Venue Theatre Royal
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Address Hindley Street
Adelaide SA 5000
First Date 13 April 1868
Last Date 1962
Notes Opened 13 April 1868, seating 894. Enlarged to seat 3000 and reopened 25 March 1878. Remodelled and reopened 11 April 1914. Demolished 1962.
Latitude | Longitude -34.922844 | 138.598413

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company

Royal Comic Opera Company

R. D'Oyly Carte

Education in Music and Dramatic Arts Society

Lyster and Cagli's Royal Italian Opera Company

Borovansky Ballet Company

Simonsen's Grand Italian Opera Company

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

Lyster's Royal Italian and English Opera Company

Williamson and Musgrove

Lazar's Royal Italian Opera Company

South Australian Symphony Orchestra

Williamson-Melba Opera Company

Colonel W. de Basil's Monte Carlo Russian Ballet

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

J. C. Williamson [sole entrepreneur]

Cagli and Pompei's Royal Italian Opera Company

Royal English Opera Company

J. C. Williamson Theatres (1939-1943)

The Elizabethan Trust Opera Company

Simonsen's Royal English and Italian Opera Company

Colonel W. de Basil's Ballet Company

J. C. Williamson and Co [with Tallis and Ramaciotti]

Williamson, Garner and Musgrove

Ben and John Fuller Limited

Australian and New Zealand Theatres Limited

Lyster's Royal English Opera and Bouffe Company

Lyster's Royal English Opera Company

Gonsalez Italian Grand Opera Company

George Musgrove [sole entrepreneur]

London Comique Opera Company

Old Vic Trust Limited

Royal Italian Opera Company (Cagli and Paoli)

The Arts Council of Great Britain

The Old Vic Company

Ballet Rambert

Covent Garden Russian Ballet

George Musgrove's Grand Opera Company

J. C. Williamson Modes

John Alden Company

The National Theatre Movement of Australia

Tivoli Lovelies

Williamson, Garner and Co.

D. D. O'Connor Pty Ltd

George Musgrove's Royal Grand Opera Company

J. C. Williamson's Gilbert & Sullivan Repertoire Company

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

Aztec Services Pty Ltd

Borovansky Ballet Orchestra

Bracy's Opera Company

J. C. Williamson's New English Musical Comedy Company

J. C. Williamson's Opera Company

Majeroni and Wilson's Comic Opera Company

South Australian National Theatre Movement Ltd

The British Council

The Shakespeare Memorial Theatre Company

William Anderson's New Dramatic Organisation

Wilson Barrett and His London Company

Allan Hamilton Max Maxwell Dramatic Company

Celebrity Circuit Pty Ltd

Edgley and Dawe Attractions Pty Ltd

J. C. Williamson Shakespeare Company

Luisillo and his Spanish Dance Theatre

Solomon and Bracy's English and Comic Opera Company

South Australian Operatic Society Inc

The Garnet H. Carroll Management

The Tivoli Models

Adelaide Musical Comedy Company

Albert Fairbairn's Operatic Society

Australian Broadcasting Commission

Dion Boucicault's London Company

Dunning's London Comic Opera Company

E. J. Carroll

Elder Conservatorium Opera Group

J. C. Williamson's New English Dramatic Company

Mr Leumane's English Opera Company

Original Ballet Russe Ltd.

R. J. Kerridge

The Adelaide Musical Comedy Company

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of South Australia

Theatre Royal Orchestra

Tivoli Ballet

Whitehall Productions

Willoughby and Ward New London Comedy Company

Adelaide Harmonie Society

Adelaide Operatic Society

Adelaide University Footlights Club

Allan Wilkie Shakespearean Company

Australian Ballet Foundation

Billie Bourke

Bland Holt

Bland Holt's Popular Dramatic Organisation

Charles Arnold's English Comedy Company

David N. Martin Pty Ltd

Elder Conservatorium Opera Orchestra

George Edwarde's Company

George Marlow Dramatic Company

Heather Gell Productions

James Allison [sole lessee]

