Organisation Martinetti and Grossi
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Address [Unknown] Australia
First Date 1906
Notes Surprise novelty act

Barnard's Marionettes

Barnard's Piccaninny Mannequins

Dancing Gilberts

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Lotto, Lilo & Otto

Miles-Stavordale Quintette

Rochfort and Hart

The Three Lees

Tivoli Orchestra

Tivoli Theatre (1893-1929), Sydney, NSW

Harry Barrington - Stage Manager

Leon Caron - Singer

Ada Cerito - Comic Singer

Alfred Clint - Set Designer

Lily Cole - Comic Singer

Bert Danson - Comic Singer

Fred Hall - Composer

Mrs Huxham - Costume Designer

Harry V Ingham - Musical Director

Joseph Larkin - Administrator

Mademoiselle Nada Moret - Storyteller

Harry Rickards - Producer

Little Baby Watson - Singer

Organisation Identifier 40096