Contributor Nell Judges
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Gender Female
Functions Actor and Singer


Actor and Singer

Roy Baxter - Actor and Singer, Actor

Victor Tatnall - Producer, Stage Manager

Dorothy Bedford - Actor and Singer, Actor

Jean Bedford - Actor, Actor and Singer

F J Bonner - Actor, Actor and Singer

Luke Brennan - Actor, Actor and Singer

Lilian Crisp - Actor, Actor and Singer

Les Donaghey - Stage Manager

Eleanor Douglas - Actor, Actor and Singer

Jack Dunne - Actor, Actor and Singer

David Grahame - Actor and Singer, Actor

Scott Griffiths - Actor and Singer, Actor

Robert Helpmann - Actor, Dancer

Connie Hobbs - Actor and Singer, Actor

Miriam Lester - Actor, Actor and Singer

Leah Miller - Actor, Dancer

Lionel Monckton - Composer

Fred G Moore - Actor, Actor and Singer

Don Nicol - Actor, Actor and Singer

Ellie Percival - Actor, Actor and Singer

Amy Rochelle - Actor, Actor and Singer

Adrian Ross - Lyricist

Vera Spaull - Actor and Singer, Actor

Rupert Swallow - Actor and Singer, Actor

James T Tanner - Composer

George Willoughby - Actor and Singer, Actor

Charles Zoli - Actor and Singer, Actor

Ian Devereux - Actor

Ian Devereaux - Actor and Singer, Actor

Irene Bennett - Actor

Frederick Blackman - Producer

Leslie Board - Scenic Artist

Miss E Brown - Dancer

Gwen Bullock - Actor

Mr J Campbell - Actor and Singer

Miss T Christenson - Actor and Singer

Josie Cooper - Actor

Miss L Cooper - Actor and Singer

Clifford Cowley - Actor

T Cross - Actor and Singer

John Dease - Actor

Maggie Dickinson - Choreographer

John Dudley - Actor

Jean Duncan - Actor

Miss E Eschelby - Dancer

Miss A Eskell - Dancer

Sydney Everett - Actor

Lorna Forbes - Actor

Mr E Forbes - Actor and Singer

Miss T Francisco - Actor and Singer

Miss J Gibson - Actor and Singer

Miss J Golgerth - Dancer

Albert Grosse - Lighting Designer

Victor Haines - Actor

Miss J Hale - Dancer

Oscar Hammerstein - Lyricist

Douglas Herald - Actor

Leslie Holland - Actor

Miss J Holmes - Dancer

Cecil Kellaway - Actor

Miss M Kemp - Dancer

Jerome Kern - Composer

Miss V King - Dancer

Ivy Kirby - Actor

Rita Lloyd - Actor

Bill Long - Actor

Miss E Matthews - Dancer

Miss M Mayne - Actor and Singer

Miss D McClymont - Actor and Singer

Miss G McIntosh - Dancer

Miss M McIntosh - Dancer

Miss P Murdoch - Dancer

Richard Parry - Actor

Mr J Paterson - Actor and Singer

Cecil Pawley - Actor

Hilton Porter - Actor

Sybil Porter - Actor and Singer

J S Rendall - Administrator

Reg Riddell - Actor

John Robertson - Actor

George Rutherford - Actor

Harold Saxon - Actor

Wyn Scarborough - Actor

Peggy Schultze - Actor

Harry Short - Stage Manager

Howard Short - Actor and Singer

Miss R Simpson - Dancer

Robyn Simpson - Dancer

Dorothy Stanward - Actor

E. J. Tait - Administrator

Frank S. Tait - Administrator

John H Tait - Administrator

Miss L Turnbull - Dancer

George Upward - Scenic Artist

Lou Vernon - Actor

Sylvia Welling - Actor

Dorothy Woolley - Actor and Singer

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

Jeannie Brennan School of Dancing

Identifier 444664