Contributor Frederick Reade
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Gender Male
Functions Actor


Actor and Singer

Alfred Andrew - Actor and Singer

Phyllis Austin - Actor

Claude Bantock - Actor and Singer

Caroline Bayley - Actor

Esme Bennett - Actor

Ivy Bickford - Actor and Singer

Leslie Board - Scenic Artist

John Boland - Actor

Ewan Brook - Actor

J C Brown - Actor and Singer

Blanche Browne - Actor

Irene Caffyn - Actor

Jack Cannot - Actor and Singer

Fred Coleman - Actor

Nada Conrad - Actor

John Cosgrove - Actor

Arthur Cross - Actor

Gladys Ellam - Actor

Ruby Field - Actor

Frank Greene - Actor and Singer

M Griffith - Actor

J. W. Hazlitt - Administrator

Ernest T. Hearne - Actor

Leslie Holland - Actor and Singer

Violet Hooper - Actor

Arthur Hunter - Actor and Singer

Arthur Lissant - Actor and Singer

W. Little - Scenic Artist

Jessie Lonnon - Actor and Singer

Monica Mack - Actor

Robert MacKinnon - Actor

Dot McConville - Actor

Madge McIntosh - Actor

Clyde Meynell - Administrator

Seymour Middleton - Actor and Singer

Connie Milne - Actor and Singer

Herbert Myers - Lessee

Edward Nable - Actor and Singer

J. P. O'Neill - Actor

Tal Ordell - Actor

Norman Page - Actor, Producer

William Passmore - Actor and Singer

Fred Phillips - Actor

F H Pollock - Lessee

Roderick Quinn - Author

Claude Rains - Stage Manager, Actor

Sydney Ralfe - Actor and Singer

Edward Rigby - Actor

Alfred Scarlett - Actor

George Bernard Shaw - Playwright

Beaumont Smith - Producer, Director

Hilda Smith - Actor

W Stafford - Actor and Singer

Elsie Stevenson - Actor

Otto Sudholz - Administrator

George Tallis - Administrator

Freddie Tauchert - Actor

Fred Twitcham - Actor

John M. Walsh - Actor

E Warburton - Actor

Hugh J Ward - Administrator

James Cassius Williamson - Entrepreneur

Harry Wotton - Actor and Singer

Beaumont Smith Productions

Frederick Harrison's Haymarket Theatre, London, Company

J. C. Williamson and Co [with Tallis and Ramaciotti]

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

Royal Comic Opera Company

Identifier 400767