Venue Tivoli Theatre (1893-1929)
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Other Names Garrick Theatre (1890-1893)
Tivoli Theatre (1893-1929)
Harry Rickards's Tivoli Theatre (1893-1929)
Address 79-83 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Notes Opened 22 December 1890 as Garrick Theatre. Renamed Tivoli Theatre 18 February 1893. Destroyed by fire in 1899. Rebuilt and opened 12 April 1899. Closed as a live venue in 1928. It became the Embassy Cinema. Close 1977. Demolished in mid-1980s.
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Harry Rickards - Producer, Entrepreneur, Presenter, Director, Actor and Singer, Singer, Lessee, Musical Arranger

Will Quintrell - Conductor, Musical Director, Movement Director

Harry Barrington - Stage Manager

Alfred Clint - Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Katie Rickards - Costume Designer, Costume Co-ordinator, Composer

John Leete - Business Manager, General Manager

Paul Terry - Cartoonist, Filmmaker

Harry V Ingham - Musical Director, Composer

Hugh D. McIntosh - Presenter, Entrepreneur, Director

Owen Conduit - Conductor, Musical Director, Musical Arranger

J. Grant - Stage Manager

Fred Hall - Composer

Fanny Powers - Performer, Singer, Comic Singer

Howard Chambers - Comic Singer, Singer

Nita Clarke - Singer, Actor and Singer, Actor

George Gee - Actor, Comedian, Performer, Comic Singer

Irving Sayles - Singer, Vocalist, Tambo, Comic Singer

Fred Bluett - Comedian, Performer

Minnie Hooper - Choreographer

Harry George Musgrove - General Director

Florrie Ranger - Singer, Comic Singer, Comic, Performer, Dancer

George Bentley - Comedian, Actor and Singer, Performer

Charles Cogill - Tambo, Music and Lyrics, Comic Singer, Comic Instrumentalist, Actor and Singer, Comedian

