Organisation Long Tack Sam Company
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Address [Unknown] China
Functions Production Company

Musgrove Theatres Ltd

Tivoli Orchestra

Carvet and Verena

Bailey and Cowan

Charlbert Bros.

Fables Studio

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Hope Wallace and Maureen

Loch and Lamond

Niblo and Doris

The Two Vagabonds

Tilton and West

Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Crystal Theatre, Broken Hill, NSW

Tivoli Theatre (1893-1929), Sydney, NSW

La Ventura - Performer

Robert Keers - Musical Director

Irene Magley - Performer, Actor and Singer

Ethel Newman - Comedian

Monty Wolf - Performer, Actor and Singer

Barbette - Aerialist

Bill Bailey - Banjoist

Lynn Cowan - Pianist

Estelle Davis - Saxophonist

Frank Harwood - Vocalist

Alberto Lea - Acrobat

Tom Mahoney - Comedian

Dot O'Farrell - Singer

Ernest Oram - Musical Director

Oliver Peacock - Baritone

Will Quintrell - Musical Director

France Reed - Acrobat

Ada Reeve - Performer

Hector St. Clair - Comedian

Paul Terry - Cartoonist

Organisation Identifier 36730