Kirsova Ballet

Leningrad Maly Theatre Ballet Company

Les Nus

Lowe and Ladd

Lyster and Garner's London Comedy Company

Messrs Devine and King

Pollard's Lilliputian Opera Company

The Arts Council of Australia

The Australian Drama Company

The Bolshoi Ballet

The Continentals

The New English Comedy Company

The Operatic Chorus and Orchestra

The Show Girls

The State Grand Opera Company

The Tivolovlies

Tivoli Celebrity Singers

Tivoli Orchestra

Tivoli Showgirls

Adelaide Glee Club

Adelaide Harmonie Society Orchestra

Adelaide Liedertafel

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Alfred Dampier Company

Astley and Jenny

Audrey Parsons Dancing School

Australian Pacific Agencies

B J Simmons & Co Ltd

Ballet Cavalcade

Beaumont Read Vocal Quartet

Bert Bailey's New Dramatic Organisation

Bert Duke Duo

Bert Duke Trio

Bodenwieser Troupe

Bouna Continental Contortionist

Brough-Flemming Comedy Company

Buck and Chic

Buckley and Nunn Ltd

Burley and Co

Can-Can Girls

Carroll-Fuller Theatres Company Pty. Ltd.

Carsony Brothers

Charles Holloway's Dramatic Company


Choir of St Peter's Cathedral

Clark Bros

Company of Metropolitan Artists

Crocker and Clark

Dancing Dandies

David Jones Ltd.

Debonaire Dandies

Dumarte and Denzer

Duo Sylvanos

E. B. Limited

E. J. and Dan Carroll

Elder Conservatorium Opera Class

Elder Conservatorium Student Orchestra

Ernesto and Joanne

Eugene's Flying Ballet

Fabulous Rudas Dancers

Farmer's Ltd.

Feuer and Martin

Four Clefs

Ganjou Brothers

Garnet H. Carroll

George Carden's Tivoli Ballet

George Musgrove's London Opera Comique Company

Goodwood Scotch Choir



H. M. Tennent Ltd.

Halama and Konarski

Harry Wren

Hearty Lovelies

Herman Levin

Herr Heinicke's Grand Orchestra

Hugh J. Ward Theatres Pty Ltd

Ice Belles

Ice Caprices



J. and N. Tait

J. C. Williamson's Musical Comedy Company

J. C. Williamson's New Comedy Company

Jeannie Brennan School of Dancing

Jim Gerald and Co

Julius Knight / Irene Browne Company

Kawashima Dancers

Krista and Kristel

Les Danseuses

Les Existentialists

Les Folies Bergere

Les Garcons

Les Modeles


Locomotive Band

Los Briellos

Lyndhurst School

Madame Babicheva Ballet School

Maison Weldy

Mark Foy's Ltd

Medlock and Marlowe

Messrs Drew and Alders

Messrs Morris Angel and Co

Messrs Rhodesian Manufacturing Company

Moffatt Company of Scottish Players

Montego and Partner

Moscow State Puppet Theatre

Mr George Musgrove's English Shakespearean Company

Mr Harry Rickards Company of Tivoli Stars

Mrs. Lesley Bowman's School of Dance

Nancy de Paull's Young Lady Acrobats

Norma Miller Dancers

Novelty Theatre

Old Vic Ensemble

Pan Yue Jen

Peter Scriven Marionettes

Pollock and Myers

Presbyterian Girls' College

Renee Kelly Company


Rey Overbury and Suzette

Ricmand Duo

Roche and Roche

Romaine and Claire

Royal Ballerinas

Rudas Organisation

S.A. Comic Opera Company

Shirley, Sharon & Wanda

Shishtl's Wondrettes

Six Danwells

South Australian Ballet Club

Southern Cross Feature Film Company

Starry Nights Dancers

Starry Nights Rhumba Band

Terry Wilkinson & His All Stars

The Aerial Bartletts

The Albins

The Alfreros

The Andrea Dancers

The Arts Council of Australia (South Australian Division)