Georgie Devoe - Comedian, Comic Singer, Singer

Maud Faning - Impersonator, Singer

George Hackenschmidt - Wrestler

Mrs Huxham - Costume Designer

Wallace King - Singer, Actor and Singer

J S Rendall - Business Manager, Administrator

Chas Walker - Soprano, Comic Singer, Tambo

Arthur Wimperis - Book and Lyrics, Playwright

Harry Carleton - Percussionist, Actor and Singer, Performer

Tom Dawson - Dancer, Actor, Comedian

Chas Faning - Comic Singer, Performer

Maggie Foster - Violinist, Musician

Robert Greig - Producer

Joseph Larkin - Administrator

Edward Maas - Administrator

Maurice Nodin - Stage Manager, Actor and Singer

Stella Ranger - Singer, Actor and Singer, Comic Singer

Alfred Tremain - Musical Director

Little Baby Watson - Singer, Actor and Singer

Harry Whaite - Scenic Artist

Miss Jessie Williams - Actor and Singer, Performer, Dancer

Nellie Wilson - Impersonator, Actor and Singer, Singer

Reginald Wykeham - Producer, General Manager, Actor

Frank Yorke - Comic Singer, Tambo, Singer, Actor and Singer

Little Cliff - Comedian

Lotty - Performer

Madame Cordelia - Comic Singer, Singer

Verna Bain - Dancer

Albert Bellman - Actor

George Carney - Comedian

Ada Cerito - Comic Singer, Comedian

Lizzie Collins - Comedian, Performer

Robert Courtneidge - Actor-manager

Ruth Davis - Dancer, Performer, Singer

Arthur Elliott - Actor and Singer, Comic Singer

Alice Fane - Performer

Charles Faning - Musician, Percussionist

Herman Finck - Composer

Gus Franks - Comic Singer, Tambo

Neva Glynn - Contralto, Singer

Frank Gresham - Choreographer

John Kearns - Musician

Victor Kelly - Acrobat, Singer, Comedian

Sam La Mert - Comic Instrumentalist, Comic Singer

Hilda Lane - Singer, Soprano

Eva Lee - Comic Singer, Actor and Singer

Olive Lenton - Performer, Actor, Singer

Lilieth Leyton - Comedian

Ida May - Singer, Comic Singer

Billie McClain - Percussionist, Comic Instrumentalist, Comic Singer

Lottie Moore - Actor

James Opie - Singer

Max Pemberton - Book and Lyrics

Peggy Pryde - Comedian

Ada Reeve - Performer

Billy Rego - Acrobat, Actor and Singer, Actor

Thomas Reid - Mechanist

Roy Rene - Comedian

Ida Roslyn - Comic Singer, Singer

Fifi Russell - Model, Actor and Singer

Clay Smith - Singer

Ernest Sullivan - Singer, Comic Singer

Ted Sutton - Actor and Singer, Tambo

Howard Talbot - Composer

Lee White - Performer, Singer

Stephen Wigg - Set Designer, Mechanist

J. W. Winton - Ventriloquist, Ventriloquist Doll

Audrey Worth - Actor and Singer

Ethel Yorke - Singer, Dancer, Comic Singer

Lulu Zesch - Singer, Soprano

Cleopatra - Animal Wrangler

Francois - Performer, Comedian

Little Tich - Comedian

Marian Ainsworth - Dancer

Billy Akarman - MC, Stage Manager

Arthur Albert - Performer

Arthur Aldridge - Actor and Singer, Actor

Billy Barlow - Actor, Performer

Jean Barrios - Performer

Bluett - Comedian

Celina Bobe - Violinist

Bert Bradley - Singer, Actor and Singer

Phillip Braham - Composer, Choreographer

Ernest Brinkmann - Actor and Singer, Performer

Brinn - Juggler

Elsa Brull - Comedian

Marie Burke - Comic Instrumentalist

Jack Cannot - Comic Singer, Comedian

Cardini - Illusionist

Howard Carr - Composer

Jack Carroll - Set Designer

Meta Carson - Comedian

Cora Caselli - Singer

D. H. Caston - Performer, Comic Singer

André Charlot - Associate Producer, Producer

Alf Chester - Comedian, Actor

Coram - Ventriloquist

Jack Corcoran - Performer

Rae Cowan - Actor and Singer, Singer

George D'Albert - Comedian

Olive D'Elroy - Singer, Dancer

Eugene Damond - Violinist

Leo Darnton - Singer

Estelle Davis - Singer

Lalla De Baere - Model

Harry Diver - Director, Performer

Van Dock - Cartoonist

Peter Donald - Comedian

Fred Duncan - Stage Manager

Arthur Farley - Bass Baritone, Performer

Nell Fleming - Actor and Singer

Edward Ford - Performer

Maggie Fraser - Singer, Actor

Hilda Glyder - Comic Singer

Eric Godley - Baritone

Victor Gouriet - Actor and Singer

Joseph Graham - Actor

Leslie Graham - Actor

Eve Gray - Model

Percy Greenbank - Lyricist

Harko - Cartoonist

Frank Harvey - Actor and Singer

Milford Haven - Comic Singer, Singer

Edie Haytor - Performer

Agnes Hazel - Comedian

Arthur Hemsley - Comedian

S. Holdsworth - Singer

Austen Hurgon - Writer

Claire Huxtable - Model

H V Ingham - Composer

Barbara James - Xylophone

Ruby Jones - Dancer, Singer

Baby Keir - Actor

Jean Keith - Dancer, Performer

Con Kenna - Performer

Nellie Kilburn - Comedian, Actor

Liz Kirk - Comedian, Comic Singer

Arthur Klein - Composer

Marie La Varre - Actor and Singer, Performer

La Ventura - Performer

Alf Lawton - Actor, Tambo

Nita Leete - Actor and Singer, Singer

Frank Leon - Dancer

Leslie Lester - Actor

William Liddle - Performer

Madame Lloyd - Costume Designer, Costume Maker

Mrs D Lloyd - Costume Maker

Minnie Love - Actor and Singer

Pearl Lovell - Comedian, Singer

Mabel Lynne - Dancer

Steff Macdonald - Actor and Singer

Ahmed Madrali - Wrestler

Billy Maloney - Actor, Performer

Albert McKisson - Singer

Fred Millis - Ventriloquist

George Moon - Singer, Performer

Roy Murphy - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Ernest Oram - Musical Director, Conductor

