Contributor Jane Irvine
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Gender Female
Functions Actor and Singer

Actor and Singer


Jeni Ayers - Actor and Singer, Dancer

Jean Bartlett - Actor and Singer, Actor

Jenny Brown - Actor, Actor and Singer

Ruth Cooper - Chorus, Actor and Singer

Barry Davies - Actor, Actor and Singer

Gwyneth Dixon - Musical Director

Nell Dobson - Actor, Actor and Singer

Neville Gaffney - Actor and Singer, Actor

Sonia Johnson - Actor, Actor and Singer

Sonny Jose - Choreographer

Carol Joughin - Actor and Singer, Dancer

Lynn Luttrell - Actor and Singer, Chorus

Reg O'Neill - Actor, Actor and Singer

Kevin Stanford - Chorus, Actor and Singer

Paul Willing - Actor and Singer, Chorus

John Adkins - Actor and Singer

Rod Anderson - Director

Ena Appleyard - Repetiteur

Dallas Ayers - Dancer

Lindy Ayers - Actor and Singer

Alan Bacon - Actor and Singer

Mappie Bootsman - Actor and Singer

Iris Boyle - Chorus

Bill Briggs - Actor

Rick Browning - Assistant Stage Manager

Pat Clements - Stage Director

Desiree Cordwell - Chorus

Bruce Cornelius - Repetiteur

Franco Cortese - Actor

Marion Davidson - Actor

Jane Davies - Actor and Singer

Joe Delahunty - Head Electrician

Fiona Dobson - Actor

Penny Downie - Actor and Singer

Christopher Eden - Actor and Singer

Elizabeth Eden - Pianist

Rod Ewell - Head Mechanist

Jo-Anne Franklin - Actor and Singer

John Gilbert - Actor

Joyce Gilbert - Actor

Joan Green - Actor and Singer

Tony Green - Actor

David Greenwood - Actor

Carolyn Griffiths - Actor

Christopher Hassall - Lyricist

Yvonne Hassler - Chorus

Gordon Henry - Actor

Frank Hickman - Set and/or Property Maker

Leon Hunn - Dancer

Dorothy Issell - Chorus

Dale Itchins - Actor

Lesley Johnson - Chorus

Caroline Joughin - Actor and Singer

Rosalind Keene - Actor

Judith Ker - Choreographer, Actor

Noreen Le Mottee - Actor and Singer

Tonino Longo - Chorus

Nic Lorraine - Chorus

Eva McKay - Chorus

Robyn Moore - Actor and Singer

Tony Murrell - Actor

Ivor Novello - Composer

Elaine O'Neill - Costume Designer

Ric Paterson - Actor

Sue Peate - Chorus

Jean Phelps - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

John Phelps - Actor

Bernard Pidd - Actor and Singer

Jean Pidd - Actor and Singer

Chunky Pyne - Properties Master / Mistress

Vera Read - Chorus

Essie Robertson - Properties Master / Mistress

John Saunders - Actor and Singer

Douglas Sayer - Actor and Singer

Judi Shaw - Actor and Singer

Judith Shaw - Chorus

Dorothy Sherry - Set Designer

Diana Sinclaire - Chorus

Robyn Smith - Assistant Stage Manager

Charles Spiegel - Actor

Trenna Squires - Actor

Helen Stuart - Chorus

Jennie Tate - Designer

Vera Turner - Chorus

John Unicomb - Actor and Singer

Peter Wagner - Director

Richard Watson - Chorus

Rhonwen Weldrick - Chorus

Dulcie White - Actor

Jonathan Williams - Actor

Wally Williams - Chorus

The Theatre Royal Light Opera Company

Tasmanian Theatre Company

Identifier 485503