The Australian Opera Company

The Big Four

The Bolshoi Theatre Music Ensemble

The Clark Brothers

The Dancing Debutantes

The Dancing Knights

The Dancing Men

The Don Cossacks Chorus

The Duo Perrards

The Eight In Harmony

The Elizabethan Trust Drama Company

The Elwardos

The Flat Tops

The Flying de Pauls

The Flying Kelroys

The Garden Dancers

The Gay Dogs

The Glamour Birds

The Glamourettes

The Hartnells

The Hawtrey Comedy Company

The Honorary Pipers

The Ice Parade Symphony Orchestra

The Juvelys

The Kempinskis

The Kiwis Revue Company

The Lampinos

The Lane Brothers

The Leningrad Conservatorium and Variety Theatre

The Liveseys

The London Company (International Plays) Limited

The Maxwells

The Mistin Juniors

The Models

The Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra

The Moscow Stanislavsky Theatre Opera Company

The Moscow State Variety Theatre Company

The Moscow Variety and State Circus

The Moscow Variety Theatre

The Munro Brothers

The Myrons

The National Theatre Ballet Company

The National Theatre Opera Company

The Nicoli Bros.

The Novosibrsk State Theatre

The Nudie Cuties

The Repertory Players

The Rivieras

The Royal Ballet

The Skating Merenos

The Stacey Comedy Company

The Starr Sisters

The Sundowners

The Tashkent State Ballet

The Tbilsky State Opera

The Tintookies

The Trapinos

The Ural Choir Dance Group

The Uzbec Philharmonic Orchestra

The Victorian Symphony Orchestra

The Wheeling Brittons

Theatre Royal Trio

Theatre Royal, Adelaide

Tivoli Adorables

Tivoli Toppers

Toho Company Ltd

Tomsk State Circus and Philharmonic Group

Tout Ensemble

Trio Daresco

Trio Fayes

Trio Gypsy

Trio of Bandour Players and Singers

Ursula and Gus

W. R. Cade's Grand Symphony Orchestra

West & Son

William Anderson's Comic Opera Company

Williams and Shand

Winnetou and his White Squaw

William Schwenck Gilbert - Author, Composer, Librettist, Lyricist

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer

Minnie Everett - Actor, Actor and Singer, Choreographer, Director, Producer

Alberto Zelman - Conductor

G A Johnson - Actor, Actor and Singer

Howard Vernon - Actor, Actor and Singer

Leandro Coy - Actor

Gustav Slapoffski - Conductor, Musical Director

Armes Beaumont - Actor

J Alan Kenyon - Designer, Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Henry Beaumont - Producer

Filippo Coliva - Actor

Tamburini Coy - Actor

Ferante Rosnati - Actor

Henry Bracy - Actor, Actor and Singer, Director, General Manager, Musical Director, Producer, Stage Director

Giuseppe Verdi - Composer

Leon Caron - Conductor, Musical Director

Nevin Tait - Administrator, Director, Entrepreneur

Mikhail Fokine - Choreographer, Cinematographer, Dancer, Set and/or Property Maker, Writer

Pietro Favas - Actor

Cecil Newman - Designer, Scenic Artist, Set Designer, Special Effects

E A Lambert - Actor

William Rosevear - Actor, Actor and Singer

C H Templeton - Actor

George Lauri - Actor, Actor and Singer

Dick Shortland - Actor, Actor and Singer, Stage Manager

Fred England - Actor, Actor and Singer

John Ralston - Actor, Actor and Singer

Frank Tait - Administrator, Director, Entrepreneur

Fanny Simonsen - Actor, Producer

Martin Simonsen - Conductor, Producer

George Upward - Scenic Artist, Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer

Nina Osborne - Actor, Actor and Singer

J. H. Fox - Actor

Stannis Leslie - Actor, Actor and Singer

Arthur Lissant - Actor, Actor and Singer

Bessie Royal - Actor

Luigi Tournerie - Actor

Charles Walenn - Actor, Actor and Singer

Florence Young - Actor, Actor and Singer

Bernard Manning - Actor, Actor and Singer

Pietro Paladini - Actor

John Tait - Administrator, Entrepreneur

James Cassius Williamson - Actor, Director, Entrepreneur, Lessee, Producer

Francesco Benso - Actor

W R Coleman - Designer, Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Enrico Dondi - Actor

Ivan Menzies - Actor, Actor and Singer

Francesco Tournerie - Actor

Margherita Zenoni - Actor

Marius Petipa - Choreographer

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky - Composer

Leo Packer - Actor, Conductor, Musical Director

Gaetano Donizetti - Composer

John Forde - Actor, Actor and Singer

May Pollard - Actor, Actor and Singer

W Coleman - Designer, Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Evelyn Gardiner - Actor, Actor and Singer