Vera Pearce - Choreographer, Dancer

R Penso - Composer

Kitty Reidy - Actor and Singer

Harrington Reynolds - Performer, Actor

Dusty Rhodes - Singer

Carl Riedle - Composer

Marie Rignold - Actor

Alf. Rockley - Tambo

Wall Rockley - Performer, Musician

Bernard Rolt - Composer

Della Ross - Dancer

Harry Sadler - Performer

Ivy Scott - Actor and Singer, Comedian

Joe Sheftell - Producer

James Shields - Dancer

A. G. Spry - Comedian

Victor Stevens - Scriptwriter

Hugh Steyne - Performer, Actor and Singer

Vida Sutton - Vocalist, Singer

Margaret Swallow - Actor

Jack Thompson - Baritone

Frank Travis - Ventriloquist

George Tully - Actor

Val Vousden - Impersonator, Performer

Rosa Walton - Musician, Pianist

Ronald Ward - Actor

Les Warton - Race Cross-dresser, Actor and Singer

Walter Weems - Comedian

Harry Weldon - Comedian

John Western - Performer

Horace Wheatley - Comedian

Albert Whelan - Comedian

Jessie Williams - Singer

Tom Woottwell - Comedian

S.W. Wyndham - Comic Singer

Madame Yasiho - Soprano

Beatrice - Saxophonist

Historicus - Performer

Jackie - Animal Performer

Jalvan - Juggler

Little Dido - Actor

Mddle. Nadje - Performer

Mdlle. Fatima - Dancer

Nadine - Actor and Singer

Sam, the Saxaphone Man - Saxophonist

Emanuel Aarons - Composer

Abbott - Performer

Francie Adler - Singer

Steve Adson - Singer

James Agustin - Circus Style Performer

Pearl Akarman - Dancer

Geo. B Alexander - Comic

James Allison - Dancer

Lucy Allison - Dancer

Professor Almond - Dancer

Lily Anderson - Dancer

Lizzie Anderson - Club Swinger

Minnie Anderson - Dancer

Mark Anthony - Storyteller

Arthur Argent - Baritone

Joe Aronson - Musician

Albert Athas - Performer

Tonis Atkins - Musical Arranger

Harry Atkinson - Actor

Jas. C. Bain - Animal and Bird Imitator

Doris Baker - Singer

Madame Ada Baker - Singer

Nellie Barnes - Actor

Spencer Barry - Producer

Jack Barty - Comedian

Maud Beatty - Singer

Harry Bedford - Actor

Bob Bell - Comedian

Oswald Bemand - Animal Wrangler

Flo Benson - Comic Singer

Jennie Benson - Comedian

Lillie Bentley - Dancer

Beryl Beresford - Comic Singer

Mr T Bergin - Performer

Betty Blackburn - Comic Singer

Tom Blacklock - Comedian

Beattie Blake - Singer

Edith Blande - Actor

Marcia Boulais - Singer

Charles Bovis - Singer

William Bovis - Dancer

Jack Bridges - Costume Designer

George Brooke - Tenor

Brooklyn - Circus Style Performer

J. B. Brown - Singer

Charles Brown-Parker - Circus Style Performer

Brian Browne - Comedian

Tom Browne - Comic

Gus Bruno - Comic Singer

John Buckstone - Scriptwriter

Gwen Burroughs - Actor and Singer

H Burton - Musical Director

Harry Burton - Musical Director

Henrietta Byron - Singer

Rose Cabani - Comedian

Edward Cahill - Pianist

Tod Callaway - Comedian

Tod Callaway - Comedian

Harry Carlton - Performer

Leon Caron - Singer

Flo Carroll - Performer

Carter the Great - Magician

George Castles - Singer

Muriel Cathcart - Actor and Singer

Florence Challis - Performer

Charles Haddon Chambers - Playwright

Josie Chippendale - Dancer

G. H. Chirgwin - Musician

Paul Cinquevalli - Circus Style Performer

Bert Clark - Actor and Singer

Miss Clarke - Comic Singer

Trilby Clarke - Actor and Singer

Madame Clarson - Costume Maker

El Cleve - Xylophone

Devenia Clinto - Singer

Maggie Coglan - Performer

Phyllis Colan - Actor and Singer

