Contributor Fred Aydon
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Gender Male
Functions Business Manager

General Manager

Percy F Crawford - Business Manager

Robert Keers - Musical Director

Harry George Musgrove - General Director

Maurice Nodin - Stage Manager

Fred Bluett - Comedian

George Edwards - Actor

Madeline Rossiter - Dancer

Leo Stirling - Singer

Wee Georgie Wood - Comedian

Arthur Argent - Baritone

Stuart Barnes - Narrator

The Great Bertini - Violinist

Leslie Board - Designer

Anna Brady - Performer

William Burr - Actor

Laurie Dunn - Performer

Maggie Foster - Violinist

Gene Gerrard - Comedian

J. Grant - Stage Manager

Maurice Guttridge - Musical Director

Dulcie Hall - Comedian

Laurence Harding - Comedian

Ethel Hook - Contralto

Daphne Hope - Actor

Adele Inman - Comedian

Annette Kellerman - Actor

Herbert Lamartine - Dancer

D. Reah Macartney - Assistant Director

Billy Maloney - Actor

Hugh D. McIntosh - General Director

Decima McLean - Dancer

Eddie McLean - Dancer

Talbot O'Farrell - Actor and Singer

Edith Page - Accompanist

Pinto - Contortionist

Will Quintrell - Musical Director

Louis J Seymour - Comedian

Teddy Sherry - Dancer

Clay Smith - Singer

James Sullivan - Director

Lee White - Singer

Reginald Wykeham - Producer

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Musgrove Theatres Ltd

Tivoli Orchestra

Alma and Roy

Doody and Wright

Eclair Bros

First National Symphony Orchestra


Girton College Girls

Hunter and Bob

Max and Ray

Musical Shirleys

Raynor and Roy

The Klentos

The Monks of St. Bernard

The Two Rascals

Tilton and West

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