Contributor Paul Terry
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Gender Male
Nationality American
Date of Birth 19 February 1987
Date of Death 25 October 1971
Functions Cartoonist
Notes Paul Terry was an American cartoonist, screenwriter, film director and producer. He produced over 1,300 cartoons between 1915 and 1955. In 1920, Terry entered into a partnership with Amadee J. Van Beuren, and founded Fables Studios. During this time, he began producing a series of Aesop's Film Fables as well as new Farmer Al Falfa films under that banner. Terry experimented with sound process in a Fable Cartoon called Dinner Time after pressure from Van Beuren, released in September 1928, two months before Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie was released in November 1928. [2] Terry's partnersh



Will Quintrell - Musical Director, Movement Director, Conductor

Ernest Oram - Musical Director, Conductor

Robert Keers - Musical Director, Conductor

Will Fyffe - Actor, Comedian

J. Grant - Stage Manager

Rupert Hazell - Comedian

Frankie Heath - Comedian

Henry Santrey - Orchestra, Director, Presenter

Anne Seymour - Musician

Harry Seymour - Musician

Jennie Benson - Comedian, Actor

Leo Darnton - Singer

Elsie Day - Comic Singer

Van Dock - Cartoonist

Frank Dunn - Actor

Gus Fowler - Illusionist

George Gee - Performer, Comic Singer

Ernest Hastings - Pianist, Comedian

Herschel Henlere - Musician

Jack Merlin - Comedian

Pressy Preston - Actor

Joe Sheftell - Producer

Reginald Wykeham - Actor

Barbette - Aerialist

Francois - Comedian

Sam, the Saxaphone Man - Saxophonist

Walter Allen - Actor

Joe Aronson - Musician

Jean Barrios - Performer

Bert Barton - Actor

Flo Benson - Comic Singer

Betty Blackburn - Comic Singer

Bluett - Comedian

Fred Bluett - Actor

George Brooke - Tenor

Edward Cahill - Pianist

George Carney - Comedian

Coram - Ventriloquist

Alfred Cunningham - Baritone

Genevieve Davis - Singer

G W Deason - Musical Director

Gil Dech - Performance Artist

Keith Desmond - Actor

Nina Devitt - Dancer

Maurice Diamond - Choreographer

Alexis Dolinoff - Dancer

Elroy - Performer

Beryll Evatts - Dancer

Estelle Fratus - Performer

Lillian Gibson - Singer

Jack Grant - Stage Manager

York Gray - Actor

Bruce Green - Comedian

Harry Green - Actor

Frank Harwood - Vocalist

Ralph Holbein - Performer

Marie Hurst - Actor

Imito - Performer

Ashton Jarry - Actor

Chick Johnson - Comedian

Con Kenna - Performer

Charlie King - Comic Singer

Kiore King - Actor

Zoronda La Belle - Singer

Brian Lawrance - Actor

Brian Lawrence - Actor

Alberto Lea - Acrobat

George Lee - Comedian

Rose Lee - Actor and Singer

Leopoldi - Quick-change Performer

Lucille Lisle - Actor

Florence Mack - Performer

Tom Mahoney - Comedian

Billy Maloney - Actor

Lee Mason - Pianist

Lee Mason - Performer

Len Maurice - Singer

Mazeppa - Animal and Bird Imitator

Helen McMahon - Dancer

Edward Moore - Performer

Syd Moorehouse - Comedian

Lily Morris - Comedian

Madam Niobe - Performer

Ole Olsen - Comedian

Ben Osborne - Dancer

Murray Parker - Vocalist

Nellie Perryer - Dancer

Oreste Preso - Performer

John Priora - Singer

Willy Redstone - Musical Director

France Reed - Acrobat

Nola Reid - Dancer

Margo Remage - Performer

Roy Rene - Comedian

Madeline Rossiter - Dancer

Scott Sanders - Comedian

Paddy Saunders - Performer

Sammy Shields - Comedian

Emil Shy - Performer

Hector St Clair - Comedian

Rex Story - Performer

Frederick Sylvester - Actor

Little Tich - Comedian

Sanoyoa Valencia - Performer

Margery Vere - Accompanist

Bertha Warren - Singer

Jay Whidden - Violinist

Willie Woltard - Comedian

Wish Wynne - Comedian

Daisy Yates - Actor

Don Zelaya - Comic Singer

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