Organisation Williamson, Garner and Co.
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Address [Unknown] Australia
First Date 1890
Last Date 1891
Functions Presenting Company, Production Company
Notes In 1890, following a rift that had developed between J C Williamson and George Musgrove, Musgrove left the Triumvirate. Between 1890 and 1891, the partnership was renamed Williamson, Garner and Co. In 1891 Garner withdrew from the partnership and Musgrove returned.
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Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA

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Princess Theatre (1886- ), Melbourne, VIC

Theatre Royal, Melbourne, VIC

John Brunton - Designer, Scenic Artist

William Elton - Actor

Mr. Ambrose - Actor

Leon Caron - Conductor

Mr Francisco - Actor

William Schwenck Gilbert - Librettist

Thomas Grundy - Actor

H. Imano - Actor

Annie Kinnaird - Actor

M. Larade - Actor

Stannis Leslie - Actor

Clarence M. Leumane - Actor

M. G. Lewis - Actor

Fannie Liddiard - Actor

Mabel Mackay - Actor

Maggie Melrose - Actor

Clara Merivale - Actor

George Musgrove - Producer

Mr. Neilson - Actor

May Pollard - Actor

Katie Potter - Actor

William Rosevear - Actor

Elsa Sherwin - Actor

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer

Harry Trevorah - Actor

Howard Vernon - Actor

James Cassius Williamson - Lessee, Entrepreneur

Arthur Garner - Lessee

Baby Gertie - Performer

Edwin Campbell - Performer

G W Collier - Stage Manager, Performer

Madge Grey - Performer

Herr Holm - Musical Director

J Kennedy - Performer

Charles Marques - Scenic Artist

Little Mollie - Performer

James Peake - Scenic Artist, Designer

Wybert Reeve - Administrator

Violet Sheridan - Performer

E A Stacey - Sub-Lessee, Performer

Jessie Stacey - Performer

Florence Young - Actor

Edmond Audran - Composer

Madame Beamer - Costume Designer

Little Benham - Actor

Mr H Bennam - Actor

Charles Brown - Actor

George Darrell - Administrator

H Diederichsen - Composer, Musical Arranger

John Gordon - Designer

  • The Mikado, Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA, 9 August 1890

Flora Graupner - Actor

Gus Gregory - Actor

Mr H Gribben - Actor

William A Hassan - Properties Master

Laura Healy - Actor

Thomas Hilhouse Taylor - Playwright

Ada Lee - Actor

Jennie Lee - Actor

Miriam Lewis - Actor

Major Milne - Mechanist

Maggie Moore - Actor

Emily Nathan - Costume Designer

Mr Patterson - Actor

Mr R Phillips - Actor

Professor Pinkiert - Performer

Mary Reddall - Choreographer

Mr A Riddle - Actor

Alfred Robinson - Properties Master

E W Royce - Playwright, Actor, Director

Henry Shine - Actor

H. D. Smith - Lighting Designer

Violet Varley - Actor

George Walton - Actor

Mary Weir - Actor

Organisation Identifier 36269