Contributor Muriel Petty
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Gender Female
Functions Actor, Performer



Actor and Singer


Effie Armstrong - Chorus

Miss Barfield - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

George Blair - Actor and Singer

F J Bonner - Actor and Singer

Enid Brocklehurst - Chorus

May Brophy - Chorus

Leo Bryce - Chorus

Harry Burton - Conductor

Edmund Butterworth - Actor and Singer

John Byrne - Actor and Singer

Arthur Carlisle - Chorus

Millicent Churchill - Chorus

Lilian Crisp - Actor and Singer

Leo Darnton - Actor and Singer

Charles Davis - Actor and Singer

Fred Deal - Chorus

Helen Dennes - Actor and Singer

Molly Durrant - Dancer

Pat Durrant - Chorus

Miss A Eskell - Chorus

Lorna Evans - Dancer

Patricia Fisher - Dancer

Mignon Flemming - Chorus

James Foran - Actor and Singer

R Gilbert - Chorus

Rege Gordonov - Chorus

Lorna Gray - Chorus

Stan Griffiths - Chorus

Oscar Hammerstein - Lyricist

Otto Harbach - Writer

Chester Harris - Chorus

Charles Higgs - Chorus

Betty Holloway - Chorus, Dancer

Edna Hooper - Chorus

Doris Hopkins - Actor and Singer

Irma Hugheson - Chorus

Arthur James - Chorus

Oda Larsen - Chorus

Avis Leahy - Chorus

R Mahood - Chorus

Frank Mandel - Writer

Horace Mannering - Actor and Singer

Bernard Manning - Actor and Singer

Arthur Maurice - Chorus

Marjorie Maxwell - Choreographer

Eily McDonald - Actor and Singer

Charles McKenzie - Chorus

Sisca Navaretti - Chorus

L Neely - Chorus

Don Nicol - Actor and Singer

James O'Toole - Chorus

Eileen Pollard - Actor and Singer

Hilton Porter - Actor and Singer

John Prein - Actor and Singer

Vernon Robertson - Actor and Singer

Sigmund Romberg - Composer

Eileen Saker - Chorus

Laurence Schwab - Entrepreneur

Ivan Squirrell - Actor and Singer

James Stephens - Chorus

Laurel Streeter - Actor and Singer

Victor Tatnall - Producer

Harry Taylor - Actor and Singer

Ethel Thompson - Chorus

Richard Tovey - Chorus

D Wilson - Chorus

William Wilson - Chorus

Florenz Ames - Performer, Actor and Singer

Marjorie Bray - Choreographer

John Brown - Performer, Actor and Singer

Robert Capron - Performer, Actor and Singer

George M. Cohan - Lyricist, Book and Lyrics

Keith Connolly - Performer, Actor and Singer

Joan de Beere - Dancer, Performer

Jane Douglas - Actor and Singer, Performer

Leal Douglas - Actor and Singer, Performer

Gus Franks - Actor and Singer, Performer

Maurice Guttridge - Musical Director, Conductor

Chas King - Actor and Singer, Stage Manager, Performer

Rene Maxwell - Performer, Actor and Singer

George Moon - Performer, Actor and Singer

William Perryman - Performer, Actor and Singer

Buddy Roberts - Actor and Singer, Performer

Cis Roberts - Actor and Singer, Performer

Ernest C. Rolls - Producer

Julie Russell - Actor and Singer, Performer

Reg Tapley - Actor and Singer, Performer

Norman Tremayne - Actor and Singer, Performer

Phyllis Baker - Actor

Marie Bremner - Performer

Coral Browne - Actor

Barbara Burnham - Translator

W R Coleman - Set Designer

Shirley Dale - Actor and Singer

Lorna Dawson - Actor

Arthur Dickenson - Scenic Artist

Marie Doran - Performer

Maiva Drummond - Actor

Beatrice Esmonde - Actor

Valda Fisher - Actor

Nancy Ford - Actor

Kathleen Howell - Actor

Frederick Hughes - Stage Manager

Dorothy Hutchison - Actor

Helene Jacoby - Actor

Janet Johnson - Actor

Alec Kellaway - Performer

Avis Laye - Actor

Betty Laye - Actor

Jean MacBeath - Actor

Marion Marcus Clarke - Actor

Doreen May - Actor and Singer

Gregan McMahon - Producer

John Moore - Actor and Singer

Dora Mostyn - Actor

Ethel Newman - Actor

Judy Price - Actor

Eileen Ragg - Actor

Ada Reeve - Actor

Edna Riley - Performer

Reg Robins - Scenic Artist

Edward (Ted) Tait - Administrator

Frank Tait - Administrator

John Tait - Administrator

Dolly Turner - Actor and Singer

Elyse van Houten - Actor

Polly Walker - Actor and Singer

Eileen Watt - Actor

Christa Winsloe - Playwright

Mary Wren - Actor

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

Efftee Players

Ernest C. Rolls

F. W. Thring

Roche and Roche

The Munro Brothers

Identifier 256665