Event "Adeste Fideles", a Nativity Play
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Venue Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA
First Date 11 December 1934
Last Date 12 December 1934
Dates Estimated No
Status Amateur
World Premiere No
Description Heather Gell's eurythmics students in an original production by Heather Gell. The performance is an attempt (says Gell) to prove the importance of rhythm in drama.
Description Source Programme
Primary Genre Other
Secondary Genre Movement-based Theatre
Name Function Notes
Johann Sebastian Bach Composer
Marjorie Bonnin Composer Pianist
Arcangelo Corelli Composer
François Couperin Composer
Patricia Davis Composer
Gustav Holst Composer
Edward MacDowell Composer
Jean Sibelius Composer
Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky Composer
Ralph Vaughan Williams Composer
Chas Baggott Musician
Hilda Gill Musician
Harold S Parsons Musician
Hore-Ruthven Patron
Joan Andrew Performer
Lorraine Angus Performer
Betty Baggott Performer
A Baker Performer
Marie Balfour Performer
Vina Barton Performer
Hilda Benjamin Performer
J Benson Performer
Berenice Betts Performer
Barbara Birch Performer
Nancy Burgess Performer
S Butterworth Performer
Jane Catt Performer
S Chaplin Performer
Joan Charlick Performer
Lorna Chesterman Performer
Lesley Cox Performer
Betty Davis Performer
Cecily Deering Performer
L Dunn Performer
B Emmott Performer
L Ferris Performer
Winifred Fisher Performer
Ruth Gell Performer
R Gellert Performer
M Gibbons Performer
J Goode Performer
Margaret Guiver Performer
Ann Gunson Performer
M Hack Performer
Patty Hall Performer
Anne Haslam Performer
M Honey Performer
Jeanne Illingworth Performer
A Kentish Performer
Joan Kinmont Performer
Patricia Laffer Performer
L Longbottom Performer
Edna Mason Performer
Elizabeth McLeay Performer
Eunice Michell Performer
Joan Monfries Performer
Peggy Monfries Performer
Joyce Murley Performer
Jane Newling Performer
Mollie Nicholls Performer
R Pappin Performer
Audrey Parsons Performer
Helen Parsons Performer
Mabel Parsons Performer
Beryl Pennington Performer
Margaret Richardson Performer
Ruth Sanderson Performer
Joan Scott Performer
Mary Scott Performer
J Sells Performer
Peggy Shaw Performer
Joyce Sherwin Performer
Robin Sherwin Performer
W Simmons Performer
Phyllis Simpson Performer
Eleanor Skipper Performer
Indy Spafford Performer
Joan Stanley Performer
Ada Stephens Performer
Shirley Stevens Performer
A Stewart Performer
L Stone Performer
Rona Stuckey Performer
Jean Sutherland Performer
J Taylor Performer
C Temby Performer
K Thomas Performer
Pat Underwood Performer
Glen Wallman Performer
Margaret Walsh Performer
Peggy Wheeldon Performer
Lucy Willoughby Performer
Heather Gell Producer Director
Harry Marceau Stage Director
Ray Walsh Stage Manager
Production Nationality Australia
Further Information Performed for charity
Data Source
Source Description
Programme Barr Smith Special Collections
Event Identifier 132436