Lily Cole - Comic Singer

John Coleman - Actor

Gracie Compton - Singer

Dainty Baby Cooper - Singer

Daisy Coppin - Performer

Arthur Cornell - Comedian

Hartley Court - Actor and Singer

Rosalind Courtneidge - Actor

J. Cradon - Actor and Singer

Adele Crane - Soprano

Arthur Crane - Performer

Nell Crane - Singer

Creighton - Performer

Grace Cristie - Dancer

Ettie Croucher - Dancer

Cruikshank - Comedian

Charles Cuvillier - Composer

Zoha D'Arcy - Singer

Kitty Dale - Comedian

Bert Danson - Comic Singer

Herman Darewski - Composer

Fred Dark - Comic Singer

Dick Davis - Impersonator

Fred Davys - Puppeteer

Elsie Day - Comic Singer

Gil Dech - Performance Artist

Una Dell - Violinist

Herman Derewski - Composer

Keith Desmond - Actor

Nina Devitt - Dancer

Charles Diamond - Harpist

Maurice Diamond - Choreographer

Maud Dickinson - Dancer

Charles Dillon - Comic Singer

Josh Dixon - Comedian

Jamieson Dodds - Performer

Alexis Dolinoff - Dancer

Les Donaghey - Stage Manager

Cass Downing - Musical Director

Sidney Drew - Actor

Leo Dryden - Actor and Singer, Comedian

Clarice Dudleigh - Singer

Minnie Duncan - Actor

Sara Duncan - Playwright

William Cary Duncan - Book and Lyrics

Frank Dunn - Actor

Jack Dunne - Actor and Singer

Dolly Elcon - Comic Singer

Leslie Elliot - Pianist

Billy Elliott - Actor and Singer

Raymond Ellis - Baritone

Elroy - Performer

Bert Errol - Singer

Barney Fagan - Comedian

Florence Faning - Dancer

Stanley Fields - Comedian

Edmund Finn - Adaptor

P Finn - Librettist

Claude Flemming - Actor and Singer

Ed Ford - Contortionist

May Foulds - Singer

Irene Franklin - Comic Singer

Fransky - Dancer

Estelle Fratus - Performer

Jake Friedman - Percussionist, Actor and Singer

Will Fyffe - Actor

Thomas Gall - Properties Master

Gallando - Performer

Beannie Galletley - Singer

Richard Ganthony - Playwright

Arthur Garner - Actor

Fred Garnett - Actor and Singer

Jules Garrison - Performer

Nina Garrison - Performer

Gertrude Gebest - Storyteller, Singer

Jim Gerald - Performer

Gene Gerrard - Comedian

Celia Ghiloni - Actor and Singer

Bert Gilbert - Comedian

Doris Gilham - Actor

Frank Gill - Dancer

Mr Gilmore - End Man

Arthur Godfrey - Actor

Jack Grant - Stage Manager

Mr. Edgar Granville - Comic Singer

Harry Gray - Comedian

Little Alma Gray - Performer

York Gray - Actor

Frank Greene - Actor and Singer

Harry Grist - Set Designer

Arthur Hahn - Singer

Dulcie Hall - Comedian

Gordon Hall - Singer

Howard Hall - Singer

Bertha Hamilton - Dancer

Flora Hamilton - Dancer

May Hamilton - Dancer

Ted Hanlan - Performer

Fred Harcourt - Illusionist

Gerald Harcourt - Producer, Actor

Laurence Harding - Comedian

Lawrence Hardinge - Actor and Singer

Clarice Hardwicke - Actor and Singer

Dolly Harmer - Comedian

Harry Hart - Singer

Annie Hartley - Circus Style Performer

James Harvey - End Man

Ernest Hastings - Pianist

Dorothy Hawtree - Dancer

Milton Hayes - Performer

Rich Hayes - Comic Singer

Arthur Hayter - Performer

Frank Hayter - Performer

Arthur Haytor - Performer

Frank Haytor - Performer

Rupert Hazell - Comedian

Eunice Hemmings - Performer

Florrie Henderson - Animal Wrangler

Kelso Henderson - Dancer

Herschel Henlere - Musician

June Henry - Actor and Singer

Millie Herberte - Comic Singer

Al Herman - Comedian

Carl Hertz - Illusionist

