Venue Tivoli Theatre
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Other Names New Tivoli Theatre
Address Bayley Street
Coolgardie WA 6429
Notes The Coolgardie Miner 13 April 1897, vol.3, no.731, p.4, reports that the Tivoli, adjacent to the Great Western Hotel, had up to date 'facilities for escape from the new hall in case of fire.' The Tivoli had seating for 1000 spectators; 7 wide exits. the Tivoli was renovated in June 1897: the stage
Latitude | Longitude -30.952322 | 121.161083

New Tivoli Company

The Banvards

Hindoo Jugglers

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Tivoli Orchestra

Coolgardie Fire Brigade

McKay and Company

New Indian Dramatic Company

New Vaudeville Company

Roman Catholic School

The Anderson Sisters

The Leotards

The Lucifers

Tivoli Ballet

Tivoli Lovelies

Tivoli Showgirls

Warner's Tivoli Company

W. B. Warner - Comedian, Playwright, Actor, Impersonator, Lessee, Minstrel, Singer

Bob Bell - Comedian, Minstrel, Actor, Impersonator, Comic Singer

Joe Cowan - Comedian, Impersonator, Minstrel, Actor

Dan Cusack - Minstrel, Actor, Impersonator, Comedian

Clarence Lyndon - Minstrel, Actor, Acrobat, Dancer, Singer

Mr Denis Carney - Comedian, Comic Singer, Minstrel

Miss Ivy Dale - Singer, Actor

Miss Moran - Producer, Singer, Actor

Daisy Chard - Actor, Minstrel, Singer, Unknown

Mr Ted Herbert - Singer, Actor

Julia Cleveland - Contralto, Singer, Actor

Millie Herberte - Singer, Minstrel, Actor

Emmie Smith - Actor, Singer, Dancer

Professor William Stewart - Minstrel, Ventriloquist, Comic Singer

Lily Anderson - Dancer, Singer

Edward Banvard - Aerialist, Actor, Acrobat

Master William Banvard - Acrobat, Aerialist, Actor

Mr Frank Cahill - Minstrel, Singer, Actor

Nellie Marshall - Singer, Actor, Dancer

Miss Ada Mavin - Singer, Minstrel, Actor, Comic Singer

Minnie Anderson - Dancer, Singer

Florrie Banvard - Dancer, Acrobat, Singer

Master Bert Banvard - Actor, Aerialist

Stanley Caris - Athlete

Mr Godfrey Castieau - Actor

Mrs Godfrey Castieau - Actor

Miss Hilda Harman - Actor, Contralto

General Mite - Minstrel, Comedian

Miss A. E. Monk - Singer, Actor

Mr J. F. Williams - Comedian, Comic Singer, Actor

Master Syd Banvard - Aerialist, Acrobat

Alan Barry - Baritone

Bruce Carroll - Presenter, Producer

Jimmy Haines - Actor, Compere

Hal Lennon - Comedian

Horace Lingard - Singer

Madame Lucifer - Acrobat

William Lucifer - Athlete, Actor

Doris Whimp - Actor and Singer, Soubrette

Don Williams - Performer

Desiree - Fan Dancer

Master Walter Banvard - Acrobat

Edward Banvard jun. - Acrobat

Lorys Blencowe - Actor

Wallace Brownlow - Singer

Maggie Buckley - Actor and Singer

Thomas Carroll - Singer

Chris Christensen - Actor

Mr J. Cossen - Actor, Singer

Professor D'Arco - Musician

Ike Delavale - Comedian

Florence Devine - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Ivan Dietrich - Actor

Dawn Fields - Musician

Louise Gay - Animal Wrangler

Mrs Dot Greenwood - Dancer

William Hansen - Musical Director

Mr J S Lean - Actor

Johnny Marvin - Singer

Jean McCrae - Actor

Phil Moran - Singer

Jack Mortimer - Comic Instrumentalist

Joe Norton - Musical Director

Judith Phillips - Singer

June Phillips - Soprano

Tom Queen - Dancer

Madeline Riddell - Singer

Madge Riddell - Actor

Geoff Robertson - Conductor

Amy Rochelle - Singer

F. Rollins - Minstrel

Chic Scott - Comic Singer

Professor Seguy - Athlete

Mr J Stancombe - Athlete

Dora Taylor - Dancer

James Wilkinson - Reciter

Frank Wilson - Actor

Madge Wilson - Choreographer

Cess Young - Actor

Venue Identifier 13823