Contributor Frank G Dunn
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Gender Male
Functions Actor


Will Fyffe - Actor, Comedian

Pressy Preston - Actor

Reginald Wykeham - Actor

Robert Keers - Musical Director

Paul Terry - Cartoonist

Victor Baxter - Tenor

Chris Charlton - Illusionist

Maurice Diamond - Choreographer

Gus Fowler - Illusionist

Milton Hayes - Jester

Will Quintrell - Musical Director

Peggy Ross - Comedian

Madeline Rossiter - Dancer

Athol Tier - Comedian

Willie Woltard - Comedian

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Tivoli Orchestra

Wykeham & Co

Fables Studio

Clemo and Brady

Iris and Phyllis

Jones and Raine

The Big Four

Tier and Ross

Tivoli Girls

Vaulto and Eric

Identifier 504921