Contributor Harry Leeds
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Gender Male
Functions Comic Singer

Comic Singer


Charles Albert - Actor and Singer

Harry Barrington - Stage Manager

Fred Bluett - Performer

Harry Carleton - Actor and Singer

Ada Cerito - Comic Singer

Alfred Clint - Set Designer

Hettie Cole - Performer

Daisy Griffin - Performer

Fred Hall - Composer

Mabel Holmes - Performer

Mrs Huxham - Costume Designer

Harry V Ingham - Musical Director

Jean Keith - Dancer

Paul Knox - Composer

Joseph Larkin - Administrator

Trixie Lemar - Performer

Raymond Loftus - Performer

Esma Mack - Performer

J. C. Mack - Performer, Producer

Sadie Mcguire - Performer

Hugh D. McIntosh - Business Manager

Peggy Peat - Singer

Fred Quintrell - Musical Director

Thelma Raye - Singer

Billy Rego - Performer

Harry Rickards - Producer

Harry Roxbury - Actor

Sadie Sluyce - Performer

Elsie Starr - Performer

Ted Sutton - Actor and Singer

Doreen Thornton - Performer

Little Baby Watson - Actor and Singer

George Welch - Dancer

Daisy Yates - Dancer

Sydney Yates - Dancer

Tivoli Orchestra

Barnard's Marionettes

Barnard's Piccaninny Mannequins

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Lotto, Lilo & Otto

Mr Harry Rickards Company of Tivoli Stars

Rochfort and Hart

Scottish Meisters

Sisters Warner

We Four

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