Leslie Hinton - Accompanist

Leyland Hodgson - Singer

Ralph Holbein - Performer

Ellis Holland - Actor and Singer

Mabel Holmes - Choreographer

Ethel Hook - Contralto

Jack Hooker - Dancer

Chas Howard - Singer

Eva Hughes - Singer

G. P. Huntley - Comedian

Timothy Huntley - Comedian

Jo Hurley - Actor and Singer

Cyril Hurst - Book and Lyrics

Mr Hymack - Performer

Rupert Ingalese - Circus Style Performer

Harold Ingram - Musical Arranger

Adele Inman - Comedian

William Innes - Comedian

Jerry Jarnagin - Accompanist

Ronald Jeans - Playwright

Robert Jewett - Actor

Charles Johnson - Singer

Chick Johnson - Comedian

Rida Johnson Young - Book and Lyrics

G. Martyn Jones - Musical Director

Horace Jones - Actor

Ray Jones - Singer

Mr. P. C. Josephs - Singer

Madame Josslyn - Costume Maker

Billy Judge - Animal Performer

Ted Kalman - Comedian

Phil Kaufmann - Race Cross-dresser

Robert Keers - Musical Director

Harry Kelso - Comedian

Joe Kelso - Comedian

Charlie King - Comic Singer

Hetty King - Impersonator

La Moto Girl - Actor

Jack La Vier - Aerialist

Carrie Lanceley - Singer

Larola - Comedian

Ed Lavine - Performer

Brian Lawrance - Actor

Alf J. Lawrence - Pianist

Brian Lawrence - Actor

Alice Leamar - Performer

Kenneth Lee - Playwright

Norman Lee - Stage Manager

Harry Leeds - Comic Singer

Trixie Lemar - Performer

Frank Leon - Comedian

Tom Leonard - Musician

Claude Leplastrier - Performer

Fred Leslie - Tambo

Will Leslie - Performer

Violet Lester - Soprano

Bert Levy - Cartoonist

May Lewis - Actor and Singer

Emily Lindale - Comic Singer

Alice Lloyd - Comedian

Marie Lloyd - Comedian

Lea Logie - Comic Singer

Emily Lyndale - Soubrette

Molly Macguire - Actor and Singer

Esmee Mack - Actor and Singer

Florence Mack - Performer

Miss Onslow Mackay - Singer

Percy Mackay - Singer

A. MacKinnon - Lyricist

J. D. Macnab - Singer

Bert Maddison - Comedian

Irene Magley - Performer

A H Majilton - Producer, Performer

Mdlle. Marguerite - Dancer

Alberto Marini - Tenor

J Marks - Comedian

Arthur Martin - Actor and Singer

Lee Mason - Pianist

Lee Mason - Performer

Blanche Massey - Actor

William Somerset Maugham - Playwright

Len Maurice - Singer

Rene Maxwell - Performer

Mazeppa - Animal and Bird Imitator

Jock McKay - Comedian

Ruth McKinnon - Dancer

Tex McLeod - Circus Style Performer

Helen McMahon - Dancer

Gus McNaughton - Comedian

Vicky Miller - Actor and Singer

June Mills - Comedian

Miss Clair - Musician

James Mooney - Actor and Singer, Tambo

Jas Mooney - Comic Singer

Edward Moore - Performer

Emilia Pasta Moore - Choreographer

Mademoiselle Nada Moret - Storyteller

Lily Morris - Comedian

Frederick Moyes - Actor

Douglas Murray - Playwright

Leonard Nelson - Comedian

Philip Newbury - Singer

Madam Niobe - Performer

Michael Nolan - Comedian

Mr. Nolan - Comedian

W. Norman - Actor and Singer

Fred Norris - End Man

M. Nugent - Performer

Rita Nugent - Dancer

Charles O'Brien - Musician

Dot O'Farrell - Singer

Alma Obrey - Impersonator

Margaret Ogilvie - Comedian

Ole Olsen - Comedian

Mademoiselle Omega - Tight-rope Walker

Jennie Opie - Contralto

Edith Page - Pianist

Ethel Paige - Actor

Charles Pastor - Comedian

Hettie Patey - Singer

Lettie Paxton - Comedian

Albert Pearce - Actor and Singer

Peggy Peat - Actor and Singer

Peggy Peate - Actor and Singer

