Contributor J. Grant
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Gender Male
Functions Stage Manager
Notes Worked Sydney Tivoli 1920s

Stage Manager

Will Quintrell - Conductor, Musical Director

J S Rendall - Administrator, Business Manager

Harry George Musgrove - General Director

Harry Whaite - Scenic Artist

Reginald Wykeham - General Manager, Producer

Paul Terry - Cartoonist

George Carney - Comedian

Robert Keers - Musical Director

Harrington Reynolds - Actor, Performer

Harry Rickards - Presenter, Producer

Jack Thompson - Baritone

Francois - Performer

Fred Aydon - General Manager

Spencer Barry - Producer

Jennie Benson - Comedian

Bluett - Comedian

Marcia Boulais - Singer

Jack Bridges - Costume Designer

George Brooke - Tenor

Brooklyn - Circus Style Performer

Edward Cahill - Pianist

Ada Cerito - Comedian

Coram - Ventriloquist

Arthur Cornell - Comedian

Nell Crane - Singer

Percy F Crawford - Business Manager

Creighton - Performer

Leo Darnton - Singer

Elsie Day - Comic Singer

Keith Desmond - Actor

Elroy - Performer

Bert Gilbert - Comedian

Doris Gilham - Actor

Gerald Harcourt - Actor, Producer

Harko - Cartoonist

Ernest Hastings - Pianist

Dorothy Hawtree - Dancer

Rupert Hazell - Comedian

Kelso Henderson - Dancer

Herschel Henlere - Musician

Leyland Hodgson - Singer

Ralph Holbein - Performer

William Innes - Comedian

Barbara James - Xylophone

Carrie Lanceley - Singer

Alf J. Lawrence - Pianist

Billy Maloney - Actor

Lee Mason - Performer

Lee Mason - Pianist

Helen McMahon - Dancer

June Mills - Comedian

George Moon - Singer

Lily Morris - Comedian

Madam Niobe - Performer

Maurice Nodin - Stage Manager

Talbot O'Farrell - Actor and Singer

Belle Pollard - Singer

Ada Reeve - Performer

Nola Reid - Dancer

Roy Rene - Comedian

Peggy Ross - Comedian

Scott Sanders - Comedian

Malcolm Scott - Comedian

Joe Sheftell - Producer

Ella Shields - Impersonator, Singer

Maurice Sterndale - Violinist

Donald Stewart - Comedian

Athol Tier - Comedian

Ethel Walker - Singer

Bertha Warren - Singer

Walter Whyte - Singer

Charles Zoli - Comedian

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Tivoli Orchestra

Musgrove Theatres Ltd

Fables Studio

Alma and Roy

Betty and Babs

Bluett and Mo

Carne & Kelleway

Davis and Lea

Doody and Wright

Edna and Paul


Four Sheiks


Holden & Graham

Jones and Raine

Katrina and Joan

Les Nosellas

Musical Shirleys

Preston & Gennett

Raynor and Roy

Seven Hollanders

The Aerial Delsoes

The Annesley Brothers

The Big Four

The Darwinians

The Hanlon Brothers

The Real Stirlings

The Three Nitos

The Two DD

The Two Rascals

The Two Vagabonds

Tier and Ross

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