Event Nabucco
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Venue Union Hall, Adelaide, SA
First Date 25 July 1966
Last Date 30 July 1966
Dates Estimated Yes
Status Professional Training Schools/Colleges
World Premiere No
Primary Genre Music Theatre
Secondary Genre Opera
Name Function Notes
Robert Dawe Actor and Singer
Thomas Edmonds Actor and Singer
Geraldine Hackett-Jones Actor and Singer
Powell Harrison Actor and Singer
Janet Lasscock Actor and Singer
Anthony Neck Actor and Singer
Dean Patterson Actor and Singer
Mavis Smith Actor and Singer
Ron Robinson Assistant Stage Manager
R Edmonds Chorister
Udo Reebs Chorister
I Smith Chorister
A Are Chorus
A Baker Chorus
C Battle Chorus
Reg Bennett Chorus House Electrician
G Born Chorus
I Burchell Chorus
C Cheng Chorus
H Coggins Chorus
E Connell Chorus
T Davis Chorus
M Donald Chorus
G Feruccio Chorus
K Fisher Chorus
J Fitzpatrick Chorus
Mary Genovese Chorus
H Goggins Chorus
M Graves Chorus
A Gray Chorus
M Gregory Chorus
B Gregurke Chorus
J Hammatt Chorus
T Harry Chorus
A Howard Chorus
M Hughes Chorus
C Hunkin Chorus
B Hutchings Chorus
B Johnston Chorus
Bill Johnstone Chorus
Ray Keightley Chorus
A Leonard Chorus
A Lewis Chorus
J Lewis Chorus
V Lewis Chorus
C Luscombe Chorus
J Marshman Chorus
M Mattiske Chorus
M McIlvena Chorus
F McKay Chorus
J Mernone Chorus
A Myers Chorus
J Najar Chorus
V Nesci Chorus
H Newbold Chorus
Erica Nietz Chorus
R Peake Chorus
L Pederick Chorus
J PfeifferV Chorus
Ken Prouse Chorus
R Quirke Chorus
J Russell Chorus
C Saddler Chorus
Joy Samels Chorus
T Sawyer Chorus
J Smith Chorus
C Steele-Scott Chorus
G Stevens Chorus
F Tarrant Chorus
B. Taylor Chorus
J Thiem Chorus
E Wakely Chorus
J Walker Chorus
R Waters Chorus
A Wood Chorus
Malcolm John Chorus Master/Mistress
Giuseppe Verdi Composer
David Galliver Conductor
Margaret Day Costume Co-ordinator
Elizabeth Williams Costume Co-ordinator
John Smith Lighting Designer
Vivienne Oldfield Make-up Artist
Brian Coghlan Narrator
Obojka Farkas Orchestral Leader
Sally Mcpherson Orchestrator
Arnold Matters Producer
Barbara Howard Production Manager
Max Pearce Properties Master / Mistress
Kathleen Steele-Scott Properties Master / Mistress
Alison Holder Repetiteur
Judy Rogers Repetiteur
F R Bay Set and/or Property Maker
Clive Richardson Set and/or Property Maker
Stan Ostoja-Kotkowski Set Designer
Peter McDonald Stage Manager
Graham Archer Supernumerary
Michael Beckoff Supernumerary
Graham Cain Supernumerary
Lance Campbell Supernumerary
Simon Clarke Supernumerary
Mostyn Hancock Supernumerary
Malcolm Houseman Supernumerary
Geoffrey Kay Supernumerary
Peter Kelly Supernumerary
Peter Lobb Supernumerary
Simon Oldfield Supernumerary
Phillip Styles Supernumerary
Peter Telfer Supernumerary
Roger Trethewey Supernumerary
John Wenzel Supernumerary
Text Nationality Italy
Production Nationality Australia
Further Information Costumes by J C Williamson Theatres Limited
Data Source
Source Description
Programme University of Adelaide BSL Special Collections, Theatre Collection
Book Through the Opera Glass
Event Identifier 133418