Harry Plimmer - Actor

Belle Pollard - Singer

Chas Pope - Tambo

Fred Poplar - Comedian

Oreste Preso - Performer

Pressy Preston - Actor

Bonnie Quinlan - Actor and Singer

Wanda Radford - Singer

Nellie Randall - Comic Singer

Thelma Raye - Dancer

Eileen Redmond - Actor and Singer

Willy Redstone - Musical Director

Albert Rees - Performer

Nola Reid - Dancer

Margo Remage - Performer

T. W. Rhodes - Musical Arranger

Renie Riano - Comedian

Kate Rickards - Dancer

Noni Rickards - Singer

J Robinson - Singer

W. V. Robinson - Performer

Rita Roche - Performer

T Rochester - Singer

Harry Rochfort - Singer

Peggy Ross - Comedian

Madeline Rossiter - Dancer

Austin Rudd - Comic Singer

Scott Sanders - Comedian

Henry Santrey - Presenter

Lottie Sargent - Actor and Singer

Adalina Sarina - Aerialist

Paddy Saunders - Performer

William Schroeder - Composer

Malcolm Scott - Comedian

Lottie Sergeant - Actor and Singer

Anne Seymour - Musician

Harry Seymour - Musician

Louis J Seymour - Comedian

Percy Shannon - Singer

Reginald Sharland - Comic

Arthur Sharples - Singer

Ella Shields - Impersonator, Singer

Ivy Shilling - Performer

Harry Shine - Actor

Emil Shy - Performer

Thos Sidney - Actor and Singer

Brightie Smith - Performer

Harry B. Smith - Book and Lyrics

Phil Smith - Actor and Singer

Gerald Kay Souper - Actor

Mrs/Miss Stafford - Costume Maker

Lillian Stanbridge - Performer

Maurice Sterndale - Violinist

Donald Stewart - Comedian

Gordon Stewart - Pianist

Mione Stewart - Actor and Singer

Leo Stirling - Actor and Singer

Harry Stokes - Lighting Designer

Mark Strong - Composer

Dorothy Summers - Performer

E Sutton - Actor and Singer

Jack Sutton - Performer

Jesse Sweet - Comedian

Dorothy Swift - Singer

Frederick Sylvester - Actor

Beth Tate - Singer

Dora Taylor - Performer

J. Taylor - Performer

The Modern Milo - Statue Dancer

James Thomas - Actor

Myra Thompson - Singer

A. Thomson - Actor and Singer

Jesse Thorne - Comic Singer

Little Tich - Comedian

Athol Tier - Comedian

Signor Torzillo - Harpist

Lilian Tree - Singer

Stella Tudor - Performer

Theo Turner - Musical Director

Sanoyoa Valencia - Performer

Dorothy Varick - Pianist

Flo Varley - Performer

Vasco - Comic Instrumentalist

Miss Priscilla Verne - Comic Singer

Kitty Wager - Comedian

Ethel Walker - Singer

Cassie Walmer - Race Cross-dresser

Crosbie Ward - Actor and Singer

Winifred ward - Performer

Bertha Warren - Singer

Rae Warwick - Magician

Eileen Watson - Actor and Singer

Jos. Watts - Actor and Singer

George Welch - Actor

Ella Wellington - Singer

Reg Wentworth - Comedian

C. B. Westmacott - Actor

Charles Wheeler - Stage Manager

Richard White - Dance Director

Will White - Comic Singer

George Whitehead - Baritone

Walter Whyte - Singer

Harry Williams - End Man

Jack Williams - Singer, Percussionist

Oswald Williams - Magician

Carden Wilson - Performer

Ellen Wilson - Dancer

Miss N Wilson - Comic Singer

Olive Wilton - Actor

Ada Winston-Weir - Performer

Monty Wolf - Performer

Willie Woltard - Comedian

George Wood - Comedian

Wee Georgie Wood - Actor, Comedian

Ernest Woodville - Musical Arranger

Charles H Workman - Actor

J Roy Workman - Actor

Alice Wyatt - Performer

H. A. Wynyard - Mechanist

Daisy Yates - Actor

Don Zelaya - Comic Singer

Charles Zoli - Comedian

Venue Identifier 15300