Patti Russell - Actor, Actor and Singer

Serge Bousloff - Dancer

Signor Verdi - Actor

William Akers - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Director, Stage Manager

Edouard Borovansky - Artistic Director, Assistant Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Director, Production Supervisor

Lucy Cobb - Actor, Actor and Singer

J S Rendall - Administrator

Sydney Deane - Actor, Actor and Singer

Mr. Skeats - Actor

Giovanna Cavalleri - Actor

Strella Wilson - Actor, Actor and Singer

G. B. Allen - Conductor

Paolo Giorza - Conductor

Alice May - Actor

Charles Mettam - Actor, Actor and Singer

Edward (Ted) Tait - Administrator, General Manager

Margherita Venosta - Actor

William Constable - Costume Designer, Designer, Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Flora Graupner - Actor, Actor and Singer

Gioacchino Rossini - Composer

P B Bathurst - Actor

James Hay - Actor, Actor and Singer, Producer

George Musgrove - Actor, Administrator, Director, Entrepreneur, Lessee, Producer

Emily Nathan - Costume Designer, Costume Maker

Harcourt Algeranoff - Ballet Master/Mistress, Choreographer, Dancer

Wallace Brownlow - Actor, Actor and Singer

Rose Hersee - Actor

Arthur Howell - Actor, Producer

Harcourt Lee - Choir Master/Mistress, Conductor

Clarence M. Leumane - Actor, Producer

Gladys Moncrieff - Actor, Actor and Singer, Performer, Singer

Prince A Schervachidze - Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Gregory Stroud - Actor, Actor and Singer

Fred. Wentworth - Actor

Frederic Chopin - Composer

Leo Darnton - Actor, Actor and Singer

Leonide Massine - Adaptor, Choreographer

Marietta Nash - Actor

Bruno Nofri - Producer, Stage Director

William Perryman - Actor, Actor and Singer

Joan Potter - Dancer

Tamara Tchinarova - Dancer

Augusta Baldassare - Actor

Signor Baldassare - Actor

Vincenzo Bellini - Composer

Mrs. H. Bracy - Actor

Eduardo Cameron - Actor

Maria Caranti-Vita - Actor

Gaetano Cesari - Actor

Angelo Cisello - Actor

Carlotta De Baraty - Actor

Maria De Rosni - Actor

Cristoforo Fabris - Actor

Eleanora Fabris - Actor

Signor Fiorani - Actor

Giovanni Gambetti - Actor

Kathleen Gorham - Dancer

Augusta Guadagnini - Actor

Chester Harris - Actor, Actor and Singer, Chorus

Kurt Herweg - Composer, Conductor, Musical Director, Pianist

Mr Samuel Lazar - Director

George Leopold - Actor, Conductor, Producer

Almacinzia Magi - Actor

Carlo Orlandini - Actor

Maria Palmieri - Actor

H. Perryman - Designer

Alice Persiani - Actor

Alfredo Powell - Actor

Giacomo Puccini - Comedian, Composer

Signor Rivolta - Designer

Thadee Slavinsky - Dancer

Arturo Stefani - Actor

Signor Tavella - Actor

Augusto Tessada - Actor

Margherita Zenoni-Gamboa - Actor

Dion Boucicault Jnr - Actor, Administrator, Director, Musical Director, Producer

Mabel Gibson - Actor, Actor and Singer

David Lichine - Choreographer, Dancer

Ron Paul - Dancer

Vassilie Trunoff - Choreographer, Dancer

Frank Wilson - Actor

Riva - Actor

A. Balboni - Actor

Michael William Balfe - Composer

Leslie Board - Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Lucy Chambers - Actor

Ercole Filippini - Actor

Stefan Haag - Actor, Actor and Singer, Director, Producer, Production Supervisor , Translator

Annie Kinnaird - Actor, Actor and Singer

Vittorio Lois - Actor

Tom Minogue - Actor, Actor and Singer

Jacques Offenbach - Composer

Gordon Ramsay - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

William Rees - Actor, Assistant Director, Assistant Producer, Director, Producer

Dudley Simpson - Assistant Conductor, Conductor, Musical Director