Contributor Eileen Pollard
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Gender Female
Functions Actor and Singer


Actor and Singer

Mabel Gibson - Actor and Singer, Actor

Leo Darnton - Actor, Actor and Singer

James Hay - Actor, Actor and Singer

Charles Walenn - Actor, Actor and Singer

Strella Wilson - Actor and Singer, Actor

Minnie Everett - Producer, Director, Choreographer, Actor

Lance Fairfax - Actor, Actor and Singer

John Ralston - Actor and Singer, Actor

Winifred Williamson - Actor, Actor and Singer

William Schwenck Gilbert - Librettist, Lyricist

Patti Russell - Actor and Singer, Actor

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer

John Byrne - Actor and Singer, Actor

Gordon Ramsay - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Effie Armstrong - Chorus, Actor, Actor and Singer

Violet Jackson - Actor and Singer, Actor

Bernard Manning - Actor, Actor and Singer

Thomas Broderick - Actor and Singer, Actor

Lilian Crisp - Actor and Singer, Actor

Dallas Murton - Actor and Singer, Actor

Dick Shortland - Stage Manager

W Coleman - Set Designer, Designer, Scenic Artist

W R Coleman - Scenic Artist, Designer

Beatrice Kendrick - Actor and Singer, Actor

Gustav Slapoffski - Musical Director, Conductor

Irene Caffyn - Actor, Actor and Singer, Dancer

Linda Foy - Actor and Singer, Actor

Sydney Granville - Actor, Actor and Singer

Moran Hilford - Actor, Actor and Singer

Harry Ratcliffe - Actor, Actor and Singer

Vernon Robertson - Actor, Actor and Singer

Byrl Walkley - Actor, Actor and Singer

F J Bonner - Actor and Singer, Actor

Herbert Browne - Actor, Actor and Singer

Edmund Butterworth - Actor, Actor and Singer

Bene Gold - Dancer, Actor, Actor and Singer

Rosa Hartung - Actor, Actor and Singer

Fred G Moore - Actor and Singer, Actor

Mascotte Ralston - Actor, Actor and Singer

Edmund Sherras - Actor and Singer, Actor

Ivan Squirrell - Actor and Singer, Actor

James Stephens - Actor and Singer, Chorus, Actor

Arthur Stigant - Actor, Actor and Singer

Victor Tatnall - Producer

Jean Allerding - Actor and Singer, Actor

Ron Anderson - Actor and Singer, Actor

Miss Barfield - Costume Maker, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Roy Baxter - Actor and Singer, Actor

