Contributor Daisy Yates
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Gender Female
Functions Actor



Actor and Singer

Peggy Peat - Performer, Actor and Singer, Singer

Thelma Raye - Dancer, Actor and Singer, Singer

Billy Rego - Performer, Actor and Singer, Acrobat

George Welch - Actor and Singer, Dancer, Actor

Sydney Yates - Actor and Singer, Dancer

Jack Cannot - Comedian, Actor

Jean Keith - Dancer, Actor and Singer

Hugh D. McIntosh - Entrepreneur, Business Manager

Will Quintrell - Conductor

Florie - Singer

Ed Hutchison - Production Manager

Vera Pearce - Dancer

Doreen Thornton - Performer, Actor and Singer

Walter Weems - Comedian

Charles Albert - Actor and Singer

Fred Bluett - Comedian

Cecil Bradley - Actor

Dorothy Brunton - Actor

Harry B. Burcher - Producer

Victor Champion - Musical Director

Hettie Cole - Performer

W R Coleman - Scenic Artist

Rene Connelly - Actor

Marie Eaton - Actor

Connie Ediss - Actor

Madge Elliott - Actor

Field Fisher - Actor

Gladys Fox - Actor

York Gray - Actor

Percy Greenbank - Lyricist

Robert Greig - Actor

Daisy Griffin - Performer

Wyonne Haybittle - Dancer

Kelso Henderson - Singer, Dancer

Mabel Holmes - Performer

Jack Hooker - Dancer

Minnie Hooper - Choreographer

Violet Hooper - Actor

Irene Jones - Actor

Arthur King - Dancer

Paul Knox - Composer

Brian Lawrence - Actor

Harry Leeds - Performer

Raymond Loftus - Performer

Molly Macguire - Performer

Esma Mack - Performer

J. C. Mack - Performer, Producer

Mona Magnet - Actor

Fred Maguire - Actor

Molly Maguire - Performer

Sadie Mcguire - Performer

Ronald McLeod - Actor

Edward Moore - Performer

Ethel Morrison - Actor

Rita Nugent - Dancer

Paul Plunket - Actor

Fred Quintrell - Musical Director

Harry Roxbury - Actor

Paul Rubens - Composer

Henry Santrey - Presenter

Anne Seymour - Musician

Harry Seymour - Musician

Emil Shy - Performer

Sadie Sluyce - Performer

Elsie Starr - Performer

Winnie Tait - Actor

Paul Terry - Cartoonist

Fred Thompson - Writer

Charles H Workman - Actor

Chris Wren - Actor

Fred Young - Stage Manager

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Tivoli Orchestra

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

Edgley and Dawe Attractions Pty Ltd

Edmunds and Lavelle

Fables Studio

Henry Santrey's Orchestra

J. C. Williamson's New English Musical Comedy Company

The Stavannys

Tivoli Follies

We Four

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