Contributor Athol Tier
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Gender Male
Functions Actor



Actor and Singer

Cecil Scott - Actor and Singer, Actor

Walter George - Producer

Gwen Parsons - Soprano, Singer

Reg Quartly - Comedian

Peggy Ross - Actor and Singer, Comedian

Radford Stuart - Baritone

George Ade - Author, Writer

Mona Barlee - Actor and Singer, Actor

Guy Bolton - Writer, Book and Lyrics

Dick Butler - Comedian

Freda Elroy - Contortionist

Lois Green - Actor, Dancer

Leyland Hodgson - Actor, Actor and Singer

Minnie Hooper - Choreographer

Jerome Kern - Composer

Pauline Knight - Soubrette, Soprano

Miriam Lester - Actor, Actor and Singer

Jack Leyton - Tenor

Marie Maxwell - Vocalist

Reita Nugent - Actor, Actor and Singer

Hugh Steyne - Actor, Actor and Singer

John Stuart - Actor, Actor and Singer

Victor Tatnall - Producer

Neville Towne - Actor, Actor and Singer

Harry Williams - Actor and Singer, Actor

P.G. Wodehouse - Book and Lyrics, Writer

Harry Wotton - Actor, Actor and Singer

Nellie Barnes - Actor and Singer

Fred Bluett - Actor and Singer

George Blunt - Actor

Leslie Board - Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Marjorie Bray - Choreographer

Jennie Brenan - Choreographer

Thelma Burness - Actor

Arthur Clarke - Actor, Actor and Singer

Cyril Connolly - Musical Director

Connie Courtney - Actor, Actor and Singer

Colin Crane - Actor and Singer

Lilian Crisp - Actor

Evelyn Dolby - Actor and Singer, Actor

Bede Dudley - Book and Lyrics

Field Fisher - Actor

Gracie Fraser - Actor, Actor and Singer

Alfred Frith - Actor

J. Gardner - Xylophone

Frank Grey - Composer

Jessica Harcourt - Actor and Singer

William A Hassan - Actor

Robert Helpmann - Dancer

Margery Hicklin - Actor, Actor and Singer

Kathleen Howard - Actor and Singer

Ada Hurley - Costume Designer

Cecil Kellaway - Actor

Nellie Kolle - Gender Cross-dresser

Percy Le Fre - Actor, Actor and Singer

Dorothy Lena - Actor and Singer, Actor

Harry Linden - Actor and Singer

Minnie Love - Actor and Singer

Frederick Mackay - Actor

Tessie Magner - Actor and Singer, Actor

Durham Marcel - Producer

Mike McCormick - Dancer

Hugh D. McIntosh - Presenter

Neil McKay - Actor

Gaston Mervale - Actor and Singer

Geoff Middleton - Actor and Singer

Frank Moon - Actor and Singer

McElbert Moore - Book and Lyrics

Don Nicol - Actor

Ena Nobbs - Actor and Singer, Actor

Norah O'Malley - Actor and Singer

Francis Ogilvie - Dancer

W. Osborne - Orchestral Leader

Ivy Parker - Actor, Actor and Singer

Winnie Tait - Actor, Actor and Singer

Marie Walker - Actor, Actor and Singer

Byrl Walkley - Actor and Singer

Les Warton - Actor and Singer

Charles A. Wenman - Producer

Myrtle White - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Francois - Performer

J. C. Bancks - Writer

Morry Barling - Comedian

Victor Baxter - Tenor

Frederick Blackman - Producer

Bluett - Comedian

Gus Bluett - Actor

Fred Bonnor - Actor

George Brooke - Tenor

Charles Brooks - Actor

  • Leave it to Jane, Her Majesty's Theatre (1887-1933), Sydney, NSW, 24 October 1925

Gretel Bullmore - Costume Designer

Eric Bush - Actor

Edward Cahill - Pianist

Jack Cannot - Actor and Singer

Chris Charlton - Illusionist

Winnie Collins - Actor

  • Leave it to Jane, Her Majesty's Theatre (1887-1933), Sydney, NSW, 24 October 1925

Nada Conrad - Actor and Singer

Coram - Ventriloquist

Arthur Cornell - Actor

Leslie Crane - Actor

Alan Dale - Actor

Harry Dearth - Actor

George Dixon - Scenic Artist

Cass Downing - Musical Director

Agnes Doyle - Actor

Frank Dunn - Actor

Madge Elliott - Actor

Maud Fane - Actor

  • Leave it to Jane, Her Majesty's Theatre (1887-1933), Sydney, NSW, 24 October 1925

Pierre Fornari - Costume Designer

Leo Franklyn - Actor

Will Fyffe - Comedian

Dave Graham - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

J. Grant - Stage Manager

Mrs Grundy - Costume Maker

Roy Hart - Actor

Milton Hayes - Jester

Gabriel Joffe - Musician

Robert Keers - Musical Director

Maimie Kendle - Dancer

  • Step Lively, Tivoli Theatre, Broken Hill, NSW, 5 August 1933

Marie La Varre - Actor

Betty Lambert - Dancer

Norman H Lane - Assistant Stage Manager

Joe Lawman - Comedian

Frank Lawrence - Actor

Frank Leighton - Actor

Charles Lewis - Actor

W. Little - Scenic Artist

Andrew MacCunn - Musical Director

Nita McEvoy - Actor and Singer

Fred McKay - Actor and Singer

George Moon - Actor

Ruby Morriss - Choreographer

Frank Neil - Producer

Madam Niobe - Performer

James Palmer - Actor

Sadie Poddeson - Actor

Mona Potts - Actor

Pressy Preston - Actor

Will Quintrell - Conductor

Roy Rene - Comedian

Harry Rickards - Presenter

Cyril Ritchard - Actor

Joe Sheftell - Producer

Dick Shortland - Stage Manager

Roy Steyne - Stage Manager

Lily Strange - Costume Designer

Jessie Tait - Costume Designer

Harry Thomas - Actor

Dan Weldon - Actor and Singer

Reginald Wykeham - Actor

Mona Zeppel - Actor

Charles Zoli - Actor

Charles Zwar - Musician, Lyricist, Composer

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Sunshine Players

The Flying Delmars

J. C. Williamson's New English Musical Comedy Company

The Four Diabolos

Tivoli Orchestra

Bluett and Mo

Iris and Phyllis

Lewola Brothers

The Diablos

The Lashmans

Wykeham & Co

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