Anna Bethell - Actor, Actor and Singer

Marie Bremner - Actor and Singer, Actor

Harry Burton - Conductor, Musical Director

Nada Conrad - Actor, Actor and Singer

Vera Dearsley - Actor, Actor and Singer

Les Donaghey - Actor, Actor and Singer

Eleanor Douglas - Actor and Singer, Actor

Jane Douglas - Actor, Actor and Singer

Ida Dunn - Actor and Singer, Actor

Jack Dunne - Actor and Singer, Actor

Claude Flemming - Actor and Singer, Actor

David Grahame - Actor and Singer, Actor

Robert Helpmann - Dancer

Andrew Higginson - Actor, Actor and Singer

George A. Highland - Producer

Connie Hobbs - Actor and Singer, Actor

Leslie Holland - Actor, Actor and Singer

Byrel Kendrick - Dancer, Actor and Singer

Gustave Kerker - Composer

Franz Lehar - Composer

Leah Miller - Dancer

Gladys Moncrieff - Actor, Actor and Singer

Tom Moore - Assistant Stage Manager, Dancer

Hugh Morton - Librettist

Marcia Naughton - Actor, Actor and Singer

Don Nicol - Actor and Singer

Alma O'Dea - Actor

Cora O'Farrell - Actor

James O'Toole - Chorus, Actor and Singer

Ernest Oram - Musical Director

John Pauley - Actor, Actor and Singer

Nellie Payne - Actor and Singer

Alva Penrose - Actor and Singer, Actor

Ellie Percival - Actor, Actor and Singer

William Perryman - Actor, Actor and Singer

Cecil Pratt - Dancer, Actor and Singer

Amy Rochelle - Actor, Actor and Singer

Adrian Ross - Lyricist

Stanley Samuels - Actor and Singer, Actor

Etsie Scerri - Actor, Actor and Singer

Jean Slapoffski - Actor, Actor and Singer

Fred Smith - Actor and Singer, Actor

Phil Smith - Actor and Singer, Actor

Vera Spaull - Actor and Singer, Actor

Reg Tapley - Actor and Singer, Actor

Albert Tarrant - Actor and Singer, Actor

Fred Tarrant - Actor and Singer, Actor

Hori Thomas - Actor and Singer, Actor

Katie Towers - Actor and Singer, Actor

Herbert C. Walton - Actor

Charles A. Wenman - Producer

George Willoughby - Actor and Singer, Actor

Charles Zoli - Actor and Singer, Actor

Blake Adams - Actor and Singer

Noel Allen - Actor

  • Lilac Time, Theatre Royal, Melbourne, VIC, 9 January 1926

Alfred Andrew - Actor

John Batten - Actor and Singer

Harriet Bennet - Actor

  • Lilac Time, Theatre Royal, Melbourne, VIC, 9 January 1926

H. Berte - Musical Arranger

  • Lilac Time, Theatre Royal, Melbourne, VIC, 9 January 1926

Betty Blackburn - Actor and Singer

George Blair - Actor and Singer

Leslie Board - Scenic Artist

Charles Bradley - Actor and Singer

Enid Brocklehurst - Chorus

May Brophy - Chorus

Leo Bryce - Chorus

Arthur Carlisle - Chorus

Aimee Chapman - Actor and Singer

Alan Chapman - Assistant Stage Manager

Millicent Churchill - Chorus

George Howard Clutsam - Musical Arranger

  • Lilac Time, Theatre Royal, Melbourne, VIC, 9 January 1926

Leo Dainton - Actor and Singer

Charles Davis - Actor and Singer

Fred Deal - Chorus

Helen Dennes - Actor and Singer

J Devereux - Actor and Singer

Edna Dunn - Actor and Singer

Molly Durrant - Dancer

Pat Durrant - Chorus

Dorothy Duval - Actor

Ronnie Eaton - Dancer

E Ellison - Actor and Singer

Miss A Eskell - Chorus

Lorna Evans - Dancer

Patricia Fisher - Dancer

Mignon Flemming - Chorus

James Foran - Actor and Singer

Harold Fraser-Simson - Composer

Lilian Gay - Actor

R Gilbert - Chorus

Elsie Gordon - Dancer

Rege Gordonov - Chorus

Lorna Gray - Chorus

Percy Greenbank - Lyricist

Stan Griffiths - Chorus

Alfred Haigh - Actor and Singer

Oscar Hammerstein - Lyricist

Otto Harbach - Writer

Chester Harris - Chorus

Madge Herrick - Actor

Charles Higgs - Chorus

Betty Holloway - Dancer, Chorus

Edna Hooper - Chorus

Minnie Hooper - Choreographer

Doris Hopkins - Actor and Singer

Irma Hugheson - Chorus

Harry Jacobs - Musical Director

Arthur James - Chorus

Marie La Varre - Actor

  • Lilac Time, Theatre Royal, Melbourne, VIC, 9 January 1926

Oda Larsen - Chorus

J Lascelles - Actor and Singer

Avis Leahy - Chorus

Frank Leighton - Actor and Singer

Noel Leyland - Actor and Singer

William Little - Set Designer

Frederick Lonsdale - Playwright

R Mahood - Chorus

Frank Mandel - Writer

Horace Mannering - Actor and Singer

Jenny Manners - Actor and Singer

Arthur Maurice - Chorus

Marjorie Maxwell - Choreographer

- McCarthy - Actor and Singer

Eily McDonald - Actor and Singer

Charles McKenzie - Chorus

Hazel Meldrum - Dancer

Charles Mettam - Actor

  • The Gondoliers, His Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, 24 March 1928

Stephen Moore - Actor and Singer

Maise Morgan - Dancer

Herbert Myers - Entrepreneur

Emily Nathan - Costume Maker

Sisca Navaretti - Chorus

L Neely - Chorus

Robert Nicholson - Actor and Singer

Dion Nicol - Actor

Alice Parkes - Choreographer

Muriel Petty - Chorus

Hilton Porter - Actor and Singer

Beryl Pratt - Actor

John Prein - Actor and Singer

Jack Ralston - Actor and Singer

H. Reichert - Librettist

  • Lilac Time, Theatre Royal, Melbourne, VIC, 9 January 1926

Sigmund Romberg - Composer

Eileen Saker - Chorus

Elsie Scerri - Actor

Franz Schubert - Composer

  • Lilac Time, Theatre Royal, Melbourne, VIC, 9 January 1926

Laurence Schwab - Entrepreneur

Howard Short - Actor and Singer

Ivy St Helier - Composer

Merna Stewart - Actor

Laurel Streeter - Actor and Singer

Harry Taylor - Actor and Singer

Ethel Thompson - Chorus

Richard Tovey - Chorus

A. M. Willner - Librettist

  • Lilac Time, Theatre Royal, Melbourne, VIC, 9 January 1926

D Wilson - Chorus

William Wilson - Chorus

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company

R. D'Oyly Carte

Royal Comic Opera Company

B J Simmons & Co Ltd

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