Organisation New Tivoli Company
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Other Names
Mr W. B. Warner's New Tivoli Company
Address Bayley Street
Coolgardie WA 6429
Functions Production Company
Notes Promoter Mr W. B. Warner; established April 1897.

Hindoo Jugglers

The Banvards

McKay and Company

The Anderson Sisters

The Lucifers

Tivoli Theatre, Coolgardie, WA

W. B. Warner - Actor, Comedian, Lessee, Playwright, Singer, Impersonator, Minstrel

Dan Cusack - Impersonator, Comedian, Minstrel, Actor

Bob Bell - Impersonator, Comic Singer, Comedian, Minstrel, Actor

Clarence Lyndon - Minstrel, Actor, Dancer, Acrobat, Singer

Joe Cowan - Impersonator, Comedian, Actor, Minstrel

Miss Ivy Dale - Actor, Singer

Mr Denis Carney - Comedian, Minstrel

Daisy Chard - Singer, Unknown, Minstrel, Actor

Mr Ted Herbert - Actor, Singer

Millie Herberte - Singer, Minstrel, Actor

Miss Moran - Singer, Actor

Professor William Stewart - Minstrel, Ventriloquist, Comic Singer

Miss Ada Mavin - Comic Singer, Singer, Minstrel, Actor

Lily Anderson - Dancer, Singer

Minnie Anderson - Singer, Dancer

Mr Frank Cahill - Singer, Minstrel, Actor

General Mite - Comedian, Minstrel

Miss A. E. Monk - Singer, Actor

Stanley Caris - Athlete

Julia Cleveland - Actor, Singer

Horace Lingard - Singer

Madame Lucifer - Acrobat

William Lucifer - Actor, Athlete

Emmie Smith - Actor, Singer

Edward Banvard - Actor

Master William Banvard - Actor

Wallace Brownlow - Singer

Mr J. Cossen - Actor, Singer

Miss Hilda Harman - Actor

Mr J S Lean - Actor

Nellie Marshall - Actor

Tom Queen - Dancer

F. Rollins - Minstrel

Professor Seguy - Athlete

James Wilkinson - Reciter

Mr J. F. Williams - Actor

Organisation Identifier 34717