Contributor Dan Cusack
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Gender Male
Functions Comedian
Notes Billed as an Irish comedian, but it's not clear whether this referred to his nationality or to stock Irish comedy.






W. B. Warner - Lessee, Actor, Comedian, Playwright, Minstrel, Singer, Impersonator

Bob Bell - Minstrel, Impersonator, Actor, Comedian, Comic Singer

Clarence Lyndon - Actor, Singer, Minstrel, Acrobat, Dancer

Miss Ivy Dale - Singer, Actor

Professor William Stewart - Ventriloquist, Minstrel, Comic Singer

Daisy Chard - Minstrel, Singer, Actor, Unknown

Mr Ted Herbert - Actor, Singer

Mr Denis Carney - Impersonator, Comedian

Joe Cowan - Comedian, Impersonator

Millie Herberte - Minstrel, Actor, Singer

Miss Ada Mavin - Comic Singer, Minstrel, Actor, Singer

General Mite - Minstrel, Comedian

Minnie Anderson - Singer, Dancer

Horace Lingard - Singer

Madame Lucifer - Dancer, Acrobat

William Lucifer - Strongman, Weight Lifter, Athlete

Miss Moran - Singer

Professor Seguy - Athlete

Lily Anderson - Dancer

M Ashton - Performer

Mr Frank Cahill - Minstrel

Stanley Caris - Athlete

Julia Cleveland - Singer

Elsie Coghill - Performer

Olive Cole - Performer

Miss Dixon - Performer

R. Flanders - Performer

Teresa Garrick - Performer

Mrs N. Greenwood - Soprano

L Hamburger - Performer

M Hamburger - Performer

C. Harken - Performer

Ettie Harken - Performer

Nellie Harken - Performer

A. Hawkins - Performer

Amy Johns - Singer

Miss Emily Lucifer - High-kicking Dancer, Contortionist

W.O. Mason - Producer

Mr McKnight - Performer

Daphne O'Hara - Performer

Tom Queen - Dancer

Florrie Richards - Performer

Emmie Smith - Singer

Mr W. H. Speed - Performer

Alice St John - Singer

Julia Thorpe - Performer

Mr Turner - Performer

Mrs Turner - Performer

M. Waugh - Performer

James Wilkinson - Comic Singer

New Tivoli Company

Hindoo Jugglers

The Lucifers

The Banvards

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