Contributor Gene Gerrard
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Gender Male
Nationality English
Functions Comedian


Arthur Argent - Baritone

Ethel Hook - Contralto

Harry George Musgrove - General Director, Director

Stanley Fields - Comedian

Dulcie Hall - Comedian

Laurence Harding - Comedian

Adele Inman - Comedian

Robert Keers - Musical Director, Conductor

Billy Maloney - Actor, Performer

Edith Page - Accompanist, Pianist

Abbott - Singer

Fred Aydon - General Manager

Verna Bain - Dancer

Nellie Barnes - Actor

The Great Bertini - Violinist

William Burr - Actor

Percy F Crawford - Business Manager

Daphne Hope - Actor

Horace Jones - Actor

Decima McLean - Dancer

Eddie McLean - Dancer

Maurice Nodin - Stage Manager

Pinto - Contortionist

Will Quintrell - Conductor

Sam Stern - Comedian

Leo Stirling - Singer

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Musgrove Theatres Ltd

Tivoli Orchestra

Alma and Roy

Carne & Kelleway

Lloyd and Raymond

The Monks of St. Bernard

The Winskills

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