Contributor Monty Wolf
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Gender Male
Functions Dancer, Actor and Singer


Actor and Singer


La Ventura - Performer

Irene Magley - Performer, Actor and Singer

Bill Bailey - Banjoist

Felix Bland - Actor

Dorothy Brunton - Actor

Sylvia Clifton - Actor

George M. Cohan - Music and Lyrics

Lynn Cowan - Pianist

Estelle Davis - Saxophonist

Paul Dickey - Playwright

Maidie Field - Actor

Sadie Gale - Actor

Mary Gannon - Actor

Charles W. Goddard - Playwright

Harry Hall - Director

Thurston Hall - Actor

Elma Hardman - Actor

Charles Heslop - Actor

Robert Keers - Musical Director

John Kirby - Actor

Henry Latimer - Actor

Herbert Leigh - Actor

Decima McLean - Actor

Eddie McLean - Actor

Ray McLean - Actor

Oliver McLennan - Actor

Ethel Newman - Comedian

Madge North - Actor

Dot O'Farrell - Singer

Elsie Parkes - Actor

Leslie Pearce - Actor

Will Quintrell - Musical Director

Ada Reeve - Performer

Eddie Russell - Actor, Choreographer

Lou Vernon - Actor

Charles Waldron - Actor

Ronald Ward - Actor

Gladys Webster - Actor

George Willoughby - Actor

Long Tack Sam Company

Musgrove Theatres Ltd

Carvet and Verena

Charlbert Bros.

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Hugh J. Ward Theatres Pty Ltd

Hugh J. Ward's New Company of Comedians

Niblo and Doris

The Two Vagabonds

Tilton and West

Tivoli Orchestra

Identifier 504114