jim Hyde - Assistant Director

Jenni James - Set Designer

Stojan Jurisevic - Actor

Bruce King - Actor

Mary Laught - Costume Maker

Bruce Lawson - Various

Frances Leahy - Properties Master

Jonathan Leigh - Actor

Dennis MacKay - Set and/or Property Maker

Jean Marshall - Director

Roger Marshman - Sound Operator/Engineer

Jo Mason - Assistant Stage Manager

Stephen Matthew - Actor

Geraldine Moore - Sound Designer

Stephen Nolan - Actor

Pam O'Grady - Choreographer

David Pascoe - Stage Director

Malcolm Pascoe - Musical Director

Graham Purcell - Director

Leah Purcell - Stage Manager

John Raimondo - Front of House

Frank Richards - Set and/or Property Maker

Kim Ricketts - Actor

Pamela Ridge - Actor

Dean Roberts - Front of House

Des Rutherford - Sound Operator/Engineer

Peter Shaffer - Playwright

Loriel Smart - Actor

Christa Szabo - Properties Master

John Tee - Sound Operator/Engineer

Paul van Ruth - Set and/or Property Maker

Rosemary Verrall - Actor

Peter Wilkins - Director

Ruth Yeatman - Lighting Operator

Adelaide Theatre Group

Adelaide Fringe Festival

The Therry Dramatic Society Inc.

Identifier 436534